Which Totally Spies Are You?

Hey there, secret agents in the making! Are you ready to dive into a world of glamour, gadgets, and girl power? It's time to embark on a top-secret mission to reveal which Totally Spies character truly captures the essence of your inner super spy.

With Sam's razor-sharp intellect, Clover's trendsetting charm, and Alex's action-packed athleticism, these three gal pals are anything but your ordinary secret agents.

Prepare yourself for a covert operation like no other as this personality quiz takes you on a thrilling journey of self-discovery, sprinkled with wit, humor, and a generous dose of spy-tacular puns. So, don your most fabulous disguise, break out your finest spy skills, and let's unravel the enigma of which Totally Spies character is the ultimate reflection of your own daring and delightful persona.

Mission accepted? Let's go, undercover agents! The world of WOOHP awaits!

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Totally Spies Member Quiz


Which villain would you least want to face?

How would your friends describe you?

How do you handle stress or danger?

What's your favorite subject in school?

What's your favorite WOOHP transportation?

If you had a free afternoon, what would you do?

Which WOOHP training exercise do you excel at?

If you could choose a celebrity spy mentor, who would it be?

Which of these gadgets from Jerry would you love to have?

If you could choose a sidekick, who would it be?

Which WOOHP perk are you most excited about?

Which of these colors resonates with you the most?

Which Totally Spies Are You?
You're Sam!

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Congratulations, mastermind! You're the brainy and dependable Sam. With a mind sharper than a laser security grid, you never fail to come up with a strategic plan to save the day. Your friends look up to you as the wise and nurturing one, always ready to offer guidance and support. As a natural-born leader, you have the skills to WOOHP your way through any challenge. So, embrace your inner genius, and remember, with great knowledge comes great responsibility... and some seriously cool gadgets!
You're Clover!

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Get ready to strike a pose, fashionista! You're the charismatic and stylish Clover. A true trendsetter, your charm and wit are simply irresistible, making you the ultimate social butterfly. You have a flair for turning any mission into a fabulous affair, and your ability to think on your (well-heeled) feet gets you out of even the trickiest situations. So, darling, don't be afraid to strut your stuff and add a touch of glamour to the world of espionage. After all, who says you can't save the world and look fabulous doing it?
You're Alex!

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High five, adrenaline junkie! You're the energetic and sporty Alex. With your boundless enthusiasm and lightning-fast reflexes, there's no challenge you can't tackle head-on. You bring the action to every mission, and your friends admire your adventurous spirit and unwavering support. So, lace up your high-tech sneakers and get ready to conquer the world, one daring escapade at a time. Just remember, the sky's the limit—especially when you're rocking a WOOHP jetpack!

About our Totally Spies Member Personality Quiz

Welcome to the Totally Spies universe! This quiz is designed to help you discover which of the three iconic spy girls from the beloved animated series best aligns with your personality. The show follows the thrilling adventures of Sam, Clover, and Alex, three high school students living double lives as spies working for the World Organization of Human Protection (WOOHP).

Each character in Totally Spies brings a unique blend of skills, quirks, and traits to the table, making their personalities distinct and captivating:

  • Sam: The brilliant and responsible one, Sam is the team's unofficial leader. She possesses a keen analytical mind and has a passion for science and learning. With her calm demeanor and strategic thinking, she's always ready to come up with a plan of action.
  • Clover: Fashionable and outgoing, Clover is a true social butterfly. She's always on top of the latest trends and loves to be the center of attention. Her charm and wit are her secret weapons, and she's not afraid to use them to outsmart villains or diffuse tense situations.
  • Alex: Energetic and sporty, Alex is the team's action-packed daredevil. With her athletic prowess and adventurous spirit, she's never one to shy away from a challenge. Her enthusiasm and loyalty make her the ultimate supportive friend.

This personality quiz dives into the fascinating world of Totally Spies, providing you with a fun and engaging way to explore the characters and their personalities. By answering a series of questions, you'll uncover which of these fabulous spy girls shares similar traits and qualities with you. So, are you ready to find your Totally Spies counterpart and embrace your inner secret agent? Let's go, agents!


What is WOOHP in Totally Spies?

WOOHP stands for the World Organization of Human Protection, the secret spy agency that employs Sam, Clover, and Alex. WOOHP is led by the enigmatic Jerry, who assigns the girls their missions and provides them with various gadgets.

How old are the Totally Spies?

The main characters - Sam, Clover, and Alex - are high school students. Although their exact ages are never explicitly mentioned in the show, they are typically portrayed as teenagers around 16-18 years old. As the series progresses and they advance through high school, their ages may change slightly.

Did Totally Spies have any spin-offs?

Yes, Totally Spies had a spin-off series called "The Amazing Spiez!" which premiered in 2009. The show followed the adventures of four young siblings who were also WOOHP agents.

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