How Many Camels Are You Worth?

One day, a bearded old man dressed in fine Arabic garments approaches you and introduces himself as the emissary to an elusive and ridiculously wealthy sheikh. He tells you that he was sent to judge how valuable you are in terms of camels.

At first, his words seem outrageous—even downright insulting, but then you consider: how many camels is a human being worth? Is the price always the same?

The emissary sees you’re apprehensive, but he assures you that the sheikh is a very picky man, and that he is simply surveying people to see if it’s the time to buy low or sell high. To determine your worth, the emissary only asks you to walk around with him and answer a few unassuming questions.

Human rights violations aside, how many camels are you worth? Is taking this quiz really worth sacrificing your self-respect as a person? Let’s suspend all notions of logic and rationality for the time being and see if you’re actually in hot demand.

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Camel Calculator


Even before he sees you, he is struck by your natural scent—resembling:

The Emissary greets you, and asks “do you identify as a man or woman?” You reply…

He brings out a measuring tape to check your height. You’re…

“That is very good.” He says. “Do you have any tattoos?”

“Have you any experience in duelling or martial artistry?” The Emissary asks, pantomiming a bladestroke.

Next, he asks about your singing, which can be described as:

The Emissary nods sagely, and then asks, “how about your dancing, then?”

“Forgive me.” He bows, “but what’s your actual hair color?”

The Emissary falls into momentary silence. His gaze seems to wither at your eyes—the color of…

Compared to the Emissary’s light tan, your skin is…

“Have you ever ridden a horse or camel before?”

“And, in general, how fit do you see yourself as?”

He nods, then glances at your hair, which is…

You both see a shawarma truck passes nearby. “Are you a decent cook?” The Emissary asks.

“Alright. You’re ready to meet the Sheikh.” The Emissary flags down a limo. Which seat do you take?

How Many Camels Are You Worth?
The Sheikh appraises you and deems you to be worth… 0 Camels

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You’re either too invaluable or too valueless to be exchanged for even a single cuddly dromedary. The Emissary seems shocked at this outcome, saying that even your old high school friend Becky was worth at least two camels. On the bright side—the Sheikh seems to fear you. If throwing camels at you can’t stop you, what will?
The Sheikh appraises you and deems you to be worth… 5-24 Camels

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- The Sheikh pouts as the Emissary brings you to his presence. Just outside, you can see dozens of servants tending to scores of grazing camels. - You wonder if you’re really worth all of those creatures, but a dismissive gesture from the ruler tells you otherwise. Apparently, you’re worth only a dozen or so camels—most of them look as disinterested at the Sheikh. - “That’s it,” you suppose. Your life’s work. Your dreams and best qualities, all coming down to 5-24 camels.
The Sheikh appraises you and deems you to be worth… 25-54 Camels

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- You see the Emissary whispering in his boss’ ear. The Sheikh strokes his beard. With the finesse of a used car salesman or a fast-talking auctioneer, he deftly declares that you’re worth somewhere from 25-54 camels. - “That’s great!” You hear the Emissary say. But you feel like he said that as if they just found a really great bargain at the department store. You count the camels offered and realize there’s more of them than you have fingers and toes. - Your final tally makes you as costly as 25-54 camels. Hey, that’s enough to make a whole Army platoon of the critters!
The Sheikh appraises you and deems you to be worth… 55-74 Camels

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- The Sheikh squints his eyes as he looks at you, his expression unreadable. But, at his side, speaking in Arabic, the Emissary seems to be gushing about you. Clearly, the two are engaged in some hardcore deliberation. - “Fifty camels.” One says in English. “No, seventy!” retorts the other. For a moment, you catch the Emissary doing what appears to be a very exaggerated impersonation of you—even the way you talk. It’s confusing whether he’s trying to be flattering or insulting. - In the end, the two shake hands and the Sheikh declares you to be worth 55-74 camels. They likely outnumber your classmates in a fight.
The Sheikh appraises you and deems you to be worth… 75-104 Camels

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- Immediately, the sight of you makes the Sheikh nod in approval and pat his Emissary on the back. - By his command, dozens upon dozens of the large-humped creatures are ushered in to give you an idea of just how valuable you are. For all their gruff and ruffed looks, they seem to regard you kindly, as if you were some secret god of the camels, returned to the modern age. - “75-104 camels,” you say, “that’s a lot.” You wonder how many wandering caravan traders wouldn’t have died of thirst if they had all these extra sources of water.
The Sheikh appraises you and deems you to be worth… 105-130 Camels

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- The Sheikh’s jaw drops at your arrival. “This is it,” he must be saying; “this is the perfect specimen.” In a wide, sweeping gesture, he bids that over a hundred of these hump-backed animals be assembled inside to trade for you. But then, he shakes his head and cancels the order, throwing himself at your feet. - “I’m not worthy. I’m not worthy!” He professes, bowing. The few camels who have made it into the palace loll their tongues and watch absently as the Sheikh makes a whole scene out of weeping and shouting at your magnificence. - You pat the nearest camel on the head, and it nuzzles against your hand in response. You’re apparently worth 105-130 camels, but petting this cute fella is priceless.

About our Camel Calculator Personality Quiz

A popular new quiz has cropped up lately—later spreading to social media—about how many camels a person is worth. Many quizzes even try to measure a boyfriend or girlfriend’s price in camels.

We here at GoForQuiz heaved a sigh of relief after realizing these quizzes were just made for fun, and not signs that human trafficking had suddenly come back in fashion.

Naturally, we’re here to put our own unique spin on these Camel Calculator tests, and after scrapping our panicked study of the United Nations’ Declaration of Human Rights to instead study what makes a person desirable enough to trade for a few desert critters, we’ve developed the definitive camel calculator quiz!

Other similar tests are too short-sighted with their questions, and would make poor indicators for how valuable a person is to the average sheikh. They only talk about boobs! On the other hand, we appraise you from more angles—can you wield a blade? How well can you cook? Are you a talented singer or dancer?

If you’re looking up how many camels it would take to buy you, you should at least know your real worth! Try our “How Many Camels Am I Worth” test here!


How much is a camel worth?

Camel prices are a matter of location, age and breeding, and the cost can fluctuate significantly.

For instance, a camel can fetch a hefty sum of $50,000 to $55,000 in Saudi Arabia and Morocco—and that’s because of the pedigree the camels have. Many camels sold here are thoroughbreds. In the United States, where the industry is relatively small, camels can cost $25,000.

The cheapest countries to buy camels are in Pakistan ($250), Egypt ($315), India ($387), and Somalia ($820).

What’s the difference between a dromedary and a Bactrian camel?

Bactrian camels are differentiated from dromedaries by the number of humps on their back—the Bactrian species has two large humps, while the dromedary only has one.

Furthermore, the dromedary is the dominant type of camel in the Middle East and Africa, while the Bactrian is native to the steppes of Central Asia and Mongolia.

These humps store fat as an emergency storage of nutrients, not water.

While the Bactrian camel is quite desirable, their numbers internationally are very low. In fact, the Bactrian species is critically endangered!

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