Sexual Orientation Test: What Is Your Sexuality?

Here is a good place to learn more about your sexual inclinations without being overloaded with all of the buzzwords and complex concepts from other sites.

If you’re curious about your romantic and sexual preferences, you’ll have no trouble at all with finding millions of sex or gender quizzes and other resources online that will presume to establish your sexual identity.

Many sexuality-related topics online can be presented in an overly complicated manner. These may confuse or mislead you into incorrectly identifying your sexual inclinations.

Our quiz is intended as an easy and accessible 15-item review of your romantic and sexual attractions, your likes or dislikes, your preferred gender for building long-lasting relationships, and other relevant aspects of your identity.

The results of this quiz are not meant to be definitive; in the end, remember that only you are able to determine your orientation with regards to sex and romance. Such a choice can play a key role in your mental health and other areas of your wellbeing, so it is important that you decide knowledgeably and responsibly.

Take our free sexual orientation test now and gain deeper insight into your sexuality.

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Sexual Orientation Test


You are mainly attracted to…

Do you feel any attraction to people of the same sex?

Your closest friend groups are composed mostly of…

You are interested in being in a relationship with…

Your most recent relationship was with…

With whom do you dream of creating a life-long romantic relationship?

You form sexual fantasies about…

You desire to have sexual intercourse with…

Have you wanted to be naked with a member of the same sex?

With whom do you prefer cuddling?

Do you consider yourself monosexual, or only sexually attracted to one gender?

Would you date a member of the same sex if they were attractive?

Have you ever visited establishments for same-sex people (i.e. gay bars)?

What do you personally identify as?

Do you feel any attraction towards transgender people?

Sexual Orientation Test: What Is Your Sexuality?
You are Heterosexual!

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You are straight. In the simplest sense, being heterosexual means you are attracted romantically and sexually to people of the opposite sex. While it is normal to feel some platonic attraction to people of the same sex, such as with best friends, you are mainly interested in pursuing romantic and sexual relationships with opposite-sex partners.
You are Gay!

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You are homosexual. You prefer being intimate with same-sex partners, and are mainly interested in establishing long-lasting romantic relationships with people sharing your sex. You might need to consider your feelings if you have been in denial about being or not being gay. Being “gay” can be a derogatory term, but note that you remain a good person and you are capable of doing good things.
You are Bisexual!

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You are bisexual. You can be attracted romantically and sexually to both males and females. Furthermore, you are equally interested in the prospect of building romantic and sexual relationships with persons from either sex. It is normal for this orientation to select the same or opposite sex as their preferred partner.

About our Sexual Orientation Personality Quiz

Your sexual orientation refers to the kinds of people to whom you are mainly attracted. It concerns both romantic and sexual attraction. The subject is part of a much larger field on sex and gender, which views gender as binary (male and female) and non-binary terms (other genders).

Plenty of articles and other sources online tend to bombard its readers with complicated terms regarding these subjects, which run the risk of leading readers into mischaracterizing their true sexual and romantic preferences.

We have intended this sexual orientation personality quiz to be a clear, straightforward and simple beginner’s test to identify the general type of one’s sexual inclinations.

The questions and results can be interpreted as rough guides for one to more deeply think and explore the nature of their preferences – these guides reflect common areas of concern, such as how one views partners and long-term relationships, monosexuality and monogamy, intimacy, platonic attraction, and many more.

A Brief Review of Asexuality

Among the various categories of sexual orientations, asexuality stands out in a different way – it refers to people who purportedly do not have any sexual attraction towards anyone at all.

Note that asexual people may remain biologically capable of sexual attraction and arousal, although they typically do not reach such states. An asexual person is still capable of viewing others as physically attractive. They might even be interested in romantic relationships outside of the sexual aspect.

Also consider that it is normal for anyone to feel disinterested in sex for a period of time during their lives – such as in the case of being occupied with work, school, or other urgent matters. Asexuality, in this case, refers to people who consider this lack of sexual interest as an inherent facet of their identities.

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