Past Life Quiz: Who Were You In A Past Life?

Try the best past life quiz online and discover what kind of person you were!

If you are curious about your past life and all the feats you did, you must solve a good quiz. When you try the past life quiz, you can get a sense of what you were like and how successful you were at that time.

The questions you have to answer in this past life test are simple for you to solve in seconds. You have to answer about 10 questions, but they are very interactive to your liking and you will not get bored. You can solve this quiz at your leisure to find out a little about your one century-old background.

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What Were You In A Past Life?


What's your dominant character trait?

How do you react when someone makes you angry?

Among these 4 animals, which one do you feel closest to?

What scares you the most?

What's your favorite color?

In your dreams, you often...

At your school, you are forced to play a sport. Which one do you choose?

What type of people are you most attracted to?

You are going on vacation and you are only allowed one item in your suitcase. Which one do you take?

What's your favorite food?

You are a...

Past Life Quiz
You were Marthin Luther King in a past life!

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Martin Luther King, born in Atlanta, Georgia, on January 15, 1929, and murdered on April 4, 1968, in Memphis, Tennessee, was an African-American pastor and nonviolent activist for the Black American civil rights movement in the United States, a strong advocate for peace and against poverty. He organizes and leads actions such as the Montgomery Bus Boycott in defense of voting rights, desegregation and employment of ethnic minorities. You must be someone really charismatic!
You were a Soldier in a past life!

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You were a soldier of your country in one of your past life! You can be proud of you! You must be a very brave person who is not afraid of anything and fights until the very end.
You were Einstein in a past life!

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Albert Einstein was a theoretical physicist. He published his theory of restricted relativity in 1905 and his theory of gravitation, known as general relativity, in 1915. He contributed greatly to the development of quantum mechanics and cosmology, and received the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1921 for his explanation of the photoelectric effect. His work is notably known to the general public for the equation E=mc2, which establishes an equivalence between the mass and energy of a system. You must be a very intelligent person!
You were Marilyn Monroe in a past life!

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Marilyn Monroe, born June 1, 1926 in Los Angeles, where she died August 4, 1962, is an American actress, model and singer. More than half a century later, she continues to be a major icon of popular culture. She initially intended to model before being spotted by Ben Lyon and signing her first contract with 20th Century Fox in August 1946. You must be a very beautiful person!
You were Elvis Presley in a past life!

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Elvis Presley is an American singer and actor. Nicknamed The King, he is one of the major cultural icons of the 20th century. You must be a really good singer!

Use the past lives quiz to rediscover your tastes

If you are going through a time where you completely ignore yourself and your life is meaningless, you should try this quiz. You have to know who you were in a past life from a historical, fantasy, or personality perspective. With a rediscovery of your tastes, you will learn your life goals from the reviews you know of your past SELF. In order to know who you were in your past life, you will have a list of interactive questions. If you make this quiz seriously, you will know completely what kind of person you were and your goals. With this personality test, you can also find out about the love of your life, which, to your surprise, is in this reality that you present.

Age is not important to solve the past life quiz, so you should not see any impediment. You can try this quiz from your computer, phone, or any other device with a network connection. The time you spend on this is around 10 to 15 minutes maximum with basic questions to answer.

You can do the past life quiz as many times as you want in the day, in the week, or even in the year. The results that you have is variable according to the answers that you have placed. You may have been a singer in your past life, a successful businessman, a model, or a beloved family man.

With this quiz, you will also know what kind of person you were in your past life, showing how strong you can be right now, in the present. You must take this quiz to solve doubts about what you were and can be according to your results.

FAQ About Your Past Life

Are the quizzes about who you were in your past life effective?

Past life quizzes are very effective for you to use right away in the comfort of your home. These quizzes take some key points of your personality to associate them with animals or persons in the past. If you answer honestly in these tests, you will have the desired results making many things in your life make sense.

What are the objectives of the past life quizzes?

The objective is to motivate yourself and hold yourself under an order that you must fulfill in your life. If you know that you were a successful man in your past life, this will influence you psychologically.

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