What Dragon Are You?

The myth of dragons has fascinated many hearts throughout history – the ambitious, the cunning, the brave and stalwart, and all the rest that admire the power of this fearsome beast. Their fascination will never result to anything.

Not like you. Through some arcane means, you have gained the frightful ability to transform into a dragon yourself.

Perhaps you bargained for a vial of dragon’s blood with benighted merchants, greedily drinking its contents in one gulp. Or perchance, the beast rewarded you with its essence after slaying it in fierce battle. You might have even inherited this gift from your unassuming lineage, a draconic secret passed in your bloodline.

Regardless of its source, the blood of a dragon runs in your veins now. What sort of great, mythical powers will be awakened as it mingles with your body and soul? Exactly what dragon are you? Take this quiz and find out!

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What Type of Dragon Are You?


As draconic blood fills your veins, you feel…

You get the urge to make your hidden lair…

Every dragon hoards wealth. Yours takes the form of…

You find a lot in common with which other mythical beast?

Which natural phenomenon interests you the most?

In your normal life, you enjoy the comforts of…

Which household activity do you love doing the most?

How quickly do you get angry?

What’s your favourite weather?

Are you a talkative person?

What do you think is your best trait?

At a party, you usually provide the…

What Dragon Are You?
You are a Burning Dragon!

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Your fierce and courageous nature ignites the Burning Dragon deep in you. The intensity of this dragon’s flaming breath is only matched by the unparalleled zeal, passion and energy you possess in life.
You are a Storm Dragon!

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Gentle but undeniably powerful. Such is the way of the thunderstorm and such is the way of your draconic form, the Storm Dragon. This beast is a testament to your curious, but thoughtful nature, and the flashes of inspiration that sway you to new ideas.
You are a Mountain Dragon!

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The Mountain Dragon is the avatar of your uncrushable, enduring nature. Its tough, rocky scales draw their durability from your firm and dependable attitude and ability to remain grounded.
You are an Ocean Dragon!

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Lurking in your soul is the Ocean Dragon, an elusive and calculating beast. Like water in a stream, you can be relaxed and adaptable. But like the deep sea, you’re also no stranger to hiding secrets.

About our Dragon Personality Quiz

Dragons are among the most alluring and mysterious beasts one can find in myths and legends. Though there have been several incarnations of dragons over the centuries, in popular culture, we know them as hulking, destructive beasts inhabiting a ton of fantasy settings, from Game of Thrones and Jake the American Dragon to Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid and Kiryu Coco from Hololive.

Traditionally, a dragon is portrayed as a serpentine creature with large horns, bat-like wings and spiky protrusions along its body. In addition, they usually have the ability to release volleys of fire from their mouths.

Western depictions of dragons paint it as an evil beast, though some – like the Welsh in Britain – look to it as a symbol of their people.

On the other hand, Eastern depictions, such as those in China and India, paint the dragon as a wingless, more snake-like flying beast. It’s often a wise, elusive being that can grant its knowledge, power, and good fortune to worthy individuals. Unlike fire-breathing Western dragons, in China, these creatures have more affinity with water and rain.

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