Which Harry Potter Character Are You?

Each Harry Potter character has their charms – and we’re not referring to the subject at Hogwarts.

You’ve got your own charms, too, and in this quiz we’ll match you to the HP character that most closely shares your winning traits and personality.

The Sorting Hat might be able to distinguish people’s personalities into Slytherin, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff and Gryffindor, but the folks who inhabit the Wizarding World possess character traits that are far too complex to simply be defined by their Houses.

Wizards are smart and clever creatures, right? Well, it turns out that a lot of them are intelligent in different ways. Some are good at hiding and concealing things, some are logical and organized, and some are gifted with a knack for leadership. Others are witty and emotionally wise, and others yet are remarkably creative at solving problems.

Intelligence aside, each character is a cocktail of motivations, quirky habits, bizarre attitudes, secrets, and harrowing struggles in life. There are those who are in it for a chance to make a difference in the world of magic, and those who are interesting in their own personal goals – be it friends and romances, wealth and power, or keeping promises after all this time.

Do any of their traits sound like yours? Fancy thinking you have a mirror match in one of your wizardly idols? Which Harry Potter character are you? Let’s get started with this personality quiz and find out!

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Harry Potter Character Personality Quiz


To which House do you think you belong?

What would be your motivation while at Hogwarts?

Choose your signature spell

Your classmates are arguing angrily on the best way to solve a problem. You…

In your downtime, you’re often…

Which role do you play among your friends?

What would you do if you received an old grimoire of forgotten spells?

Your Patronus would be a/an…

It’s the day before final exams. You’re...

During a Quidditch match, your broom suddenly fails and you crash. What’s on your mind?

Which skill is the most important to success?

What always irritates you?

Choose the job that appeals to you the most

What’s a character flaw you’re aware of?

Which flavor of Bertie Botts beans are you?

Are you introverted or extroverted?

Which Harry Potter Character Are You?
You are Hermione Granger!

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Brainpower is a force unto itself, and in the hands of people like you and Ms. Granger, it can be like casting Avada Kedavra against irrationality, ignorance and bad decisions. You enjoy learning and putting your knowledge to use for the good of others. With such a level-headed and emotionally mature mindset, you’re rarely hesitant to stand for the things you believe in.
You are Severus Snape!

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You know what they say – cold hands, warm heart. On the outside, nothing gets past your sarcastic wit and callousness. You likely even have a resting bitch face. Like you, Snape understands how untrustworthy people can be and prefers to keep his privacy. It’s true that both of you have few friends, but their quality trumps any quantity. Anyone with whom you share a bond of friendship also shares your intense loyalty, courage, and genuineness. Oaths and promises are serious matters to you.
You are Luna Lovegood!

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You’re quirky and you know it. Marrying intelligence with your creative side, you often come up with ingenious solutions to life’s challenges. Luna has the same level of spontaneity that you possess. Both of you are quick to learn and test out new things, and that can make things pretty fun whenever you’re around. Few people are as open and explorative as you.
You are Sirius Black!

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You and Sirius play fast and loose in the game of life, using your quick wit, resourcefulness, and analytical mind to solve problems as they appear. You dislike being cooped up with anything for too long – be it work hours or routines. Variety is the spice of life, after all. As such, you’re often the first to push boundaries, and crave for the freedom to test your wacky ideas.
You are Draco Malfoy!

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Just like Draco, you’re in your element in positions of power and authority. Equipped with an instinct for reading and influencing the right people, as well as pure, plain ruthlessness, you don’t let anything stop you from achieving your ambitions. You’re as cunning and intelligent as the serpents of Slytherin, poised to strike the second an opportunity appears.
You are Harry Potter!

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You’re humble, honorable and have a big heart, just like the main hero of the franchise himself. Compassion and courage are your big virtues, which make you a strong pillar to the people around you. Additionally, your ability to empower others and look after them makes friends and loved ones feel safe around you. In times of stress, you can be a little more hot-headed and rash, but your frustrations rarely get a hold of you.
You are Albus Dumbledore!

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To wizened sages like you and Dumbledore, nothing is worth panicking or worrying over. Problems are temporary, and your stoic calmness and keen intelligence can untangle even the most complicated concerns. You’re likely excellent at giving useful advice, and seek to expand your wisdom continuously so you can help others. You have the patience to sit and observe silently, understanding how things work at your own pace.
You are Ron Weasley!

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Ron’s simple and down-to-earth. He doesn’t have much to prove, people occasionally even look down on him. That’s not a problem, though. Even when his problems knock the teeth out of him, he’ll come back grinning. Sounds just like you, eh? Ron shares your resilience, light-heartedness, and bravery. You’re usually the funny guy, and your sense of humor and optimism wins you the loyalty of many people.

About our Harry Potter Character Personality Quiz

It wouldn’t be the Wizarding World without wizards – people from all walks of life who share a special gift for wielding magic. A lot of colorful characters are holding those wands, and their distinct personalities are a type of magic all on their own.

Harry Potter isn’t just about spells and sorcery, after all. It’s a grand story about how the people in it grow and change. A tale of curious kids learning to prove themselves through their magical ability, only to age into troubled and emotionally distant adults, sagely mentors, and black-hearted villains.

Then, it’s a tale of a whole new generation of young wizards – prodigies striving to be the youngest masters of magic, underdogs and half-bloods with a dream of making a name for themselves, and pure-bloods working to live up to their family names, among many other stories.

Story arcs weave into each other. Personalities are forged and defined by the circumstances and the characters’ own attitudes, and in the process, you can start to relate them to how your own personality works and changes.

You can see how Snape’s childhood, his frustrated love for his best friend, and his constant abuse from bullies, led him to enshroud his good nature with bitterness, resentment and secrecy.

Likewise, look at Draco craving for power and influence, with Lord Voldemort and Dumbledore representing each of the two opposite paths he could take.

Analyzing the attitudes, behaviors and traits of each Harry Potter character is a fascinating way to study your own personality, but we’ve got an easier way to do that. With this personality quiz, you can delve into the wizarding world and discover a little more about yourself. Which Harry Potter character are you like? Enjoy!

FAQ Harry Potter Characters

What are the differences between Hermione and Luna?

Hermione and Luna are both extremely smart and gifted, but their genius shows in markedly contrasting ways.
Hermione is logical and empirical. She soaks up information from books like a sponge, and trusts in their authority to beat any problem. She also enjoys learning for the sake of it, making her academically superior. Much of her prowess comes from diligence, through study and practice.
In contrast, Luna is intuitive, imaginative and observant. She revels in the chaos of the real world, applying her knowledge and outside-the-box mentality to discern details that nobody else can see. Her quick wits and open-minded nature make her excellent at improvising and adapting to different conflicts.

Why is Sirius Black nicknamed Padfoot?

Sirius was an Animagus. Through painstaking research and elaborate rituals, he learned how to transfigure his body into the form of an animal. In his Animagus form, Sirius Black became a giant, imposing dog. His form is the basis for the nickname Padfoot, as a dog’s feet have pads, which are layers of tough, thick skin cushioning the paws against heat or cold.

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