What’s Your True Zodiac Sign?

It seems a tad unfair for a major part of your personality to be judged by your birthdate alone.

Of course, not everybody thinks that one’s Zodiac sign has any influence at all on who you are as a person. What makes the signs meaningful, however, is that they can stand as good ideals and virtues for many people to resonate with.

People are incredibly complex beings, and most of the time their actual Zodiac sign might not be enough to cover the full gamut of their traits, attitudes and behaviours. They may hold other months as significant as their birth month, or harbour a deep affinity for a particular star or constellation.

Getting in touch with the latent, but untapped, aspects of one’s personality through discovering their real Zodiac sign can be considered a form of self-discovery. You don’t have to be utterly devoted to astrology to appreciate how you can manifest traits from a quick-learning Gemini, a stubborn Scorpio, or an intuitive Pisces.

If you’ve constantly caught yourself looking up to the stars at night and asking, “What’s my true Zodiac sign?” then we’re here to help. Take our Zodiac Personality Test and find the answer yourself!

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Zodiac Personality Test


If you could call one of these qualities as your strongest suit, which would it be?

Which best personifies your outlook on your own life?

Which of these energizes you the most?

In general, how do you handle your day-to-day tasks?

What is your favourite sport?

What makes you feel the most satisfaction from your work?

What is your comfort drink?

Which of these makes you the most anxious?

What animal befits you the most?

What is your signature expression of friendship?

Which of these is your primary love language?

How do you act when you’re particularly stressed out?

Of which of these sins are you most guilty?

How do you prepare for a difficult exam?

How would people find you at a party?

What is your preferred superpower?

What does your default expression look like?

What would you be doing on a road trip with the gang?

What’s My True Zodiac Sign?
You're an Aries!

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Embodying a great ram, constantly charging to the head of the pack, an Aries is typified by boldness, dynamism, and a desire to lead and command. Their fire burns scalding-hot, with confidence, passion and boundless energy, but this flame can also scorch others with a short-tempered and impulsive attitude. Success within this star sign lies in controlling one’s roiling inner flame.
You're a Taurus!

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The bull sign is tranquil and restorative, matching its element – the Earth itself. To be a Taurus is to know how to wield the wondrous art of self-healing, and to slow down and enjoy the bounties of life. Their sturdy spirit, patience and commitment are a bulwark against all of the world’s stresses. They may appear uncompromising and self-absorbed at times, but to tame the bull is to know bliss indeed.
You're a Gemini!

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For spirits so exuberant and curious with exploring the world’s endless possibilities that they have to be stored in two bodies. That’s Gemini, the twinned star sign. The twins are symbols of tapping into boundless potential. People who embrace this sign are vibrant – a tad unpredictable at times – as well as caring and affectionate. True to their twin nature, they may be a little indecisive at times, but they are quick to adapt and learn for the better.
You're a Cancer!

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With one side immersed in a deep sea of emotions, and the other firmly rested on the bedrock of the physical world, Cancers perfectly mirror their sign, the crab. They possess a keen instinct for detecting and surviving threats. Although they have a rich and imaginative inner self, they boast a durable – yet sometimes overtly paranoid – persona to ward off potential danger.
You're a Leo!

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Adherents to the Leo star sign are sanguine in every sense of the word – regal, passionate, warm and larger-than-life, and completely comfortable as the center of attention. They are jovial and generous with their companions, possessing appetites fit for a king, although this can manifest as them being too lazy and self-absorbed to put in work from time to time.
You're a Virgo!

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As diligent as the earth that works ceaselessly to provide all life with sustenance, Virgos are an organized and productive lot. Buttressed by logic and practicality, they are people who desire results above all else, and have a considerable well of endurance and drive to see things done right. These traits can make them harsh, abrasive, and incapable of unwinding at times, but a formidable Virgo is capable of controlling these tendencies.
You're a Libra!

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Like the Scales themselves, Libras are scions of the ideals of fairness, cooperation and social harmony. They are natural bringers of balance, being able to bridge the gap between opposing forces – be it colleagues or conflicts within their own minds. Libras are also known for carrying a natural grace around themselves, although they have to overcome a tendency to avoid open confrontation and stalling in their decisions to truly manifest themselves.
You're a Scorpio!

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A Scorpio is an enigmatic being indeed, possessing the capacity to absorb great wisdom from personal experiences and channelling these insights to solve their problems resourcefully. They mirror their sign animal in many ways; they may react violently and sting when provoked, and are usually mistrusting, but they also have rigid bravery and unyielding loyalty to their friends.
You're a Sagittarius!

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As free-spirited as only a wild horse can be, the kin under the Sagittarius sign gallop relentlessly in the pursuit of new ideas to test or new experiences to savor. Unrestricted, a Sagittarius harbors a generous heart, full of good humor and camaraderie, but this can also leave them prone to overextending themselves and lacking the patience for things that take more time. When a Sagittarius reins these foibles in, they may truly run free.
You're a Capricorn!

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Above all other signs, Capricorns have a rare affinity with time, being experts at managing it well and keeping their affairs running in a disciplined, well-controlled manner. They are good judicators of their will, having the self-control to accomplish tasks – sometimes slowly, but always in a steady pace. This conscientiousness can give them an unforgiving, pessimistic edge, but a Capricorn that responsibly handles these can succeed at the hardest tasks.
You're an Aquarius!

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The inner self of an Aquarian nurtures a strong, visionary spirit. Aided by a shocking precision in their observational skill and a healthy sense of identity, they are capable of materializing their original, disruptive ideas into life and finding innovation in existing works. They may also distance themselves from others and conceal their true feelings, but a healthy Aquarius is able to balance these with their fierce sense of independence.
You're a Pisces!

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Empathy runs deep in a Pisces’ veins. It is, at once, their heaviest burden and greatest gift. Their souls are sensitive and gentle, honed to intuit the emotions stirring in other people as well. What a Pisces feels is infused into their acts of art, and many are especially tasteful with their music. Such sensitivity may lead to them being too trusting or fearful; the mark of an intelligent Pisces is to strengthen oneself from these vulnerabilities.

About our True Zodiac Sign Personality Quiz

Astrology has been a mainstay of personality typing for centuries, with its classification of people revolving around the idea that the very cosmos above can shape and influence their identity, attitudes and traits.

Traditionally, one’s astrological sign – as well as all of the traits associated with that sign – was determined solely by the month and day when a person was born. Of course, you can easily find that not all Pisceans are sensitive, and not every Leo is grandiose, but such kinds of traits match well with many other people.

Although there is no scientific basis for assigning traits to people born under specific dates, many still derive a sense of enjoyment from typing themselves and other people into various archetypes, from the nurturing Taurus to the trailblazing Sagittarius.

Knowing one’s astrological sign can present you with a list of desirable traits that are worthy of emulating, as well as a set of weaknesses that the open mind can work hard to mend within oneself.

In the spirit of self-discovery, we’ve assembled this Zodiac Personality Test to help you answer the long-standing conundrum – “What is My True Zodiac Sign?”

Summary of the Personalities of the Zodiac Signs


The Aries sign imbues people with boldness, confidence and a natural inclination towards leadership. As a Fire element sign, their energy makes them proactive and advancing, although they can easily fall prey to impulses and a short fuse.


The Earth-element Taurus sign is marked by a self-healing, self-forgiving, but sometimes self-absorbed nature. It provides people with the capacity to bear great tribulations with heart and lend this inner strength to others, supporting them like the sturdy legs of a bull.


The Gemini sign bestows unto people a fickle but brilliant nature, with a drive to indulge their deepest curiosities and uncover the mysteries of the world. All of these whims can conflict with each other at times, sometimes leading to indecision, and sometimes to impossible wonders.


The Air-element Cancer sign signals duality; in a person, it depicts the marriage of their introspective, emotional depth and their shrewd intuition connected to the external, physical world. A Cancer is blessed with a tough, prickly shell to conceal their tenderer aspects.


The Leo sign emulates the nobility and prestige of the savannah’s most regal predator. It imposes a great appetite upon a person for power and praise, and a deep well of self-respect alongside it, although this can quickly lead to indolence.


The Virgo sign’s character is, above all else, centered on productivity. Just as the sign itself is linked to agriculture, a Virgo is compelled to work hard to reap great bounties. Such rigor can make them unyielding and unable to relax, but many under this sign are willing to bear that burden.


The water-element Libra sign instills people with the virtue of harmony, propelling them to flow amongst people as a soothing, balancing force. While such diplomacy can, paradoxically, make them non-confrontational, a Libra’s grace can convince many to side with them.


The Scorpio sign casts an obscuring, but captivating shadow around people. Behind the veil, a Scorpio is constantly watching, learning many tricks through simple observation. Deep down, they can be quite volatile, but it is difficult to pierce through their thick shell.


The Sagittarius sign is energy in motion, and the embodiment of a deep urge to stride fervently towards newer, greener pastures. Sagittarians are wont to promise the world, but risk having these promises crash. They find momentum among good friends and freedom.


The Capricorn sign contains the essence of time, its management, and its mastery. It strengthens people to be inexorable in pursuing schedules – even when it isn’t the most fun thing to do – and steels them to be disciplined for the sake of themselves and others.


The Aquarius sign is beholden to innovation and revolution, and together these forces make a person adept at changing what has become stagnant in their surroundings. An Aquarian juggles the desire to conceal their true selves, with their otherwise strong self-identity.


The Pisces sign contains a surplus of psychic energy – or in more grounded terms, empathy and sensitivity. A Piscean often ends up baring their heart openly to pain – the cost of being able to acutely read the dispositions of loved ones and foes alike.

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