Which Monster High Character Are You?

Attention all ghouls, goblins, and monsters alike! Are you ready to embark on a frightfully fun journey to discover which of the iconic Monster High characters is your monstrous alter ego? Unearth the spine-chilling secrets of your personality as you navigate through this wickedly entertaining quiz.

Each character from the hallowed halls of Monster High possesses their own unique blend of fearsome traits and boo-tiful flaws, making them the perfect mix of creepy and captivating. From Clawdeen Wolf's howling confidence to Frankie Stein's electrifying ingenuity, there's a fangtastic match for everyone!

Prepare to be spooktacled by the eerie similarities between you and your monstrous counterpart as you dig deeper into the quiz. And remember, there's no shame in showing your true ghoul colors, so don't be afraid to let your freaky flag fly!

So, without further a-boo, let's get this monster mash started! Grab your broomsticks, dust off your cobwebs, and let the frightful fun begin. Your Monster High destiny awaits!

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Monster High Character Quiz


What's your favorite school subject?

How would your beast friends describe you?

Choose your go-to Monster High fashion accessory:

What's your favorite spooky pastime?

How do you spend your free time after school?

What's your favorite creepy creature?

Which monster ability would you love to have?

What's your dream monster profession?

How do you handle a scary situation?

What type of haunt do you prefer to live in?

Which monstrous dessert would you choose?

Which weird destination would you love to visit?

Which Monster High Character Are You?
You're Clawdeen Wolf!

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Clawesome! You've unearthed your inner werewolf, and you're just like the fiercely fabulous Clawdeen Wolf! A born leader with a flair for fashion, you're never afraid to show off your wild side. Just like Clawdeen, you're fiercely loyal to your pack of friends and family, and you know that the best way to celebrate life is by throwing a howling good time. Don't be afraid to let your mane down and embrace the full moon madness! Your monstrous destiny awaits you in the halls of Monster High.
You're Frankie Stein!

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You've been struck by lightning, and it turns out that you're a shocking match with Frankie Stein! Assembled with creativity and a bolt of genius, you're always ready to dive into the next spooktacular experiment or monstrous creation. With your can-do attitude, you're sure to spark some unforgettable memories at Monster High. So, gear up and get ready to channel your inner Frankie, because you're going to be an electrifying addition to the ghouls and goblins of Monster High!
You're Draculaura!

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Fangtastic! You've uncovered your vampiric side, and you're just like the charming and compassionate Draculaura! With a heart as big as her wardrobe, you're always there to lend a helping hand, wing, or fang to those in need. You have an insatiable thirst for knowledge and a love for all creatures, whether they're creepy or cute. Embrace your newfound vampire heritage, and remember that life's a scream when you're a part of the Monster High family!
You're Twyla Boogeyman!

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Well, well, well, it appears you've ghosted your way into the spectral world of Twyla Boogeyman! Your kind and caring spirit echoes through the haunted halls of Monster High, making you the perfect ghostly companion for both humans and animals alike. With your ability to navigate the shadows and comfort those in need, you'll be the boo-tiful beacon of friendship and support that every ghoul and monster needs. So, float on and join your fellow phantoms at Monster High!
You're Lagoona Blue!

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Surf's up, ghouls! You've uncovered your inner sea monster, and you're a tidal wave of talent just like Lagoona Blue! Your bold and confident nature makes you a fin-tastic friend, and your passion for music is as deep as the ocean. Embrace your undersea heritage and dive headfirst into the thrilling world of Monster High, where you'll make waves and memories that will last a lifetime. Get ready to unleash your inner sea siren, because the ghouls of Monster High are waiting for you to make a splash!

About our Monster High Character Personality Quiz

Welcome to the eerie and enchanting world of Monster High, where the children of famous monsters and mythical creatures come together to learn, grow, and embrace their monstrous heritage! This quiz is designed to help you uncover which Monster High character you are most like based on your own unique blend of fearsome traits and boo-tiful quirks.

The students of Monster High are a diverse and fangtastic bunch, each with their own distinct personalities, strengths, and flaws. From the fiercely independent and stylish Clawdeen Wolf to the charming and compassionate Draculaura, each character offers a glimpse into the different aspects of the monster world. By taking this quiz, you'll discover which of these captivating creatures shares your own monstrous qualities.

While the characters in the Monster High universe may be the children of famous monsters, they are more than just their family's supernatural legacy. They embody the spirit of acceptance, inclusivity, and celebrating what makes each of us unique. Just as Monster High teaches its students to embrace their differences and be proud of who they are, this quiz aims to show you that your own unique traits make you a perfect match for one of these fantastic characters.

So, whether you're a fan of the Monster High dolls, the animated series, or just curious about which ghoul or monster you might be, this quiz will help you unearth your own monstrous personality. Are you ready to step into the haunted halls of Monster High and discover the ghoul within? Your monstrous destiny awaits!


How old are the Monster High?

The age of the Monster High characters varies, and their ages are often expressed in terms of how long they've been "alive" or "undead" since they are based on monsters. In general, most of the main characters are portrayed as teenagers attending high school. For example, Frankie Stein is mentioned to be 15 days old at the beginning of the series, while Draculaura is over 1,600 years old but still behaves like a teenager. The characters' ages are usually a playful nod to their monstrous origins rather than an accurate depiction of their maturity or behavior.

Where does Monster High take place?

Monster High takes place at a fictional high school called Monster High, which is located in the town of New Salem. The school is designed specifically for the children of famous monsters, ghouls, and mythical creatures. The setting includes the school itself and various other locations within the town where the characters live, hang out, and have adventures.

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