What Dungeons & Dragons 5e Class Are You?

Even in a world already filled with countless wonders and forces beyond our wildest fantasies, there’s still room for you to forge your own mythical story in Dungeons & Dragons.

But first… you have to build your own character first. Fiddling with your character sheet can take all afternoon, though. You’re almost flooded with the options you can pick for your avatar in the game world.

Will you enter your game’s magical realm as a spellbook-toting sorcerer and blast your enemies with otherworldly bolts of flame and lightning? Or use your connection with nature and your deity to play doctor for your party, healing and protecting them from harm?

Perhaps you seek an alternate path, and just find new ways to beat people up with your fists. You can even ditch fighting altogether and become an artsy entertainer with a penchant for seducing anything – including big, bad dragons.

Which Dungeons and Dragons class are you? If you’re still stuck deciding, simply answer the questions below, and believe in the heart of the quiz to find out! Enjoy!

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D&D Class Quiz


What’s your favourite part in playing D&D?

You prefer fighting with…

Before you head off on a journey, you pack…

What would prompt you to go on an adventure?

You rest up at a tavern to find adventurers. You impress them by…

Your job during a combat encounter is usually….

The greatest trait an adventurer should have is…

Which stat is the most important to you?

What keeps you busy while exploring a dungeon?

The big boss fight is turning desperate. Your last-ditch move is to…

What’s the first thing you’d spend your loot on?

Which school subject is your favourite?

Which Dungeons & Dragons Class Are You?
You are a Fighter!

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Fighters are well-attuned to the rhythms of physical combat. They’re good at getting into the thick of brutal melee brawls, and hitting their foes where it hurts with any weapon they can get their hands on. These heroes are no strangers to deadly encounters, and will fight tooth and nail to survive.
You are a Cleric!

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Clerics draw their strength from the divine energies of gods and supernatural entities to heal their allies and plague foes with sickness, existential dread, or spontaneous combustion. As the chosen of their deities, they lead a life of devotion to their principles, serving them in every deed.
You are a Sorcerer!

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Sorcerers are immersed in exotic energies. Magic courses vigorously through their veins, and they can tap into this strength to wreak havoc on the mortal plane without needing any spellbook, tome or prior magical training. Due to their close connection with their source of power, however, sorcerers must struggle to contain their chaotic energies.
You are a Rogue!

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Rogues are sly and subtle, preferring the protection of shadows, subterfuge, and their own dexterous skill. They’ve made a living out of solving problems through cunning, precision, and imagination. Accustomed to a life off the grid, these heroes have a knack for surviving and escaping threats… with lots of loot in tow.
You are a Bard!

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Bards weave words and music into weapons in their own right, absorbing the lore of the world to fuel works of art and awe. Their unparalleled charisma can inspire allies to heroic feats, or turn the most stubborn rivals into admirers… or lovers. These entertainers can hurl insults so hurtful they even damage enemies.

About our D&D 5e Class Personality Test

Dungeons and Dragons is a landmark role-playing game series, although any fan can tell you that its heart lies in telling entertaining stories with your group of friends.

You create and play a character interacting with a fantastical world. You and your fellow players are then guided and arbitrated by a Dungeon Master (DM), who presents the story, setting, and the adventure on which they must embark.

Adventures in D&D are incredibly diverse, and can suit its groups’ tastes. Some like roleplaying a classic story of fighting monsters and defeating an evil villain. Some enjoy games of political intrigue, playing as nobles or scoundrels at court. Hilarity can ensue when teammates playing as Barbarians wander into high society, or if spoiled Wizards stumble into the criminal underground.

Although D&D is traditionally played on tabletop, it has become increasingly popular for groups of friends to run games online, through sites like Discord or Roll20.

Which D&D Class Suits My Playstyle?

There are many approaches through which players can enjoy D&D. Two of the core experiences for players lie in what seasoned fans call “fluff” and “crunch.”

The crunch of a game refers to its gameplay. Players can be drawn into strategizing their characters to deal the most damage, like with Fighters, Sorcerers, and Barbarians; soak up enemy attacks, as with Paladins; heal and support teammates as Clerics; or outwit the enemy as Rogues.

Players who love a game’s fluff enjoy immersing themselves in the story and building the world. Characters such as Bards, for instance, are commonly seen as the heart of the party because much of their playstyle revolves around interacting with the setting. Note, however, that all characters have potential in spawning amazing stories.


What is the best race for a Wizard in D&D 5e?

The Wizard class is reliant on your character possessing a high Intelligence stat, so it would be optimal for you to choose races with bonuses to Intelligence.

Elves, Aasimar and Gith are classic picks for any prospecting Wizard player. Be sure to use subraces such as the Protector Aasimar for their flight and damage bonus, the Eladrin or High Elf variant for additional utilities, or the default Gith for psionics and medium armor protection.

What does a Rogue do in D&D?

Rogues are cunning and devious creatures. Their Dexterity skill and class bonuses all contribute to stealthy and underhanded tactics, enabling them to pick out vulnerable targets before slipping back into the shadows.

Outside of battle, Rogues are jacks-of-all-trades when it comes to the skills they offer to a party. These heroes are notorious for stalking their marks, doing reconnaissance to obtain information, setting up traps, and, yes, spiriting away cash and goods from unsuspecting people to benefit their teammates. Of course, you can choose to be greedy and hoard all that wealth for yourself.

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