Which TV Series Character Are You?

We watch our favourites TV shows because we’re invested in the characters and their stories. After all, a show without any characters must be pretty boring… unless you’re into watching nature documentaries.

A TV show could have a captivating premise and feature wacky stuff like dragons, gang members or talking animals, but without a cast of lovable characters, there’s no way they’d take off into the heights of popularity.

TV show characters can be appealing for different reasons. For instance, you’re likely to find someone cool if they’re relatable to you in some way. Maybe you like how they’re the life of the party whenever they enter the scene, or you enjoy how they’re the only (relatively) sane person in their group of weirdos. Or maybe you like the weird ones more.

That begs the question, too: if you were in the spotlight of a TV show, what kind of character would you play? Would you the one to bring in the big laughs? Pull off the big damn heroic moments? Or simply outshine your co-stars with your talent?

Which TV series character are you? Tune in to this personality quiz below and find out!

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What TV Character Are You?


Which of these best describes your role in your friend group?

Do you prefer going out or staying in during weekends?

What is your favourite TV genre?

What job did you want to have as a little kid?

How many close friends do you have?

Which of these interests you the most?

It isn’t a party without…

What’s your idea of a good sidekick?

Which beverage instantly puts you in a relaxed mood?

What best describes your neutral expression?

Which famous movie character do you look up to?

What do you hate most?

Choose the quote that suits you best

Which TV Series Character Are You?
You are Barney Stinson (How I Met Your Mother)

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Energetic, seductive and full of surprises, the only thing that seems to be on Barney’s mind consistently is having fun – whether that means entertaining his friends with magic tricks, roaming the streets as New York’s most notorious Casanova, or hatching complex schemes that prove he has hidden depths underneath his ditzy persona.
You are Ron Swanson (Parks and Recreation)

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Ron Swanson is a firm believer in liberty, the free market and good ol’ traditional values like making your own food and enjoying the simple things in life. He works hard, eats a lot, is surprisingly passionate about his hobbies, and enjoys his private time. You must be one self-sufficient, no-nonsense, and mature individual to be in the same boat as him.
You are Rose Nylund (Golden Girls)

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While often regarded as the scatterbrain among her friends, the rest of the Golden Girls just can’t help falling under the influence of her bubbly, wholesome persona and wild imagination. She’s a caring and idealistic presence who always seems to be equipped with the best stories. Don’t try to push her too far, though – she could deliver biting comebacks that’d make even Dorothy back down.
You are Walter White (Breaking Bad)

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Walt starts his story being a little mild-mannered and bitter, but his desire to provide for his family and reassert his own individuality in light of his terminal cancer slowly turned him into one of the most fearsome, calculating and goal-driven masterminds in television to date. Maybe you have the capacity to be the one who knocks as well?
You are Jean Luc Picard (Star Trek)

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Picard is a father to his crew, a loyal friend, and one of Starfleet’s most ingenious and idealistic captains. He can be quite a gentlemanly fellow, with a knack for art and philosophy – traits which also help to make him a charming diplomat that has befriended and protected many alien races throughout his career. While Picard despises violence, he is quite happy to show bullies that he’s not someone to be pushed around.
You are Daenerys Targaryen (Game of Thrones)

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Initially a meek girl with low self-esteem, Dany has forged her own fiery brand of determination and self-worth with each trial, insult and failure that she endures. With her magnetic personality and her willingness to listen to her trusted advisors, she steadily climbed from her older brother’s pawn to the Mother of Dragons and the liberator of the oppressed in Essos.

About our TV Series Character Personality Quiz

Characters play a significant role in defining a television show’s own personality, themes and plot.

Good characters can help make the audience feel more invested in the story, and they serve to make the setting believable and entertaining.

Where would a classic film series like Indiana Jones or Pirates of the Caribbean be without their intrepid and wise-cracking heroes? How interesting would a science-fiction show like Star Trek be without a cast of relatable individuals like Riker, Kirk or Spock?

Would you even watch TV sitcoms without standout characters like Sheldon Cooper or Barney Stinson, or enjoy dark and depressing content such as Breaking Bad without Walter to make the story more sympathetic?

Popular and well-loved television series become more vibrant and complete with the help of their characters. The same can also be said with real life. With this personality quiz, you can try to find out which TV series character you’re like and discover how you can enrich your world yourself.

Cable vs Streaming TV – Is Cable TV Dying?

Cable TV used to be the most popular way to watch your favourite television shows, but the proliferation of fast and reliable Internet access has made streaming TV services into a viable alternative to enjoy television.

Streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu, and Youtube TV are attractive to consumers for many reasons. They can be accessed from computers and mobile phones, contain few to no commercials, and have fewer fees associated with them than with cable TV, making them cheaper.

While cable TV is criticized for bloating its own fees due to a high number of channels and exclusive or promotional content, there are still people who opt for cable to enjoy a large selection of content. Cable access also doesn’t rely on an Internet connection to work.

Younger people do seem to gravitate more towards streaming TV each year. A survey in the United States even finds that over half of its respondents who watch cable TV are composed of older individuals.

FAQ TV Series Characters

Is Picard French or English?

Despite clearly being depicted as a Frenchman in every appearance, fans find it peculiar that Captain Jean-Luc Picard has an English accent and adopts British mannerisms, including sipping Earl Grey tea and reciting Shakespeare from memory.

Picard did actually come from France, and was born to a family of winemakers. However, by the time Picard was born in 2305, it is implied that France’s culture had changed to become more British, and French itself had become an obscure language. Picard himself would speak English in studying at Starfleet Academy.

Out-of-universe, the character of Picard was initially written to sound more French – but by the time Sir Patrick Stewart was chosen for the role, his portrayal of Picard was considered great enough that the French origins stayed.

Why did Walt choose the name Heisenberg?

In a move that symbolizes the mild-mannered professor’s shift into a ruthless drug kingpin, Walter White took on the moniker of Heisenberg.

This name isn’t as random as it seems. Being a science professor and the co-founder of Gray Matter Technologies, Walt would derive the name from the physicist Werner Heisenberg, who worked on developing Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle.

The name is meaningful as this scientific principle states that the position and momentum of any particle can never be exactly measured – something that can also describe Walt’s change from predictability to a volatile and secretive double life as a drug lord.

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