Which Walking Dead Character Are You?

Not everybody is cut out to survive in a world where the dead walk and the living run. When the basic laws that govern Man are no longer enforced, would you do whatever it takes to stay alive?

You can’t afford to be soft in a post-apocalyptic nightmare. Even if you’ve somehow managed to escape the initial onslaught of walkers and find a safe place to hide, you’ll likely have to live in survival mode for the rest of your days.

First things first, how are you going to secure a stockpile of food and water? Are you desperate enough to raid infested stores for a few cans of beans, or would you try to steal or mooch off of other survivors? Would you treat your fellow humans with dignity and trust them not to backstab you? Or are you the type to take down anybody who has become useless to your team?

Modern society has dulled out a lot of humanity’s animalistic edge. But in the world of this famous zombie series, you’ll either have to hunt or be hunted.

Which Walking Dead character are you? Shamble on over to our personality quiz and find out!

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The Walking Dead Character Test


What would you do first if you woke up in a zombie apocalypse?

Which place would you turn into your safe haven?

How would your friends describe you?

You see a survivor surrounded by a mob of walkers. What do you do?

What is your signature weapon?

What is your ideal mode of transportation?

Which villain do you despise the most?

Would you let strangers join your survivor group?

Would you grow out your beard or hair?

Among your fellow survivors, what are you best-known for?

One of your closest friends became a zombie. What do you do?

What would be your end goal in the show?

Which Walking Dead Character Are You?
You are Rick Grimes!

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For several seasons, Rick played the part of a protective papa bear, not only to Carl but to his entire band of survivors – his responsible leadership and willingness to put himself in danger for them is a major reason for why many of them have survived for quite a while. In spite of the wickedness from other survivors, this goody-two-shoes sheriff fights to prove that honor and trust still matter in the post-apocalypse.
You are Daryl Dixon!

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Hot-headed and violent, Daryl has always demonstrated that walkers aren’t the most dangerous hunters in the series. With his independent streak and scepticism, Daryl often feels like an outsider, and he relies on his own wits and skills to survive. He’s tough and quick to lash out at threats, but there’s a gentler side to him for his friends and loved ones.
You are Glenn Rhee!

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Glenn’s quick on his feet – literally and intellectually. As a supply runner, he relies on his resourcefulness, creativity, and keen observational skills to outwit both walkers and other survivors. Among the most compassionate and competent characters in the show, he actually disliked killing other living beings, and often acted as the group’s conscience when even Rick grew furious.
You are Hershel Greene!

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His band of survivors’ stubborn moral compass, Hershel has a nurturing and wise air about him. He is caring and reassuring, and exercises more patience in stressful situations than other leaders like Rick or Daryl. Although he can hide his empathy around strangers, it shows in plenty of other ways – he even tried caring for walkers at first, viewing them simply as sick people, but he can also bend his uncompromising ideals if they’re no longer right.
You are Carol Peletier!

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Carol’s growth from a soft-spoken, defenceless introvert into a pragmatic and resourceful survivor might resonate with your own journey through life. Her approach towards various issues is often the most logical, calculating different outcomes and assessing risks. Despite naturally being empathetic, she has regularly displayed a ruthless side.

About our The Walking Dead Character Personality Quiz

Among all other television series based on the zombie apocalypse, The Walking Dead occupies a special place in the hearts and minds of countless fans of the genre. It was, after all, one of the first Z series to hit the mainstream, subsequently influencing many other shows over the past decade.

The Walking Dead’s premise helped to solidify the concept of zombies in the public’s imagination, painting them as slow and fragile monsters that remain tireless hunters, and overwhelming in hordes.

The show also did its part to flesh out how ordinary humans would first cope, then adapt to, the post-apocalypse. In fact, much of the show’s drama and conflict – especially in the later seasons – revolved more around the threats coming from different survivors, rather than from the zombies themselves.

Interplay between different personalities, all high-strung, desperate and volatile from the stresses of survival, is a vital part of the series. To that end, we wanted to see how your own personality compared to the show’s beleaguered cast’s, and made this personality quiz for you to finally wrest the question “Which Walking Dead Character Are You?” free from your brain.

Factions and Groups in The Walking Dead

One of the major sources of drama and action in the show comes from Rick and his group’s interaction with other survivor communities – some of them benevolent, but most sporting various types of evil.

The Saviors are currently the most notable example – a band of marauders driven by a “survival of the fittest” mentality led by part-time protagonist and full-time sociopath Negan. Their nightmarish love for violence and murder is dwarfed only by truly evil groups, such as the Whisperers and the Terminus Group.

Other communities make at least a little effort to create a civil and peaceful society, like the Woodbury group overseen by The Governor before his murderous intentions were revealed. Related groups include Oceanside and the gargantuan Commonwealth.

Lastly, on the non-evil side of functioning communities, you had places like Alexandria and the Hilltop community, managed by some of Rick’s crew themselves.


Why does nobody in The Walking Dead say ‘zombie’?

There’s a reason why people in the show call our favourite brainless, flesh-eating monsters as “walkers” or “biters” or even “muertos” instead of the classic “zombie.”
Series creator Robert Kirkman explains that the story takes place in an alternate universe of sorts – one where zombie fiction, like George Romero’s Night of the Living Dead, never existed. This means that the concept of a “zombie” never entered society’s imagination in the show, further catching everybody off-guard when the outbreak began.

How did the zombie outbreak in The Walking Dead start?

The actual nature of the cause of zombification has been shrouded in total mystery, with Dr. Edwin Jenner even stating early in the series that the cause could be a viral or bacterial pathogen, or even something supernatural.
Various in-universe theories for the outbreak have been suggested, from being the work of terrorists to the government’s drastic means of population control.
Out-of-universe, Kirkman always insisted about never explaining the source of the outbreak, although he once joked in a deleted tweet that the cause was a “space spore.”

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