Are You OkOkOk Or LaLaLa?

Ready to find out which part of Tyler, the Creator's iconic song 'See You Again' captures your essence? Are you vibing more with the lively "LaLaLa" or does the introspective "OkOkOk" resonate with you?

Whether you're the life of the party or the mastermind behind the scenes, this quiz is your ticket to discovering which half of this dynamic duo you really are. Oh, and let's not forget about love—because if you're wondering who's the peanut butter to your jelly or the Netflix to your chill, this quiz could reveal your ideal personality match!

Are you a LaLaLa, the unstoppable force of pure vivacity and humor, strutting through life like it's a runway? You're as unforgettable as the hook of a catchy song, and your charm knows no bounds. But hey, even a social butterfly can get tangled in a web. Or are you an OkOkOk—the calm, strategic thinker, always three moves ahead in the chess game of life? You may have fewer friends, but they're more like chosen family. And who needs a thousand acquaintances when you're this good at keeping secrets?

So, hit pause on that TikTok scroll and let's dive into the quiz that will finally answer the burning question: Are you a show-stopping LaLaLa or a wise and steady OkOkOk?

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OkOkOk or LaLaLa Quiz


How would your friends describe you?

What's your go-to karaoke song?

Your idea of a great weekend is:

How do you feel about surprises?

When meeting new people, you usually:

What's your preferred way of dressing?

What's your ideal vacation?

If you were a season, what would you be?

Are You OkOkOk Or LaLaLa?
You're a LaLaLa!

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In TikTok parlance, being a LaLaLa means you're an extrovert, full of energy and life. You're the stronger, more vivacious half in a relationship, whether it's friendship or romantic. You are loud, talkative, funny, and your energy is simply infectious. Your friend groups are larger, and you're open to relationships of any length, whether they are short flings or lifelong commitments. Fashion-wise, you gravitate towards bright colors, feminine clothing, and have a strong preference for the warmer seasons of spring and summer. Your pop-culture kindred spirits are characters like Rapunzel from 'Tangled' and Peta from 'The Hunger Games'. If you're an ambivert, you still qualify as a LaLaLa if you're comfortable being the focal point of attention.
You're an OkOkOk!

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As an OkOkOk according to TikTok, you're the more grounded, rational one in your relationships. You're assertive, opinionated, and motivated by success and ambition. Your circle of trust is small but strong. You're known to be a good listener, and your relationships tend to be fewer but more profound. When it comes to fashion, you lean towards darker colors, baggy or grunge-like clothing, embodying a more laid-back aesthetic. Iconic characters that align with your vibe include Flinn from 'Tangled' and Mario from 'Super Mario Brothers'. If you're an ambivert, you can be an OkOkOk as long as you're the more laid-back half of the pair in your relationships.

About our OkOkOk or LaLaLa TikTok Personality Quiz

Welcome to the ultimate personality litmus test ripped straight from the scroll-stopping world of TikTok: Are you more LaLaLa or OkOkOk? This quiz capitalizes on a trend that started with an innocent observation—there are two types of people who jam to Tyler, the Creator's iconic song 'See You Again': those who resonate with the 'LaLaLa' and those who vibe with 'OkOkOk.'

TikTokers, being the perceptive bunch they are, took this seemingly innocuous difference and blew it up into a full-blown dichotomy of personalities. The LaLaLa individuals are characterized as extroverted, lively, and effervescent, having the magnetic ability to attract people with their vivaciousness and energy. Their closets are a kaleidoscope of bright colors, and their spirit animals are straight out of your favorite pop-culture hits.

On the flip side, the OkOkOk individuals are your grounded, deep thinkers—those who are known for their strong, trusting relationships and a fashion sense that's as serious as their outlook on life. They are the ones you seek when you need wise counsel or a pragmatic point of view.

This quiz is a journey to discover your TikTok soul. Whether you're an outgoing LaLaLa, owning every room you walk into, or an introspective OkOkOk, always a few steps ahead in the game of life, this quiz has got you covered. It's not just a fun way to pass the time; it's a mirror into your personality and perhaps even a guide to your next life choices. Are you ready to find out which side of the viral coin you fall on? Let's get quizzing!


What is the LaLaLa and OkOkOk Trend?

The LaLaLa and OkOkOk trend is a personality categorization phenomenon that erupted from the creative minds of TikTok users. Initially inspired by Tyler, the Creator's song 'See You Again,' this trend distinguishes people based on which part of the song they prefer to sing along to—either the 'LaLaLa' or 'OkOkOk.'

Are There Any Famous LaLaLas and OkOkOks?

According to the creative TikTok community, fictional characters like Rapunzel from 'Tangled' are classic LaLaLas, while Flinn from the same movie would be an OkOkOk. It's not just confined to animated characters; even iconic figures like Mario from 'Super Mario Brothers' have been classified within this framework!

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