Who Is Your Stranger Things Boyfriend?

Here’s a dilemma to dwell on – the Stranger Things world may be fraught with danger, and otherworldly monsters are confirmed to exist in it, but would you be part of such a reality if it meant dating one of the show’s hot lads?

What’s that saying? Live fast, die young and leave behind a pretty corpse? Well… we’re not saying you wouldn’t survive attacks from mind-flensing beings, Russians, and demodogs, but if you suddenly found yourself as part of the show, you might as well live out the rest of your days with your ideal boyfriend from the main cast.

With all of the preternatural shenanigans that seem to follow our heroes, however, it raises the question about who’s going to be saving whom? Would you be willing to confront unspeakable terrors and enter strange and terrible alternate worlds to protect your boyfie? Or do you also like guys that can do a bit of the protecting by themselves?

Who is your Stranger Things boyfriend? Take this quiz and find out for yourself!

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Strangers Things Boyfriend Quiz


Is athleticism a must for your boyfriend?

Do popular guys matter more?

What is your favourite school subject?

When you’re not busy, you’re…

Which of these hobbies is special to you?

Given the chance, which school club would you join?

You prefer a boyfriend with _____ hair

Which eye color makes a guy irresistible?

You’d like to date a…

Are you interested in playing Dungeons & Dragons?

Which character would you like to see eaten by a pack of Demodogs?

Would you like an older or younger boyfriend?

Do you have a thing for “bad” boys?

Above all else, you’d like a boyfriend who’s…

The following are D&D classes. Which appeals to you the most?

Who Is Your Stranger Things Boyfriend?
Your Boyfriend is Lucas Sinclair!

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When Lucas aims for something, he strives hard to get it. You have to admire that kind of work ethic. Whether it’s trying to grow past his scrawny nerd stage or making money (“like a real man”), you’d never call Lucas a lazy lad, that’s for sure. He’s blunt and outspoken, but if you mean a lot to him, he’s extremely loyal and quite fond of teasing.
Your Boyfriend is Steve Harrington!

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Steve struggles with insecurity despite being a strong and strapping fellow, but he later proves to be a stalwart big brother figure to the gang. When danger’s afoot, you can bet that the guy will be the first to jump in and keep you out of harm’s way. At his core, he harbors dreams of being a family man, having a lot of kids to dote on alongside a beloved wife.
Your Boyfriend is Jonathan Byers!

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Smart but morose, introspective but kind, Jonathan really knows how to put on an enigmatic allure. He’s the type that puts family first, and would support them no matter how hard their situation was. He grows to be a little more carefree, but would rush to his loved ones’ aid the minute he senses danger. He also nurses an artistic side, being an expert photographer.
Your Boyfriend is Billy Hargrove!

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Ah, this tortured soul. Revelling in his strength and popularity does nothing to relieve the friendless, loveless kind of life he lived ever since his kindhearted mother left him alone with his violently abusive father. There is an inkling of a confused, but protective side to him, as shown by how he tried to look after Max in his own way. If he had more time to grow, Billy could’ve been a boyfriend who would die for you. (Too soon?)
Your Boyfriend is Mike Wheeler!

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Mike has a curious mind and an open heart, and he would turn the Upside Down right-side-up to keep his loved ones safe. His trusting and emotionally-sensitive nature can make him gullible at times, but he has backbone and an intolerance for any insult against his friends. There’s no doubt that he’d be a protective and wholly-committed boyfriend to you.

About our Stranger Things Boyfriend Personality Test

Stranger Things takes you back to the iconic setting of 1980s-era suburban America, when synth-pop was taking the waves, malls were the hottest destinations for hanging out after school, and the fabric of reality was only beginning to be torn asunder by malignant forces from another dimension.

Most of the main cast can be considered “nerds” or “losers,” although they turn out to be some of the coolest people ever by driving away the dread entities of the Upside Down from creating a beachhead in our reality. And these guys’ mix of indomitable courage, strategy, quick thinking and guts truly makes for S-tier boyfriend material.

Just consider – the dedication to keep finding your girlfriend for 353 days straight after she disappears? Or the willingness to sacrifice yourself to bait demonic monsters away from your friends? Apart from looks, Stranger Things’ best boyfriends show that the most essential quality to have is the soul.

Who is your Stranger Things boyfriend? We hope our quiz provides more enjoyment to you than public education does to Billy Hargrove. Enjoy!


Why isn’t Steve Harrington in college?

Before he grew to be a mature and responsible “big brother” figure to the group, Steve’s only interest in school was basking in his popularity

As a result, he spent his high school years as a serial underachiever who likely didn’t put a discernible amount of effort towards his lessons. He still ended up graduating, although he lacked the grades to proceed to any college he wanted. 

Coupled with the loss of his popularity, the prospect of being an uneducated loser with nothing going on for him but working at an ice cream shop has humbled Steve greatly, resulting in the nicer but more socially awkward version of the guy in later seasons.

Why is Billy Hargrove so mean?

The reason for Billy’s rude and violent nature largely stems from the heartless tyrant that he has for a father – Neil Hargrove.

Neil’s own abusive behavior drove away Billy’s mother, who was the only kind and supportive parent that Billy had as a child. In fact, his most precious memories were the ones where his mother watched him surf in his early years. Thanks to her influence, young Billy was much friendlier and more cheerful.

With his mother’s separation, Billy took on the cruel and unforgiving traits of his father as a defense mechanism, and started to unleash it onto his classmates at school, and even his step-sister Max.

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