Which Harry Potter Professor Are You?

Magic can be quite difficult to control – but luckily, the professors at Hogwarts are ready to help young wizards in harnessing their skills.

Hogwarts’ School of Witchcraft and Wizardry is packed to the brim with scholars, academics, and sorcerers all dedicated to uncovering the secrets of magic.

Through their study of arcane texts, experimentation, and exploration of mystical places, the professors in Harry Potter have more than enough know-how to teach their young wards. Except for Madam Dolores, that is.

Just like in our own Muggle schools, every professor at Hogwarts has a different style in teaching. Magic has many aspects, after all. A technical class like Potions might be suited to close study, patience, and theory, whereas a combat-based subject such as Defense Against the Dark Arts would be better off instructed through hands-on activities and demonstrations.

Additionally, each professor has a distinct attitude and traits in teaching their lessons, harkening to many wizarding archetypes around the world. We’ve got the wise, bearded dude, the tortured genius, eccentric but lovable weirdos, and everything else.

Suppose you’ve finally landed a job teaching at Hogwarts. What subject would you teach? How would you build rapport with your students? Which Harry Potter professor are you? Take our quiz and sort it out yourself!

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Which Poudlard Professor Are You?


How weird do you think you are?

What subject could you teach?

What’s your classroom like inside?

What quality do you look for in students?

What’s your preferred hair color?

Are you strict or lenient with your students?

Which House do you like best?

What is the worst thing a student can do?

You caught someone cheating. How do you act?

What’s your signature spell?

How much facial hair would you like to have?

Peer into the Mirror of Erised. What do you see?

Which Harry Potter Professor Are You?
You are Albus Dumbledore!

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Calm, patient and understanding, people like you and Dumbledore are figureheads of stability for your friends and loved ones. You’re always ready to listen and dole out wise advice. The students under your tutelage would be humble, sensible, and intelligent indeed.
You are Filius Flitwick!

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Jovial ol’ Professor Flitwick enjoys keeping class as rowdy and bustling with discussion as possible. Like you, he thrives on chaos, letting his students’ mind roam free and explore things on their own. He’s quite an eccentric fellow, but he’s a truly lovable chap.
You are Severus Snape!

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We all know how strict and unforgiving Snape can be while teaching, but he’s quite a good professor. He shares your seriousness and vigilance, acting tough but secretly making sure nobody in his care is hurt. Snape doesn’t tolerate any nonsensical acts which could lead to unnecessary incidents.
You are Remus Lupin!

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Remus and you are likely seen as the “cool” teachers, being a relaxed, level-headed and cheerful presence for your students. Nurturing other people to be their best selves comes naturally to you. On top of that, you have a knack for dispelling negativity with your sense of humor.

About our Harry Potter Professor Personality Quiz

Where would Harry, Hermione, Ron and the rest of our young heroes be without the professors at Hogwarts to guide and protect them?

Hogwarts’ faculty and staff are certainly an odd assortment of people, featuring almost every archetype in magic – the slowpoke sage, the dread sorcerer, the living embodiment of “Crazy = Genius,” and everything in between.

These people are in charge of instructing the next generation of wizards to be good and productive magic-wielders, and preferably not end up as another bunch of Death Eaters or, Merlin forbid, He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named.

Fans like a lot of these professors because they remind them of instructors they might have encountered in real life. Infinitely patient Dumbledore, shrewd Mister Slughorn, and the rambunctious scamp, Hagrid are some of the good ones. Off-screen, even Madam Umbridge has her fans, if only because of how well her actress has made her so utterly reprehensible.

FAQ Harry Potter Professor

Why is Professor Flitwick so short?

The “little man” of Hogwarts unsurprisingly has a bit of goblin blood in him, which likely explains his short stature. Before his prim and proper makeover in the third film, Flitwick’s robes and wild shock of white hair also made him resemble a goblin.

Was Remus Lupin poor?

Being a werewolf, Remus found it hard to get employed due to the violent and uncontrollable tendencies of his lycanthropic form. Werewolves were ostracized from much of the wizarding world, and many resorted to doing menial labor and odd jobs like Remus.
While being called to teach at Hogwarts, Remus resided in a run-down shack and had various side jobs to save money in case his condition was ever discovered. His friend, James Potter, also helped him stay afloat while he stayed in hiding.

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