Which Assassination Classroom Character Are You?

Attending the dead-end E Class is no easy task. You need to climb up a mountain to reach the school building, the other sections despise you, and you have to murder your favourite teacher before March or he’ll destroy the world.

A near-unkillable octopus monster has seemingly destroyed the Moon and threatened to end the world. You might have hated him at first, but he’s turned out to be the absolute best teacher you could hope for. He always has time for his students, he tailors every lesson to their strengths and weaknesses, and he’s actually fun to be around.

With the fate of the world resting on finding a way to kill him, however, could you countenance killing Korosensei? Would you befriend him or stay your distance? How would you even try to kill him? And what happens when his other assassins and enemies start coming for your fellow students instead?

Which Assassination Classroom character are you? Take this quiz to find out… and try not to kill anyone along the way.

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Assassination Classroom Character Test


Which of these skills are you best at?

What role would you prefer in a team?

What is your preferred weapon for most missions?

Your assassination kit is incomplete without…

Which codename would suit you best as an assassin?

If you had to face one of the show’s villains one more time, who would you fight?

Describe your assassination style

Your favourite school subject is…

Who would you rather have as an assassin partner?

Could you kill someone in cold blood?

If you weren’t an assassin, you’d make a great…

What’s the first thing you’d spend your 10 billion yen bounty on?

Which Assassination Classroom Character Are You?
You are Nagisa Shiota!

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Nagisa is a soft-spoken and empathetic young man. He manages to always keep himself calm and composed, flashing a cute smile even as he prepares to stab someone in the gut. Usually quiet, he is pretty attentive in observing other people and figuring out their thoughts and feelings.
You are Akabane Karma!

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Some people are casually menacing. They often don’t take things seriously, and make a habit out of mocking or insulting enemies and friends alike. Karma is a true example of this. Not only is he supremely confident in his skills and talents, he also uses them to humiliate anyone who stands in his way.
You are Kaede Kayano!

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A doting and supportive presence to her classmates, and Nagisa in particular, Kaede is often comfortable staying at the sidelines. The intense gamut of her real emotions only stay hidden thanks to her superb acting ability and sheer perseverance; no pain is hellish enough to prevent her from playing her part to others.
You are Ryoma Terasaka!

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It’s easy to dismiss Terasaka as a simple hothead. While he was initially content with being a brawns-over-brain bully, he steadily learned from his mistakes, channelling his natural aggression and impulsiveness into being a fearsome assassin. He’s efficient in the field and habitually concocts out-of-the-box ploys, despite being seen as an idiot.
You are Irina Jelavic!

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A “honeypot” assassin-turned-teacher, Professor Bitch often has to reconcile her cold-blooded tendencies with the responsibility of being a nurturing instructor to Class 3-E. She often comes across as professional, tenacious and mature, but this persona only conceals her own awkward, dorky nature. Deep down, she’s surprisingly humble and sensitive.
You are Ritsu!

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For someone possessing the firepower to outgun an entire army battalion, the A.I. Ritsu is quite a warm ray of sunshine. She’s proven to be one of the most competent and multi-talented assassins in 3-E, focusing on using her intellect to analyze complex situations and help devise strategies for her team.

About our Assassination Classroom Personality Quiz

Assassination Classroom is a sci-fi and comedy shonen depicting the struggles of a class of middle-schoolers as they train to become assassins skilled enough to kill the monster that has become their professor.

Although the premise appears rooted in violence and murder, the series quickly proves itself to be a touching, feel-good story in which their alien-like professor Korosensei actually cares for the students. The class eventually warms up to their hyper-competent new teacher, although they silently have to deal with the fact that he has to die someday.

The show revolves around various plots to kill Korosensei, with some attempts coming from outside forces. It also depicts the students’ drive to improve themselves under Korosensei’s mentorship, which includes reigniting their desire to excel at their studies and changing their lives for the better.

Plenty of shifty or traditionally evil characters appear in the story. One of the main morals of the series is that many of these people – such as assassins, ruthless businessmen, or spoiled children – are still human, and can possess redeeming qualities.

What are Anti-Sensei Weapons?

Korosensei is notoriously difficult to kill; on top of being able to move at a top speed of Mach 20 or higher, his strange, antimatter-based body is impervious to regular weaponry.

Anti-Sensei weapons were specifically developed to counter this weakness. All weapons in this category are composed of a material able to puncture the flesh of tentacle-based lifeforms like Korosensei and potentially cause mortal injuries. They also have the added advantage of being harmless to normal humans, allowing the 3-E students to execute several daring and reckless traps with their weapons.

The material for Anti-Sensei technologies can take the form of many weapons and ammunition, the most common of which are customized BB-gun pellets known as Anti-Sensei bullets. Another popular weapon that 3-E’s assassins use are Anti-Sensei combat knives.

Apart from weapons, Anti-Sensei material can also be used to coat walls and equipment, and even sewn into fabric for clothes.

FAQ Assassination Classroom Characters

Why does Nagisa look like a girl?

First-time viewers often confuse the show’s protagonist, Nagisa Shiota, for a girl. He has a small frame, styles his hair long, and has an overall androgynous appearance and voice.
His feminine looks are later revealed to be the work of his mother, who had forced Nagisa to look and dress like a girl, and even choose a career in fashion, all in a misguided pursuit of her own failures in life.

The time-skip shows that Nagisa eventually cuts his hair short, and he had succeeded in reconciling with his parents with the help of Korosensei before then.

What are Koro-Sensei’s abilities?

The show would not be complete without making it abundantly clear that Korosensei is full of insane abilities – especially his hypersonic speed - and other surprises.

As an anti-matter being, Korosensei enjoys many passive physiological perks, including immunity to poisons and many harmful substances, rapid regeneration, heightened senses and reflexes, lightning-fast metabolism, and the ability to molt and use his shed skin as a protective membrane.

His talents also include an immense capacity for learning and memorizing things, and anticipating traps or ploys before they can do him or his students lasting harm.

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