The Series is Crazy, but this Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Trivia Quiz is Just Absurd

Even Speedwagon is afraid of this trivia quiz, because we’ve filled it with the most remote, enigmatic and downright indecipherable fun facts about the series.

Seriously, the whole Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure saga is so rife with odd little details that we’ll leave you wishing you can restart the universe just to create a world in which this quiz was a little bit easier.

…Okay, maybe we’re overselling – we still want you to ace this challenge, but that’s it. This is the type of quiz intended to filter out the true Stardust Crusaders from casual fans. We expect the attrition rate for our questions to be worse than the number of German soldiers who survived the awakening of the Pillar Men.

Can you beat this Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure trivia quiz? Don’t you dare execute the Joestar Family Secret Technique on us and run away – answer all our questions like a real Stand User!

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JoJo Trivia Quiz


Joseph Joestar was still alive in the story as late as…

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Which of these secondary abilities doesn’t exist?

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Which of these never happened when Pucci rebooted the universe in the Jorge Joestar light novel?

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How many minutes long is the “lost” 2007 Phantom Blood animated film?

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Lisa Lisa’s Hamon-conducting scarf is made of yarn from which animal?

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Which of these villains has killed the fewest people?

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The music that accompanies the “To Be Continued” meme is called…

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One of the insults used to describe Diavolo in Vento Aureo was…

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What is Kakyoin’s favourite music band?

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What kind of salad did Okuyasu eat?

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Who was the most aggressive Pillar Man?

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Araki once mentioned that the name “Jojo” came from Jonathan’s, a Japanese chain of…

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What is the battle cry of Johnny Joestar’s Stand Tusk?

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Dio’s father was called…

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Approximately how long is the Steel Ball Run course?

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Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Trivia Quiz
Honorary Stardust Crusader

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Goodness… this little quiz appears to have discovered someone who can comprehend the great enigmatic maelstrom of Araki’s mind. This combination of intellect, attention span and sheer ability to correctly answer our questions can only be the work of another Stand User. If you were ever to turn evil, you’d be on the level of Dio, the Pillar Men, or Enrico Pucci, and just as stylish. Wherever you are, you can rest assured that Kakyoin, Iggy and Avdol are looking down approvingly on you from heaven.
Team Bucciarati Reserve Member

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It looks like there’s some power in you! Whether it’s a Stand or a Hamon, it’s safe to say you possess the strength to defeat any mortal man, woman or child in this Earth. Now the only fair game is other Stand users. Perhaps it is time to set out on your own adventure, whether that’s beating up a salaryman trying to live a normal life, or chasing three muscular demigods across a continent, as long as your friends are there, it’ll be a blast!
One of the Loaves of Bread Dio Ate

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While you were taking this quiz, Stand users near you have been engaged in a feverish battle without your knowing. You’ve gotten some questions right, but you must hone your senses, and pay more attention, to progress further. If you simply love Jojo stuff, there’s nothing wrong with this score! But if you were a character in the show, we’re just saying it’s not too late to get life insurance.

About our Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Hard Trivia Quiz

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure is like Abbacchio’s fine red wine: it’s best accompanied with ass-kicking. And you will never lack for ass-kicking in this masterwork series by Hirohiko Araki.

And just as a fine wine gets better with age, Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure is something that only rewards people for rewatching each part, or rereading the manga. They’re just so dense: either with witty little details and references to things in real life, or simple oddball humor that can take a few days or weeks to fully appreciate.

The fact that you’re reading this section, good Reader, means you’re smarter than most mortals who decide to take our challenge. True, getting a low score isn’t really the end of the world. We won’t explode your heads, knit all of your fingers together, or punch a hole through your chest and turn you into the world’s most pathetic donut, but knowing you didn’t pass a simple anime trivia quiz? The pain would be enough to crush Caesar a second time.

Have you squared off against our Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure trivia quiz? We hope you survived!


How powerful is Made in Heaven?

Made in Heaven is among the most powerful Stands in existence, not only because of its lethality in combat but its capacity to alter the flow of reality itself.

In a fight, this time-altering Stand grants Pucci a nearly-unbeatable advantage in speed, agility, reflexes, and maneuverability, outclassing even the likes of Star Platinum.

However, its more nefarious use is the unrestricted acceleration of time across the whole universe. Left unchecked, this Stand is what allowed Pucci to ultimately bring reality to its final “vanishing point” and birth a new universe.

What is Jojolion about?

Continuing in the same altered universe as Part 7: Steel Ball Run, Jojolion represents the eighth instalment in the Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure saga.

Another Josuke has received a Stand power, Soft ‘n Wet, which grants him the nigh-overpowered ability to create bubbles. He manages, somehow. 

However, this Josuke is also an amnesiac, and the story unfolds like a mystery to uncover his identity. Did we mention part of this mystery is that he has four testicles? To add another layer of intrigue, Stands and little quirks from characters in the original universe seem to have bled into the new one, and Josuke finds his Stand to be none other than Yoshikage Kira’s Killer Queen.

And just when you think a very speedy priest that destroys the whole universe was the series’ threshold of insanity.

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