Which Elite Character Are You?

Ever wondered if your life's drama could match the twists and turns of Las Encinas?

Are you the mastermind in a world of secrets, or the heart that keeps your squad together despite the chaos? It's time to find out which Elite character could be your alter ego - for better or for worse!

From the cunning maneuvers of Carla to the unwavering loyalty of Samuel, the bold charisma of Guzmán, and the ambitious flair of Lu, each Elite character brings their unique brand of drama (and a suitcase full of quirks) to the table. Are you ready to see which of these compelling personas resonates with your own life's script?

So, grab your most dramatic outfit, and let's take a walk down the Las Encinas corridors. By the end, you'll know which Elite character you embody – the good, the bad, and the hilariously dramatic!

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Elite Character Quiz


Choose a phrase that resonates with you:

If you were at a Las Encinas party, what would you be doing?

What role do you often find yourself in within your friend group?

What's your approach to love and relationships?

Pick a subject you'd excel in:

Choose an object that resonates with you:

Choose a vacation you'd love to go on:

In a debate, your style is most likely:

If you had a theme song, what would it be?

What's your favorite food?

Which Elite Character Are You?
You're Lu!

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Just like Lucrecia, you carry an air of confidence that can sometimes border on arrogance. You're the kind of person who walks into a room and either lights it up or starts a fire – sometimes both. Intellectual and ambitious, you're often the smartest person in the room (and you know it). But hey, who needs humility when you have your level of talent and drive? Your penchant for speaking your mind can make social situations... let's say, 'interesting'. You're fiercely loyal to those you love, even if you show it in unconventional ways. Remember, with great power comes great responsibility, and with a great personality like yours comes the need for a bit more patience (and maybe a tiny bit of humility).
You're Samuel!

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Ah, the eternal underdog. You're kind-hearted, loyal, and more resilient than you give yourself credit for. You tend to wear your heart on your sleeve, making you an easy target for both heartbreak and manipulative friends. But, hey, at least you're consistent! You value honesty above all else, even if it means getting into uncomfortable situations. Your life might feel like a constant uphill battle, but you face challenges with a quiet strength that ultimately wins the day (or so you hope). You're the friend everyone needs but doesn't realize they do until you're not there. Just remember, sometimes it's okay to put yourself first. Also, maybe try being a bit more skeptical of people's intentions – it's a wild world out there!
You're Guzmán!

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The life of the party and a born leader, your charisma can light up a room. You're adventurous, passionate, and have a strong sense of loyalty, sometimes to a fault. You often act first and think later, which makes your life a rollercoaster of highs and lows (but mostly highs, because you're awesome, right?). You're the friend who's always there for a wild night out or a deep heart-to-heart. Just be careful not to let your impulsiveness land you in hot water. And maybe try listening as much as you talk – it's not just sound coming out of other people's mouths, you know!
You're Carla!

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Sophisticated, enigmatic, and a master strategist – you're the person everyone wishes they knew (or wishes they didn't, depending on the day). Your intelligence and intuition are your superpowers, although they can sometimes make you come across as aloof or manipulative. You're always ten steps ahead of everyone else, which is great for winning at life but not so great for forming genuine connections. Your mysterious nature is intriguing, but remember, it's okay to open up and show vulnerability sometimes. Life is not always a chess game, and people are not pawns. Except for when they are, which, in your case, is most of the time.

About our Elite Character Personality Quiz

The TV series Elite is a mesmerizing blend of drama, mystery, and teenage angst, all set against the backdrop of Las Encinas, an elite secondary school in Spain. The show skillfully intertwines the lives of students from vastly different backgrounds, creating a tapestry of narratives that is both captivating and thought-provoking.

Las Encinas is not just any school; it's a microcosm of society where the wealthy and the working-class collide. This prestigious institution becomes a battleground of power, love, and ambition, where every character navigates their own complex web of relationships and secrets.

From the ambitious and cunning Lu to the resilient Samuel, the charismatic Guzmán, and the strategic Carla, each character in Elite is a unique embodiment of teenage struggles, moral dilemmas, and the pursuit of identity. They are not just students at Las Encinas; they are young individuals facing life's tumultuous journey, each with their own set of virtues and flaws.

Elite goes beyond typical high school drama; it delves into themes of social inequality, love, loyalty, and the consequences of one's actions. It challenges viewers to think about the complexities of human nature and the societal structures we navigate daily.

This quiz is designed not just to entertain but to offer you a mirror into the Elite world, reflecting how your personality aligns with the intricate characters of the show. Each question and result is crafted to bring you closer to understanding which Elite character shares your traits, quirks, and maybe even your mistakes. It's an invitation to explore not only the Elite universe but also a deeper part of yourself.

So, are you ready to find out who you are in the grand halls of Las Encinas? This quiz is more than a simple match-up; it's a journey into a world where every choice defines you. Are you the mastermind, the loyal friend, the heartbreaker, or the unsung hero? Let's find out together in this exciting exploration of the Elite universe!

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