What Supernatural Creature Are You?

Being human can be a bit boring.

We’re lucky to live in a time where there’s plenty of video games, movies, songs, and other ways to entertain ourselves. But among the most ancient of pastimes is storytelling, and our ancestors have filled up their then-mysterious world with creatures that continue to defy the laws of nature.

Quite a lot of these creatures, like angels, demons, fairies, ghosts, nymphs, vampires, zombies, roughly take on the form of ordinary humans, since they represent a lot about people. We call nice people as angels, pale people who don’t go outside as vampires, and that sleepy store clerk that forgot to give back our change as zombies (although this isn’t very nice).

Why not indulge your fantasies and see which supernatural creature fits you perfectly? Take this quiz to find out!

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What Supernatural Creature Am I?


What is your favorite environment?

Do you have difficulty making decisions?

You prefer to depend on...

When faced with a problem, you...

What power would you like to have?

Your dress code is usually...

Can you keep a secret? (be honest)

You like your hair to be...

What's your favorite activity?

What's your favorite food?

You have to kidnap a person, how do you do proceed?

What are you most interested in?

What Supernatural Creature Are You?
You are an Angel!

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You are discreet and concerned about your image. The angel is very afraid of ridicule and hates feeling uncomfortable. He remains very attached to his family and prefers to spend time with his loved ones rather than meet new people. You are respectful of the traditions that have been handed down to you. Your childhood holds a very important place in your life and you are quite nostalgic about your past. However, you are far from being pessimistic, you can even be jovial and talkative when you feel good.
You are an Orc!

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Your bloodthirsty morals don't belie your brutal appearance. You appreciate human flesh. You venerate combat in all its forms, from brawling to warfare to looting. Therefore, in spite of your impulsive and savage nature, you are one of the infantrymen appreciated by the evil powers. You also use huge wolves and boars as mounts.
You are a Vampire!

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You are very pale because you don't like daylight. You like to manipulate people to get your way.
You are a Zombie!

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You wander around for the sole purpose of feeding yourself with human flesh. You no longer have any consciousness of living. I hope for your sake that a cure will be found before you get your head cut off.
You are an Elf!

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You are funny, intelligent and hard-working. You may seem a little hyperactive to others, but that's only because the world around you moves very slowly!
You are a Kraken!

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You look like a big octopus and you feel no pity for devouring poor pirates.

About Our Supernatural Creature Personality Quiz

Supernatural creatures are a common aspect of cultures all across the world, with various legends and folk stories built around them, typically to teach a lesson or scare young children into behaving, but also to serve as important characters in religions, like angels and demons in Christianity.

Fantasy usually incorporates a lot of supernatural creatures into their worlds. We have dragons in Game of Thrones, orcs, elves and hobbits in Lord of the Rings, an assortment of Greek-inspired legends in the Percy Jackson series, and vampires in anime like Hellsing, Overlord and Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure.

While human characters can usually interact with these beings, some oddities mark them as totally different from humans. Elves can be portrayed as noble, sophisticated, but snobbish immortals who care little for other species. Meanwhile, vampires can blend in with regular people, but are overwhelmed by their need to feast on human blood, and hide their beastly instincts behind a mask of civility. Some Orcs can talk like regular people, but their values might be ludicrously different from humans, such as the warmongering Orks of Warhammer 40k.

What’s valuable about supernatural creatures is that they actually help better define what it means to be human, and not to be a beast or a monster. They help exaggerate a lot of human characteristics, such as our aggressive and bestial urges, our desire for wealth, power or popularity, our desire to be immortal or incapable of aging, as well as our imaginative streak. It’s fun having supernatural powers, after all. Wouldn’t having psychic powers such as levitation or mind-reading, or flight be the absolute best?

You can get away with a lot of good morals based on your supernatural creature. Too tired to study for exams? Be like a vampire and don’t let sleep stop you from getting good grades. Do you have your eyes on a spot in the Dean’s list or a new promotion? If you’re a dragon, now’s the time to awe the competition with your raw brilliance.

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