Dirty Mind Test: How Dirty is Your Mind?

Ever wondered how dirty your mind really is?

Do you ever find the way that people eat bananas to be “suggestive”? Are you a fan of a good saucy pun or double entendre? Would you be able to share your favourite jokes with your parents or grandparents?

Some people can be very prudish when it comes to S.E.X, but everybody’s thinking about it. So exactly how dirty is your mind? Well in this quiz we are going to find out. We will show you a selection of images in order to see what your mind automatically jumps to. So, if you’re ready let’s begin!

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Is Your Mind Dirty?


What does this picture inspire you?

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Your colleague eats a banana for dessert, how do you react to that?

How Dirty Is Your Mind?
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What does this picture inspire you?

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What do you see immediately?

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What does this picture inspire you?

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If your buddy gives you this cactus, what do you say?

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What do you think when you see this picture?

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Dirty Mind Test: How Dirty is Your Mind?
You are very dirty!

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You see sex everywhere. Your life is an obstacle course of imaginary penises that stand in your way (or rather in your head), which you sometimes try to jump over, sometimes try to avoid by taking the lead to avoid misunderstandings. Beware of mirages, references to sex are not everywhere you think you see them, and you could end up thinking that you are obsessed. (when you're not, in fact.)
You're so innocent!

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You're so innocent that if you found your best friend naked on the couch and your husband naked on your best friend, you'd deduce that you're very happy that they get along so well. It's cute, but a little risky, especially if you're surrounded by people who don't want to get along as well as you do (like your best friend and your husband, for example). Try to give sex back its rightful place, neither ubiquitous nor non-existent.

About our Dirty Mind Test

Having a dirty mind can be a blessing and a curse. On the one hand it’s a sign that you have a good sense of humour and that nothing is off limits. On the other hand however, some may accuse you of being immature, especially if you are prone to giggling out of control every time you see someone eating a hot dog.

Believe it or not having a dirty mind is not a given thing, it is something that is trained over time. Essentially you can train your mind to respond in a certain way to certain situations. This quiz will test to see how well (or badly!) you have your mind trained!

Essentially we are going to show you several pictures or phrases and you will need to select the correct option which jumps to your mind straight away. Be honest however, or you’ll never find out how much of a dirty mind you really have!

Remember this quiz is just for fun and not to be taken too seriously, that said you may well find out something new about yourself!

FAQ About the Dirty Mind

Why do People Laugh at Dirty Jokes?

Essentially people find things that break social norms that don’t directly harm others to be funny. Whenever you tell a dirty joke in the company of likeminded people out of earshot of polite company it gets a positive reaction as it’s “taboo” to tell these types of jokes under normal circumstances.

Is it Easier for People with Dirty Minds to Make Friends?

The Jury’s still out on this one, however telling dirty jokes with friends who will be receptive to them is likely to strengthen the bond between you. This is because these jokes imply that “boring, politically correct” people won’t get them. It’s almost like you and your friends are sharing a secret that nobody else will understand.

Do Men Have Dirtier Minds Than Women?

It’s certainly possible! Men tend to have minds that focus more on sex, in fact many men will go as far as to claim that they think about sex almost 24/7! When you listen to men crack jokes or talk when they are together out of earshot of women it is difficult to think that this is not the case as the conversation tends to revolve around dirty jokes and sex.

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