Which Horror Movie Villain Are You?

Imagine yourself in the middle of Crystal Lake, or walking through the halls of the Overlook Hotel.

Can you feel the presence of Michael Myers, or the eerie silence of The Exorcist? Do you channel the methodical madness of Jigsaw from Saw, or the unhinged energy of Jack Torrance from The Shining?

Grab your favorite spooky snack, dim the lights, and get ready to answer some bone-chilling questions. Each response will draw you closer to uncovering the horror icon that mirrors your deepest fears and darkest traits.

Whether you’re the master of psychological thrills, a brute force of nature, a playful chaos maker, or a nightmare architect, this quiz will reveal the sinister side that lurks within you. Are you ready to face your true horror alter ego?

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Horror Movie Villain Quiz


What’s your favorite type of weapon?

How do you like to spend your free time?

How do you handle your enemies?

What’s your biggest flaw?

What’s your favorite holiday?

What’s your ultimate goal?

What’s your favorite type of weather?

How do you prefer to communicate with your victims?

What’s your favorite creepy quote?

Which Horror Movie Villain Are You?
You're Ghostface!

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Clever, cunning, and always two steps ahead. You thrive on outsmarting others and love the thrill of a well-executed plan. With a sharp mind and even sharper wit, you enjoy the suspense and drama of the hunt. You’re a master of disguise and can blend into any crowd, making you the ultimate surprise attacker. Your love for horror trivia and meta-humor keeps you entertained as you craft elaborate plots and keep your victims guessing. You’re not just a villain; you’re the director of your own twisted movie. Beware of your overconfidence, though – sometimes, your need to outwit everyone can lead you into tricky situations. But hey, what’s life without a little risk?
You're Leatherface!

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Family is everything to you, and you’re willing to do whatever it takes to uphold and protect family traditions. You’re a force of nature – powerful, relentless, and not afraid to get your hands dirty. Your rustic charm and unyielding loyalty make you a formidable presence. People might underestimate your intellect, but you make up for it with raw strength and determination. Your trusty chainsaw is an extension of your will, and you wield it with terrifying skill. Underneath it all, there’s a certain vulnerability to you – you’re shaped by your surroundings and the expectations of those around you. Remember, your loyalty is your strength, but don’t let it blind you to other possibilities.
You're Chucky!

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Small but mighty, you’re a whirlwind of chaos wrapped in a deceptively innocent package. Your mischievous nature and dark sense of humor make you a unique and unpredictable force. People often underestimate you because of your size, but that’s their mistake. You’re resourceful, cunning, and always ready to take advantage of a situation. Your playful yet deadly approach keeps your victims on edge, never knowing what to expect next. You thrive on causing mayhem and have a knack for survival that keeps you coming back for more. Remember, while it’s fun to be underestimated, sometimes it’s okay to let others see just how dangerous you really are.
You're Freddy Krueger!

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The master of nightmares and the king of the dream realm, you’re a creative and malevolent force. Your twisted imagination knows no bounds, and you revel in the fear you instill in others. Stylish and unique, your signature glove and wicked sense of humor make you an unforgettable presence. You enjoy toying with your victims, turning their dreams into their worst nightmares. Your arrogance can sometimes be your downfall, but it also makes you a formidable adversary. You don’t just want to kill; you want to be remembered, to leave a lasting impression of terror. Embrace your creative side, but remember – sometimes a little humility can go a long way.

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