Love Test: What Is Your Love Language?

How do you say it? With a kiss? A hug? Tacos at 3 AM, maybe, or a whole night just lying on the sofa together talking about anything under the stars?

Relationships are nourished by the right type of communication between partners – you don’t need a cheesy personality quiz to tell you that.

Some people are reassured with a warm hug or a reassuring back rub, others fall deeper in love with partners who are helpful and kind to them, and others treasure the validation that comes from heart-to-heart talks and simple compliments.

The key to connecting meaningfully with your partner is in being aware of the kinds of affection that resonates the most with them. This connection goes further than just a superficial knowledge of a person’s likes or dislikes; it also reflects the effort you’ve given to understand the deep, internal needs in each individual that drives them to seek love in the first place.

What is your love language? As fellow connoisseurs of the art of romance, we here at GoForQuiz have devised a Love Test to help you find out.

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Love Language Test


What can your partner do for you to make you feel special?

I feel my partner’s love the most strongly when they…

By which little gesture can you look after your partner when they’ve fallen ill?

My partner makes me feel special when they…

Your partner finally gets to rest after a tiring week. How could you make their day-off better?

When the going gets tough, you can always count on your partner’s…

I tend to connect with my partner through…

If I’m far away from my partner, I’d be comforted by...

The best way to surprise me is through…

How would you make up with your partner after a disagreement?

If I had time alone with my partner, I’d usually spend it…

I place a greater value on…

When I’m deeply in love, I can’t resist…

When I’m sad, I feel much better if my partner…

My day can start brightly if my partner…

If I’m teasing my partner, I usually want it to turn into…

The most romantic thing my partner could do before I go home after a date is…

I feel more attracted to my partner because of their…

Love Test: What Is Your Love Language?
Words of Affirmation

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You’re the type who feels love most keenly when it is woven into words. Short but sweet compliments, conversations which leave you refreshed and encouraged, and tender whispers that validate your love for each other – all of those raise your spirits and make your feel truly appreciated. More than any other type, you place a premium in building open and supportive communication with your partner.
Physical Touch

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Love is like electricity, and human beings are natural conductors – it takes close physical contact to transmit it. You feel reassured when your partner is nearby, and when you can hold them and be held. There’s something in physically being connected with your partner that syncs your feelings, thoughts and passions with each other. Holding hands, hugs, and massages are the kinds of things you crave when you two are together.
Quality Time

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Having your partner’s undivided time and attention – doesn’t that feel like the best thing ever? This love language emphasizes “quality;” you place a premium on the moments where the two of you can just be together and enjoy each other’s company, treating one another as the most important people in the world, without any distractions. The more time you spend bonding, the more you nurture a love that is uniquely your own.

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Your love language is honed towards the importance of symbolism. It feels wonderful to give – and receive - gifts, not necessarily because of their material price, but their sentimental value. As it is a physical symbol of someone’s dedication and good intentions, you treasure gifts that are meaningful – especially if they have been customized or personalized to be a gift meant truly for only their intended recipient.
Acts of Service

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This love language appreciates thoughtfulness the most; as they say, after all – “actions speak louder than words.” When your partner doesn’t only make the effort to learn about your life, but actively involve themselves in helping you, it’s such a heartwarming gesture! Few things are as sincere as doing simple favours, and going out of one’s way to support a partner in their daily life, work, or errands.

About our Love Language Personality Test

The expression of love can come in different forms – that, by itself, should not come as a surprise to anybody - but a bit of observation and analysis is needed to comprehend the most prominent channels through which partners are able to display their affections to one another.

The concept of love languages helps us in wrapping our heads around these kinds of channels and identifying how receptive our respective partners are to affection through physical, verbal, material, sentimental or other means. Different personalities crave a varying combination of these affection types, and will prefer some over others.

Like any other language, love languages are built to help facilitate communication. By knowing how your partner expresses their needs, it’ll also be easier for you to express your affection for them in a way that will resonate with them the most.

What is your love language? Understand the dominant ways with which you or your partner express love with the help of our own Love Test. We hope this quiz helps!

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