What Should I Eat?

Hungry? If you’re struggling to decide what to eat, let’s take a quiz that’s sure to stir up your appetite.

One of the simplest joys in life is to enjoy the food we like – but you might have a ton of favourite foods. Some warm us up on nippy winter days, some can be delivered fresh in minutes, some remind us of home or take the load off a busy day. Which one can satisfy your craving the best right now?

Is it a steaming hot pizza slice, oozing with cheese? Or the delectable notes of sweetness from your favourite ice cream flavor? Do you crave something filling, like a hefty slab of meat on a bun, or a thick, homemade stew?

Is your stomach rumbling already? Don’t dally around, then – decide what you want to eat with this quiz!

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What Should You Eat?


What makes your mouth water?

How are you feeling?

How long are you willing to wait for food?

Is the weather hot or cold?

Do you want to prepare the meal yourself?

Which of these snacks is your favorite?

Are you with other people?

Are you okay with getting your hands messy?

How good is the instant version of your favourite food?

Which country do you want to visit?

Do you want to clean the dishes afterward?

Which is the best comfort food restaurant?

What Do I Want to Eat?
You want to eat a Pizza!

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Piping hot and peppered with all your favourite toppings – your stomach’s craving for a fat pizza slice, or two, or eight… Nothing beats the godly taste of cheese and tomato sauce meshing with various kinds of meats, vegetables, or sauces, after all. Another thing that makes pizza great is it’s a satisfying food that counts as a full meal.
You want to eat a Salad!

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Crisp flavors, tangy or sweet or sour, and most importantly – fresh and healthy! A salad is a sensible meal that loads you up with nutrients from the fruits, veggies, meats, nuts or cheeses tossed on your plate. You can taste each ingredient at its purest flavor. It’s also a great way to cleanse your body and pump you up for your next workout!
You want to eat an Ice Cream!

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Ice cream soothes even the most stressed-out soul. When you open a pint and feel that chilly air escaping, you’re suddenly transported into a world of sweet bliss. It’s a cold, creamy and reassuring treat like no other. If you’re feeling even a little down, you’ve got the right to treat yourself to this ice-cold classic.
You want to eat Sandwiches!

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Guaranteed to satisfy a rumbling stomach, whether you’re wolfing down a juicy hotdog, a bulky cheeseburger, or a tangy and toasty shawarma or submarine. Bread, cheese, vegetables, meat and sauces, all mixing in harmony in the mouth, and conveniently eaten just with the hands. Even if you’re busy, you always deserve a great sandwich!
You want to eat Pasta!

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With noodles that come in all sorts of fun and filling shapes, designed to scoop up your favourite sauces, toppings, or soups, pasta is a delicious power meal to perk you up when you’re tired or stressed. Have your troubles melt away and fill up like a king with your favourite pasta!
You want to eat Soup!

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Like a warm and reassuring hug from a loved one, a hot bowl of your favourite soup can give you energy and refreshment. It’s a perfect pick-me-up when you feel sick or cold – whether it’s a thick, creamy bowl of tomato sauce, chowder, or chicken noodles, or a clear, flavorful serving of ramen or tofu and vegetables.

About our "What Should I Eat" Personality Quiz

Since the dawn of history, wise men from Aristotle to Gandhi have tried finding answers to many of life’s greatest mysteries – but they’ve all struggled at one point with one common question: what do I want to eat?

Cravings can be hard to figure out – and sometimes, that can lead to overeating as we try to find the perfect food to hit the spot. A lot of factors can influence what you crave, like the weather, your level of hunger, and how busy you are. Add your personal preferences into the mix and you can spend ages on choosing your next meal.

So you don’t waste another second starving, we’ve taken all those factors into account to serve you a quiz that’ll help you save time in choosing what to eat next.

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