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Jojo. The bread and butter of anime memes. It is one of Japan’s primary exports, and one of its most significant contributions to culture worldwide, inspiring countless kids to do the Torture Dance or perform Golden Wind at their school’s talent shows. The series is so pervasive that this entire page is technically a Jojo reference already.

Unknown to all but a few individuals, GoForQuiz actually has its own Stand. However, it can’t be attacked unless another Stand user answers all of the Jojo personality quizzes found on this website. If you decide to take up this challenge and complete all of the tests, our Stand might remain invisible, but you will likely have had fun answering our questions, so it’s still a pretty swell deal.

In the Jojo universe, you will hardly ever have a reason to be bored. Engross yourself in the rich, wacky world of the Joestar family. Explore the posh landscapes of Victorian-era England, the scenic locales of the Middle East, or a regular city! Learn to face off against vampires, mobsters and weirdos who have a thing for severed hands! Drink iced tea! Bond with your fellow men by urinating together! Pose!

As kooky as many of its moments are, Jojo still has a story about heroes from all walks of life going on a quest to face evil people and beat them to within an inch of their lives. There are quite a number of ways for you to do so, but the most common standard comes in the form of Stands – rare supernatural abilities that often follow you along like a silent imaginary friend.

Which Stand do you have? Is it something that allows you to obliterate your enemies from range, or do you first have to come closer to them? Can your Stand create or mend things, or could it only destroy them? Do you fancy yourself as a Hamon user instead, filling your body with energy from the actual Sun like a hippie? 

You could also learn which of the Joestars you resemble the most. You might be as resourceful as Jolyne and get yourself a spot in Stone Ocean, or you could be a dour, serious type of person like Jotaro from Stardust Crusaders. You might not even be a Joestar at all, being more like the megalomaniacal Dio or, heaven help, one of the Pillar Men.

Go on your own bizarre adventure by taking on our Jojo personality tests like a true Joestar.

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