Are You In Love?

Are you experiencing those familiar fuzzy feelings again? Again?

Have you grown tired of consulting the horoscopes and star signs and getting loads of conflicting results about your romantic prospects? Yep, we hear you. Who cares what Jupiter or Venus think about the person that’s been fixed firmly in your mind lately? What do the planets know about what goes on inside the human heart?

Love horoscopes might not be giving you the results you need… but at least you haven’t stooped so low as to read tea leaves or check your palms for the answers, right? R-right?

Nope! When it comes to understanding your feelings for another person, there’s not a tool more precise than actual human psychology. And using science and a healthy splash of common sense, we’re able to provide you with this love personality quiz.

Are you wrestling with that age-old question, “Am I in love?” that has gripped poets and romantics for millennia? You’re in luck. Take our love quiz to see if you’re really in love, if what you have is better off as a simple crush, or if what you’re feeling is something else entirely.

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Am I In Love?


What’s the longest time you’ve voluntarily spent with this person?

A month passes without seeing them in person. How much do you miss them?

How would you response if they asked you to move in with them?

Has the thought of them ever turned you on?

Do you think you can get serious with this person?

If they gave you a big hug in public, how would you feel?

Have either of you met the other’s parents?

How long have you known them closely?

What’s the most memorable thing about them to you?

How have you resolved heated arguments together?

Do you two share inside jokes or humor that only both of you know?

Have either of you shown your weak side to each other?

Have they ever cooked for you?

How often have you thought of them when you’re alone?

Have they ever done something that made you blush uncontrollably?

Am I In Love?
You’re Likely in Love!

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We won’t be smug as to say it’s 100% confirmed, but you’re displaying most, if not all, of the classic hallmarks of being in love. We haven’t a clue if the other person already knows how you feel, but when you’re overjoyed in being in each other’s company, when there’s a deep level of trust and acceptance between both of you, when you delight in their joy, and when you’ve known them for a decent amount of time – enough to gauge a broad spectrum of how they can act, feel or think, then you’re likely in love with that person.
It Might Just Be a Crush...

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You’re definitely attracted to somebody, and there’s a strong possibility that you actually love them – but we caution you to think it through a little bit more. Sometimes, we can be in love with the idea of a person rather than loving the actual person. How much do you know about them? Can you guys bear to spend long amounts of time together? What do you think of their flaws? How have you handled disagreements together? Food for thought.
It’s Probably Lust...

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There’s nothing wrong with exclusively feeling physically attracted to someone, but that’s the thing – it’s much better to distinguish attraction from love. Now, obviously, there’s every bit of a chance that you’re feeling romantic love after all, although your results suggest that you’re currently paying more attention to that person’s beauty, cuteness, or external character.
Flat Out No!

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It seems like you’re not romantically in love right now. Your answers might be pointing to other related feelings. You might simply be in deep admiration over somebody and their positive qualities, or you’re ecstatic about your shared friendship or bond together. Such feelings should be cherished in their own right.

About our Love Personality Quiz


The quintessential feeling – the one thing that actually makes it all worth it at the end of the day. People get high off the feeling; it can take away the pain from a harsh day, or drive people to bear tremendous burdens better than any drug in existence.

Yes, love can make you stupid, which is why a lot of us are afraid of it. Maybe there’s some past baggage involved that makes it hard to open ourselves up to somebody new. Maybe love’s not the first thing on your mind right now, where your career or passion should take priority.

But still, love can seep into the slightest opening in your defenses. You might even say you’re not doing anything; one day that dastardly romantic feeling just gets so strong that it ends up hitting the logical centers of your mind like a freight train.

“Am I in love?” Honestly speaking, if you’ve gotten so far as to ask the Internet if you are, you likely need to do a little soul-searching, mate. But our romantic personality quiz is here to lend you a little extra help working yourself out.


What brain chemicals are responsible for love?

Your brain is a devious organ; anytime you’re thinking about your crush, receive a text, or happen to take a walk with them, the brain releases a cocktail of hormones that cause your body to feel all those tell-tale signs of romantic love.

These hormones include:

- Oxytocin. It’s in the name: this is the “cuddle” or “love” hormone, secreted by the hypothalamus during moments of intimate touching, such as hugging and sexual intercourse. Oxytocin is a key hormone for bonding and trust.

- Dopamine. Dopamine makes things feel rewarding. It’s responsible for that sense of giddy euphoria you feel when you’re attracted to someone.

- Testosterone and estrogen. The male and female sex hormones, respectively, drive the “lust” aspect of romantic love, stimulating libido and the desire for sex.

What are the different types of love?

The Ancient Greeks had plenty of time in the world to muse about the different forms of love, which are useful for distinguishing the kinds of relationships you have with other people. Some of these distinct kinds of love are:

- Philia. This love is developed from shared trust and goodwill between persons, which is why it’s also called “friends’ love.”

- Eros. “Sexual love,” and the one typically associated with modern notions of romance.

- Storge. Defined as “familial love,” this often unconditional type of love is among the more selfless varieties.

- Agape. A universal love for humans in general; closely connected to the idea of altruism.

- Philautia. The“love of the self,” healthy expressions of philautia include self-esteem and dignity, while unhealthy forms can verge into narcissism and hubris.

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