Which JoJo Character Are You?


You’re approaching this quiz? Instead of clicking away to take our other, less menacing personality quizzes, you’re coming to answer this one?

I already expected you would come here. Indeed, only truly powerful beings seek the best Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure quizzes available on the Internet. If you wish to answer the questions I have, feel free to do so. Perhaps it will be exciting to see you struggle against each of them, but I hardly expect you to survive past the first.

Still, your bravery amuses me, you know? My questions are designed to probe the deepest recesses of your mind and allow me to gain priceless knowledge about your personality so I can most efficiently defeat you in a real battle, but it seems I don’t recognize you.

I simply must study you more. Tell you what – if you manage to answer all of my questions here, I’ll let you fight me in actual combat. I’ll even tell you which Jojo character you remind me of first. So, will you accept my generous offer? Which Jojo character are you? Come and find out, little man!

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Which JJBA Character Are You?


You often daydream about…

For you, the best virtue is…

A bruised man lies unconscious on the street. You…

Just up ahead, you see one of your friends also lying unconscious as a menacing stranger approaches. You...

The stranger insults you and strikes a flamboyant pose. How do you respond?

Describe your Jojo pose

Which skill are you good at?

Do you consider yourself a hard worker?

Which Stand Parameter do you value most?

Which physical trait do you feel conscious about?

Which accessory do you like best?

Your favourite food is…

Which Jojo Character Are You?
You are Guido Mista!

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In the modern world, people live and die stressing over difficult problems. Guido does not concern himself with these. He simply wants an easy-going life, dining on fine meats and wine with pretty women and avoiding the number 4. While reckless, his straightforward attitude is why he’s a winner in a world where many lose.
You are Dio Brando!

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So you crave power as much as DIO, eh? Even before he rejected his humanity, this madman would shamelessly do anything to further his ambitions. His vampiric body is held together only by his sheer willpower. This ruthless and goal-oriented mindset can bring you the strength and determination to succeed as well… if you’re good.
You are Jotaro Kujo!

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Jotaro does not waste time. When people wrong him or his friends, he beats them up. He keeps his words short. He is rough and callous like a rock, but also has nerves of steel. He has no time for mind games or overthinking things. For a man like him, he sees a problem, beats it to submission, and moves on.
You are Jean Pierre Polnareff!

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Honor is a noble idea. It keeps Man from descending into savagery, it fills him with purpose, and it elevates him as a model and leader of others. It’s a shame that only a few people, like Polnareff, abide by it. He is sophisticated and noble, sometimes even arrogant, and yet his good nature can make him a truly loyal, lively friend.
You are Joseph Joestar!

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To rebel against authority, one often has to think outside the box. Joseph, being a hotheaded and unruly lad, is a master at doing just that. He enjoys boasting about himself and impulsively enters into fights. Later on, though, this arrogance matures into a mellow love for fun, adventure and pranks.

About our JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Personality Quiz

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure is a series that is much older than most of its avid fans nowadays. While it got its start as a serialized manga in 1987, it has plenty of unique features in its DNA that has kept it fresh and vibrant for succeeding generations of shonen fans to enjoy. There even used to be a time when only Dragonball Z had a chance of competing with Jojo as the most popular series in Japan.

The Jojo series is often described as “weird” – a crude term, but quite accurate. Its unique and highly creative philosophy extends to everything. Its otherworldly color scheme. The extravagantly-dressed characters. The signature poses. Jojo’s strong visual identity is recognizable to even the most jaded anime fan, and has been lovingly referenced in many other recent works.

The series itself frequently blends its different genres and themes. It’s a character-driven action show to its core, although Jojo wouldn’t be Jojo without a healthy serving of horror, philosophy, and fantastic comedy in each instalment.

Which JoJo Stand Type Do I Have?

From Stardust Crusaders onwards, Jojo characters adopted Stands as their primary supernatural ability – a concentration of their very life energy into a powerful and often humanoid form.

Quite a lot of Stand types can be observed in the series, varying in range, power and speed. Jotaro’s Star Platinum, for example, is a fast and powerful humanoid Stand, but it can only unleash its power at close range. In contrast, Mista’s Sex Pistols is a long-range Stand that allows the user to keep their distance from enemies.

For The World, Dio’s frighteningly strong Stand with the ability to stop time, however, range is mostly irrelevant.

Furthermore, Stands usually manifest as one of five forms – natural humanoids, resembling humans; artificial humanoids that look like cyborgs; natural non-humanoids, which can appear as animals or other organisms; artificial non-humanoids, such as weapons, tools or vehicles; and phenomena, in which a form is mostly absent.

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