Which Hololive English Member Are You?

From the depths of the ocean, to the conflict between Life and Death, to one detective’s brave investigation, the world of Hololive English is a wild journey to the realm of myth.

Like virtually any other fan, it’s easy to love all five of these VTubers for their personal blend of cutesy antics, raunchy humor, bouts of frenzied insanity, and simple, admirable talent in arts and entertainment.

With Ina’s dumb puns, Kiara’s unhinged happiness, Ame’s gremlin noises, Calli’s great music and Gura’s sheer cuteness, which Hololive English character are you? In this quiz, we’ll match you to one of them according to your real-world tastes, personality, and other little details and references.

Time to plunge into the rabbit hole again – enjoy your stay!

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Which Hololive English Member Are You?


What type of music do you like?

Which food is the tastiest to enjoy?

Which music instrument do you want to play?

What’s the best book to read on a quiet evening?

Pick the loveliest place to be in

If you had a secret power, what would it be?

What do you usually enjoy on Youtube?

Which voice will you enjoy listening to the most?

If you wanted to learn more about one of these, which would it be?

Pick the color you like the most

You’re going on an adventure. What would you like to bring along?

What best describes your wardrobe?

Which is your favorite animal?

How much crazy can you take?

Which Hololive English Member Are You?
You are Ninomae Ina’nis!

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Reserved, relaxed, and refined – until the dad jokes flood in and your friends are sucked into the eldritch mind behind your calm persona. Like this cuddly disciple of the dark gods, you can be a mellow and introverted person, but show a supremely fun side to your friends. You also have a great imagination and are pretty talented. WAH-t a wonderful combination!
You are Takanashi Kiara!

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True to Kiara’s nature as an immortal phoenix, you never let the fire go out, whether it’s bonding time with your friends, pouring sweat into your work, or enjoying life to the fullest. You’re an upbeat, undaunted person with an undeniable presence. For those who are observant, though, you’re also bright, responsible, and a stabilizing presence to your friend group. Kikkeriki-keep it up!
You are Amelia Watson!

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Oddly enough, you seem the most normal out of your friend group, but there’s no mistaking that mix of inner degeneracy and genius that you share with Detective Watson. You might enjoy playfully bullying your pals in an online match, and drinking the salty tears of your defeated victims. Even though you revel in the toxic persona, you’re a tireless and supportive friend to the end. *HIC*-cellent!
You are Calliope Mori!

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Memento mori – remember to live, remember we die. When you take responsibility for your life and success as seriously and unflinchingly as the apprentice of Death itself, nothing can stop you. Due to the struggles you’ve fought – both internal and external – you’re sensible, level-headed, and have a strong sense of justice. Such passion bleeds beautifully into your art and work as well – and all the effort you sow will eventually be yours to reap. GUH-nbatte!
You are Gawr Gura!

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Laidback as the sunny, summer sea, Gura and you usually swim through life’s challenges with a carefree and cheerful attitude, but you’re far from being a scurvy-ridden slacker. Combining your cleverness, sense of optimism, and willingness to learn, you’re even likely to reach the top of the food chain. You’re the heart of your friend group and easily charm others, whether you notice it or not. Simply a-stounding, eh?

About our Hololive Quiz

Ina, Kiara, Ame, Calli and Gura form Hololive English –Myth-, the 1st generation of English-speaking Vtubers in the immensely popular Japan-based virtual entertainment group, Hololive Production.

Hololive’s idols regularly stream games, covers, original songs, and music videos. Each talent also produces their own unique segments, from drawing streams, free chats, film watching, collaborations, talk shows, and even deep (and terrifying) storylines and mini-arcs involving evil twins, war crimes, time travel, and more.

These storylines and the multitude of iconic moments are regularly enjoyed as short clips on YouTube, and with so many talented idols for each taste, you’ll never run out of amazing new fanart, animations, and memes.

Not much else has to be said: Yagoo-t to enjoy taking this quiz!

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