What Kind of Friend Are You?

In ecology, every organism has a niche – a role to play in its environment. Well, the same concept applies to friend groups. Every friend has their preferred role that underlies their relationship with everyone else. What’s yours?

Friends can embody a few archetypes which reflect parts of their deeper personality. Think about your own values – do you prize responsibility? Fun and thrill-seeking? Intellectual fulfillment? Or perhaps, simple relaxation and good vibes? These kinds of priorities translate to how you interact with your friends.

Another way to look at it is to know what you contribute to your squad – are you the guy who gets everyone off their butts and out there doing something? Are you the zany type who adds a little bit of unpredictability to everyday situations? Are you the true gamer in your group? Give it a bit of thought.

So – how about it? What kind of friend are you? This Friendship Test will map out the type of friend that you tend to be in your social life.

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Friendship Test


What do you envision yourself likely doing during a night out with the gang?

If your friend group went to the same school as you, what would you be doing after eating lunch?

How energetic are you as a person?

Are you naturally extroverted or introverted?

You believe that a good friend is someone who’s interested in…

During road trips, you tend to be the one who…

Which quality of a good friend do you identify with the most?

If you had a superpower, which would you choose?

In your group, are you on the Quiet or Loud side?

All of you are lost during a mountain hike. You’d first…

If you were a beverage, you’d be…

Among your friends, you tend to act as the…

Friendship Test: What Kind of Friend Are You?
You are The Adventurer Kind of Friend!

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It’s a big world with plenty of things to enjoy, and it falls on you to remind everybody else about that. As the usual initiator of the group, The Adventurer tends to be the one who researches new places to visit, organizes the logistics of the trip, and keeps preparations running smoothly. Because of your thrill-seeking nature, you open opportunities to create new great memories with everyone. After all, what good are wacky fun experiences if your friends aren’t there to share them with you?
You are The Confidant Kind of Friend!

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Most people have a hard time keeping secrets these days, but you’re one of the rare few who preserves the sacred tradition. As a Confidant, your friends appreciate you for having an open mind, open heart, and open arms. You help them feel validated and supported. Many Confidants are also entrusted with being ruthlessly honest with their friends when what they need most is to hear the truth from somebody reliable.
You are The Mentor Kind of Friend!

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You can be older, younger or around the same age as the rest of your friends – as a Mentor, you have a well-developed knack for drawing on your life experiences to share wisdom with your buddies. You might be used to friends seeking your advice on various matters, depending on your expertise – be it finances, health and fitness, romance, education, or anything else that contributes to the wellbeing of the squad as a whole.
You are The Connoisseur Kind of Friend!

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Someone has to remind the squad about the finer things in life, and that’s usually you. You’re curious and inquisitive by heart, so you wind up learning all sorts of things – perhaps music, language or dance, history or other random facts. Friends admire your eclectic likes or hobbies, and appreciate the depth and reach of information you have. You introduce novelty – and as they say, “variety is the spice of life.”
You are The Protector Kind of Friend!

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The Protector acts as the security head of the group, although they don’t have to be really muscular. You’re the type that looks out for your friends’ physical safety, and you may also support them emotionally. No matter the situation, you try to stay vigilant. Your sense of danger is keen, and you keep the group from doing excessively risky/stupid things. In public, you tend to mind where your friends are at all times.
You are The Zen Master Kind of Friend!

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If you identify as a chill person, defuses tension, can come up with humor at the right time, relaxed, anchors their more emotional friends, stays tranquil, invokes comfy vibes.

About our Friendship Personality Test

Friendships have a certain kind of duality – there’s typically something in common that binds the whole group together at first, but as these relationships grow, even highly opposing personalities can become the best of buddies due to how different traits, interests and opinions can complement one another.

Some of your pals are daring and take the lead, while others like to go with the flow. You can have friends that get teary-eyed when talking about their feelings, and who cry at movies, and there are others on whom you can rely to stay logical when others are angry or grief-stricken.

The interplay among various individuals that leads to them becoming friends also helps you grow. The people with whom you choose to surround yourself can impact you in many ways – you might pick up a bit of your friend’s unique lingo, learn to love a new hobby from another, or become more confident and outgoing with other friends.

Ask out your whole squad to take this Friendship Test and find out if there’s a well-balanced mix of friend types in the group!


How do I tell if my friend is depressed?

Although detecting depression can be a complex task, therapists say there are a few common signs of depression for you to watch out for.

Someone depressed will tend to retreat into their own shell; they’ll pass on invitations to hang out, or minimize their presence on social media. They might also sleep or fall sick more often, and they might be awake or asleep at unusual times. 

When you talk to a depressed friend, you might also notice them moving more sluggishly. They might be more forgetful than usual, or zone out of conversations. Some people also gain or lose weight when depression.

How do you befriend an introvert?

Introverts, in general, place a higher value on privacy and personal space.

Instead of hanging out in large, bustling places, introverts prefer to bond one-on-one or with a smaller, tight-knit group. They’re also liable to turn you down if you ask them out of the blue to go somewhere, because going out requires some mental preparation on their part.

Introverts see through people more easily; shallow chit-chat is nothing compared to even a sliver of real, meaningful chemistry with them.
Even if you’re more extroverted, don’t dominate the discussion. Allow for quiet moments to flow naturally, and encourage them to talk. Introverts catch on to who’s attentive and really listening to them, which is far better than someone who gives them generic input and simply talks at them, rather than to them.

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