What’s My Spirit Animal?

We’re all civilized now, but a time stood not long ago when Mankind was much closer to Nature and all her children – when humans hunted and foraged and scavenged and explored just as animals did. Even today, this primal memory lives within us, storing deep in our minds the wisdom and instinct honed from the earliest days of Man.

Our ancestors spent a lot of time around animals. In the process, they learned to take note of many of their admirable traits: the courage to face against scores of predators attacking one’s home; the patience and resilience to live throughout long, tough winters; or the desire to explore the world in search for greener pastures.

These traits resonated with us, and so people adopted various animals into their personal and group identities over the ages – symbols of their proudest characteristics or members. For the Native Americans, the ‘spirit animal’ even acted as a guide to bring out the best qualities in a tribesman. To follow one’s spirit animal was to take a journey toward growth and self-discovery.

Gone are the days where you and I needed to fight off carnivorous beasts for our next meal, or chase wild game to the point of exhaustion, although much of the wilderness is still in our souls. Our spirit animal lives on.

It is a savage remnant, yearning to be expressed. Perhaps it can add a touch of nuance to your perspective on life, or serve as a symbol of your greatest strengths, or even act as a guide to your untapped, hidden potentials as a person. You might be braver, stronger, smarter, or more resilient than you think.

All of us hear the call of the wild. In what voice might you answer back? A great roar? A shriek to pierce the skies? A subtle, fear-inspiring hiss? “What’s my spirit animal?” you may finally ask. Take this quiz to find out. Enjoy!

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What’s Your Spirit Animal?


Do you prefer working in a group, or by yourself?

What’s the most comfortable place to stay in?

Do you usually eat a lot?

You’ve received quite a lot of money from a relative. What’s the first thing you do?

How do you deal with exhausting tasks?

Do you enjoy being the center of attention?

What’s your ideal combo for resting?

Which outdoor hobby is the most appealing?

Choose the trait you value the most

At which time of day are you most active?

Do you try to make new friends?

Which dishes do you like best?

How much do you pay attention to your looks?

What do you think is your biggest flaw?

Do you like the sea?

How about flying way up in the sky?

What’s My Spirit Animal?
Your Spirit Animal is a Wolf!

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Within you is a combination of savagery and intellect, the same kind that has made the wolf such a powerful hunter. You’re patient, calculating, and excellent at working as a team. When it comes to devising and executing plans, you can be very effective. While you’re likely to also be socially shrewd, you might find it difficult to trust others. However, the people in your pack – your closest friends and loved ones – know you’re incredibly reliable, loyal, and dangerous.
Your Spirit Animal is an Owl!

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Ever seen an owl hunt? Imagine those wide, unblinking eyes, diligently scanning its surroundings for the right moment. Most of the time, it lies still. Then, in an instant, it jumps into action, grabbing its prey in heartbeats. Such patience and intuition is also found in you. The owl symbolizes wisdom, contemplation, and the ability to perceive the finest details in things.
Your Spirit Animal is a Bear!

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The bear is a symbol of quiet strength. For people with this animal’s courage, strength and resilience, it isn’t hard for them to pursue their goals and duties until everything is accomplished. After all, finishing tasks is great, since it frees up time for rest and relaxation. You might even share a bear’s love for hibernating after a slew of difficult jobs. Even if you don’t believe so, you can also be an effective leader.
Your Spirit Animal is a Fox!

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If you have the fox as your spirit animal, you’re evidently sly, elusive, and a tad mysterious. Like foxes, you can think fast on your feet, and you’re likely a master at staying hidden from others. You probably read people and your surroundings very well. Additionally, there’s a chance that you love causing mischief due to your natural ability to trick or mislead others.
Your Spirit Animal is a Hawk!

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Hawks occupy an auspicious role as spirit animals. They traditionally symbolize the arrival of great visions, but in regular life, they can represent your strong personal vision and ability to clearly see and follow your goals. You’re likely skilled at observing things, preferring to take a bird’s-eye view. Hawks can also represent the potential for good leadership and management.
Your Spirit Animal is a Spider!

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Spiders are naturally introspective and artistic, with the animals quietly fashioning such intricate webs away from the hustle and bustle elsewhere. As your spirit animal, a spider embodies your dedication to creative pursuits, and the patience and tenacity to keep working on tasks until they’re done. You’re likely also dexterous, good at working with your hands, and planning far ahead into the future.
Your Spirit Animal is a Shark!

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Sharks are near-irresistible forces of strength and ruthlessness in the deep sea. As your spirit animal, sharks are symbols of confidence and single-minded focus in seizing what you want. You’re probably very driven in life. Just as sharks keep swimming throughout the day, you frequently feel the need to keep moving forward in life. Such a relentless work ethic makes you a formidable person.
Your Spirit Animal is a Turtle!

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Ah, the turtle. Quite the sterling example for taking a slow, steady and stable approach to life’s encounters. This spirit animal has a hard shell to match your uncrushable determination. You’re well-attuned to your environment, taking effort to keep it peaceful and free of unnecessary stress. While the turtle moves sluggishly on land, it swims fast and free in water; likewise, while you’re usually restrained, you’re not afraid to excel at the things you love.

About our Spirit Animal Personality Quiz

The practice of discovering and following the guidance of spirit animals stems from shared Native American culture. As their tribes lived so closely among the marvellous creatures of the wilderness, many animals became key figures and symbols for different tribes and communities.

Spirit animals took on a much more mystical and active role in American Indian culture compared to the tutelaries and familiars of other mythologies. Dreams depicting critters such as deer, oxen, horses, or cattle might be taken as the appearance of a tribesman’s spirit animal granting him a message. The message might be the start of a long journey, or a quest for self-improvement, or even an actual message to deliver to another tribe’s chieftain.

In essence, however, spirit animals helped a person mature and take on great feats, exemplifying the traits which they or their tribe needed from them the most. For a tribesman of enough merit, they might even take the moniker of an animal significant in their lives as part of their name.

Just look at such influential Native American heroes like Sitting Bull, Black Hawk and Standing Bear. Now those are formidable names – it’s only natural that only formidable people can earn them.

Finding your spirit animal can be a uniquely insightful kind of exercise to learn new aspects of your personality, especially that instinctual, primal side to which many of us usually don’t pay attention.

It’s precisely because we tend to ignore our primal side that we can end up surprised at what our animal spirit guide is. In fact, that’s the reason we’ve worked especially hard on this quiz. Think of it this way – since a spirit animal is a symbol for many of Man’s best traits over the millennia, perhaps your best traits are just waiting to be discovered. We hope you’ll learn something cool about yourself with this quiz!

How to Find Out Your True Spirit Animal

The mysticism surrounding the concept of spirit animals can put some people off, especially if you’re skeptical of myths, legends, and the occult, in general.

Other spirit animal sites do approach this subject predominantly through a New Age perspective, and come with their own cool, compelling suggestions to finding your true spirit animal. However, we believe spirit animals can be fascinating ways to learn more of one’s habits, attitudes, strengths and vulnerabilities regardless of perspective, and built this quiz for anyone to enjoy. We hope you did.

Did our quiz rouse a bit of curiosity in you? Splendid! If you’re interested in finding out more about discovering and connecting with your spirit animal, here are a few suggestions.

First off, take note of your dreams. Interpreting your dreams can lead to some insights on what your unconscious mind is concerned about, and some animals can feature prominently in them. Try to note which animals appear as you dream.

You could also try observing animals while you’re awake. Which ones attract your attention? How often do they appear over a period of days or weeks? Do they appear in the films you watch or the books you read? Paying attention to animals can help you be attuned with nature.

Try to observe your own habits afterwards. Note the times you’re awake or most active. Keep track of your diet and eating patterns. Figure out the activities and hobbies that you’ve been wanting to do for a while. These are actually great tips for a healthy lifestyle, too. When you’ve noted all of these habits down, compare them with the habits and behaviors from other animals.

If you’d like to follow these suggestions, we also recommend filling out a little journal. For anyone on a path to self-improvement, journaling regularly can be a great way to declutter and organize the mind.

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