What Animal Am I?

Everybody has an animal aspect.

The protective tendencies of an alpha wolf, the carefree nature of a galloping horse, the opportunistic snake, the gentle dove, the imposing gorilla – these primal natures lie within and help define our personality and lifestyle.

Want to find your animal instinct? Then you’ve come to the right place – this quiz will help you discover and analyze parts of your personality to see which animal you are. Go ahead and enjoy!

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Which Animal Are You?


What’s your philosophy in working as a team?

What’s your view on success?

What’s your ideal meal?

You’re faced with a group of enemies. How do you act?

Pick the comfiest spot to rest.

Do you like the sea?

How long do you want to sleep right now?

What’s your preferred activity?

How much do you clean after yourself?

At what part of the day are you most active?

How easy is it for you to forgive?

What secret quirk are you hiding?

What’s the best trip to take?

What Animal Am I?
You are a Wolf!

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You’re loyal, team-minded, and practical – but you also have an undeniable zest for living life freely. As part of a perfectly-synced group, you work best with your pack to tackle bigger challenges.
You are an Octopus!

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Sneaky and smart, you like to do things on your own – it’s almost as if you’re invisible until the last second. You’re comfortable with blending into many situations and squeezing past tight obstacles, and once you’ve got your grip on something, you don’t let go.
You are a Shark!

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Being driven and relentless as a shark has its advantages. You probably can take all-nighters and loads of work like they’re no big deal. You can seem grim, even frightening, but you’re just very focused. Deep down, you’re nice where it counts.
You are a Bear!

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You’re a large and in-charge beast with a heart as big as your presence – physically and socially. You tend to be the protector of your group, keeping it safe from outside threats while being an oh-so-nurturing figure to them. In life, you enjoy simple things – good food, long rest, and chill friends.
You are an Owl!

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Few things escape your sight. Like an owl, you’re perceptive of the world around you and use that to act quickly and decisively. You don’t like making any wasteful actions and instead let your actions speak for you. You also tend to come alive at night, and treat the dark as your element.
You are a Lion!

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The lion is loud and proud – just like you! But both of you are able to back it up with your fierce personality and naturally-imposing authority. Friends look to you as a leader, people find your charismatic and capable of taking down great threats for your team. It’s a demanding lifestyle, but you always deliver.

About our Animal Personality Quiz

Learning what kind of animal you are can be truly enlightening – as Aristotle said, “knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.”

We all have our share of hidden instincts, those moments where we become brutish beasts or bare our fangs to protect our loved ones, or tend to either working as a team or going solo flight to achieve a task. To know your animal side allows you to nurture its strengths – like cooperation and bravery – and rooting out bad habits like sleeping for 20 hours a day (good for lions, not for people).

In this quiz, we have quite a diverse assortment of animals that your personality can be matched with. So sit back, enjoy our test, and let your wild side loose!

FAQ About Animals

Are sharks friendly?

Unless threatened or injured, sharks are not as dangerous to humans as films like to show.
Surprisingly, sharks are one of the most approachable critters of the great ocean, to the point that trained swimmers can even swim alongside them. Sharks possess an advanced social structure and communicate frequently with other sharks, making friends and exchanging information.

How do bears hibernate?

During winter, bears stockpile food and hide themselves in safe, warm dens, spending most of their time resting or eating. While they hibernate, they do less activity and lower their body temperature to save energy as the weather outside gets too cold for regular activity. A normal hibernation period lasts around 80 days.

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