Which Shrek Character Are You?

Shrek taught us that ogres have layers, but what about you? Peel back the layers of your personality (onion-like or otherwise) and discover your inner fairy tale character.

Whether you're more at home in a swamp or dreaming of a castle, our quiz will reveal which Shrek character mirrors your personality. Are you a brooding ogre with a heart of gold, or a dragon-guarded royal with a secret ninja side? Maybe you're the chatty sidekick who can talk their way out of any situation, or perhaps you're the mastermind with a plan (and a need for a slightly taller throne).

So, summon your noble steed (or just a comfy chair) and embark on this journey of self-discovery. Who knows? You might just find that you're more Shrek, Fiona, Donkey, or even Lord Farquaad than you ever imagined. Let's find out which character from Shrek's world you truly embody!

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Shrek Character Quiz


What is your ideal way to spend a weekend?

What's your ideal pet or animal companion?

Pick a hobby:

How do you feel about rules and authority?

What's your dream home?

If you could have a superpower, what would it be?

Choose a motto:

How do you react to unexpected guests at your home?

If you found a magic potion, what would you use it for?

How do you react to someone telling a joke at your expense?

Which Shrek Character Are You?
You're Shrek!

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Like Shrek, you're someone who values your solitude and personal space, perhaps a little too much. You might have a 'my swamp, my rules' attitude, which makes you a bit gruff and standoffish at first. But beneath that tough exterior lies a heart of gold. You're loyal, brave, and surprisingly sensitive. You might not be the first one to jump at the idea of a grand adventure (especially if it involves socializing), but once you're in, you're all in. Your life's motto might be 'better out than in,' which you apply to both burps and emotions.
You're Fiona!

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Ah, Fiona! You're a blend of brains, brawn, and beauty, often surprising people with your multifaceted personality. You love a good book and a peaceful moment, but you're no damsel in distress. People often underestimate you, thinking you're all about being prim and proper, but you're ready to unleash some serious karate moves if needed. You have a knack for finding yourself in bizarre situations, probably because you're open to new experiences (or maybe you just have really bad luck).
You're Donkey!

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Hello, Donkey! Life of the party, friend to all, and sometimes a tiny bit annoying - but in the most endearing way possible. You're the one who keeps the conversation going, even if others wish for a bit of silence. Your optimism is infectious, and your ability to talk your way out of (and sometimes into) trouble is legendary. You find joy in the simplest things and have an uncanny ability to make the best out of any situation, even if it's just by sheer stubbornness or blissful ignorance.
You're Lord Farquaad!

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Lord Farquaad, is that you? You've got big dreams and an even bigger personality. You're the person with a plan, a vision, and the unshakable belief that you're always right. You're ambitious, cunning, and have a taste for the finer things in life. Some might call you a control freak, but you prefer 'detail-oriented ruler.' You're not great at taking criticism, and your plans might not always be morally sound, but hey, no one can accuse you of not being determined.

About our Shrek Character Personality Quiz

Welcome to our Shrek Personality Quiz, where we delve into the enchanting and slightly offbeat world of the Shrek universe. Created by DreamWorks Animation, Shrek is not just a series of movies; it's a cultural phenomenon that turned the traditional fairy tale on its head. This universe is a tapestry woven with humor, heart, and a touch of the absurd, making it a beloved part of modern pop culture.

Shrek's world is populated by a cast of characters as diverse and vibrant as they come. From the titular character, Shrek, a grumpy ogre with a heart of gold, to the ever-energetic and talkative Donkey, each character offers a unique blend of traits. There's the fierce and independent Princess Fiona, who challenges every princess stereotype, and the comically villainous Lord Farquaad, with his grandiose plans and diminutive stature.

What sets the Shrek universe apart is its brilliant blend of humor, satire, and genuine emotional depth. It parodies classic fairy tales while also paying homage to them, creating a world that's both familiar and refreshingly original. The series is known for its witty dialogues, memorable one-liners, and a knack for humor that appeals to both adults and children.

This quiz is designed to reflect the diverse personalities found in the Shrek universe. Whether you see yourself as a leader, a thinker, an optimist, or a loner, there's a character in Shrek's world that resonates with those qualities. By answering these questions, you'll not only have a fun and engaging experience but also gain insights into your own personality traits – from your noble qualities to your lovable flaws.

So, step into the magical, sometimes muddy, always entertaining world of Shrek. Discover which character you align with and maybe, along the way, uncover a little more about yourself. This quiz is your ticket to Far Far Away Land, a place where fairy tales are turned upside down, and where every character, including you, has a special role to play.


Why Does Shrek Have a Scottish Accent?

Interestingly, Mike Myers initially recorded Shrek's voice using a Canadian accent. He later decided to redo the voice with a Scottish accent, adding a unique flair to the character.

What Inspired the Character of Donkey?

Donkey's character is believed to be inspired by a real miniature donkey from Barron Park in Palo Alto, California. This donkey's outgoing personality reportedly influenced the creation of Donkey's character in the movies.

How Did Princess Fiona Get Her Martial Arts Skills?

Princess Fiona's martial arts prowess in the movies is a tribute to Cameron Diaz's (Fiona's voice actress) training in martial arts, especially for her role in "Charlie's Angels."

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