Which Harry Potter Family Do You Belong In?

They say some things just run in the family. For instance – kids in some households inherit their old folks’ knack for carpentry or cooking, while other parents raise their children to be conniving little backstabbers who bully orphans.

Have you ever stopped and thought to yourself if you were actually a long-lost member of one of the families in Harry Potter?

It’s alright; you’re not that weird for thinking so. Who wouldn’t want to rub elbows with the elites of wizarding society, sipping wine and abusing your maidservants as a Malfoy? Or sneak into the kitchens and sprinkle a few of Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Beans into everyone’s cereal mix, just like any self-respecting Weasley would do?

The series is full of iconic families and their associated quirks, from that rabid pack of lovable ginger-haired pranksters to the oh-so-secretive Dumbledores and the kooky Lovegoods, so you’ll have plenty of options.

Which Harry Potter family do you belong in? It’s going to take a while to process your adoption papers, so go ahead and take this aptitude quiz in the meantime. Enjoy!

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Harry Potter Family Test


In which House would you be sorted?

Describe the size of your ideal family

Which would be the perfect home for your family?

What would you most likely start with your siblings?

If you and your entire family shared a single hair color, which would it be?

Do you wear glasses?

Your household wouldn’t be complete without…

Which one of these qualities would you be described as?

Which of these goals is the most significant to you?

Which subject would you ace?

If you have a big task, do you seek help or work by yourself?

What would your Patronus probably be?

What do you suspect is your biggest flaw?

If an argument breaks out among your siblings, you’d…

What’s one thing you’d never do?

Which Harry Potter Family Do You Belong In?
You belong to the Weasleys!

Which Harry Potter Family Do You Belong In?

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Oh boy. There’s never a dull day in the Weasley household, to say the least. Everyone’s usually just out there doing something. You know how kids like playing pranks? Now give them magical powers and watch the chaos grow exponentially. If you’re matched with the Weasleys, it means you’re fun-loving, carefree and more than a little mischievous, and you likely thrive in chaos.
You belong to the Malfoys!

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Ah yes, the snooty and sophisticated one, aren’t you? As a Malfoy, you’re likely no stranger to being held up to a high standard. You might have learned to work under pressure, or effectively use… I mean, cooperate with others to get the job done. The Malfoys are cold and are usually tough-love types, so those traits might have rubbed off on you as well. They’re classy and intellectual, and closely guard their own reputation.
You belong to the Lovegoods!

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What an odd assortment of eccentric personalities that make up the Lovegood clan, and you happen to fit right in with them. It’s truly an achievement for a wizard to be called weird when their world is filled with strangeness, but that only adds to their charm. The Lovegoods in the series – like Luna and her dad – often astound with their creativity and imaginativeness. They look at the world through various perspectives and always find something to innovate.
You belong to the Potters!

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Now what kind of quality would you find among the Potters of the world? Courage? The propensity for noble sacrifice? Near-sightedness? Perhaps. But in the series, the Potters are also shown to be entrepreneurial and inventive. If you tend to think outside the box, and find ways to harness your ideas to do some good, then you’ll be at home as a Potter! Plus points if you’re a hard worker!
You belong to the Longbottoms!

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No other family is as emblematic of the Gryffindor spirit as the Longbottoms. Their defining trait as a clan is that they simply aren’t the type to back down from a dangerous enemy, especially if they’re bullies. Maybe some of that hot blood of theirs is in you as well, and you have a steely resolve to do what’s right in the face of overwhelming odds, you might consider yourself an honorary Longbottom!

About our Harry Potter Family Personality Test

If you haven’t noticed, bloodlines play a significant role in the Harry Potter series. The theme is integral to the story arcs of many major characters, from the tumultuous history of the Potters, to the daddy issues that loom over the junior Malfoy throughout the books.

The question of a clan’s line being made purely of wizards or being “tainted” with Muggle blood is, in fact, a leading cause of conflict in the series, as purebloods like the Malfoys or many of the Death Eaters actively seek to eliminate mudbloods.

Unsurprisingly, characters in the same family are seen to share a few defining traits. For the Weasleys, it’s their rebellious streak. For the Lovegoods, both father and daughter share a heartwarming bond for eccentricity and shaking things up. For the Malfoys, it’s Machiavellianism, plain and simple.

Maybe you also have some traits in common with one of these families. Depending on your own personality, you can even consider yourself a spiritual cousin, sibling, or step-sibling (don’t get any funny ideas) to your favourite character in the series.

Let’s hope our “Which Harry Potter Family Do You Belong” personality quiz can point you to your next adoptive family!

A Refresher on the Families in Harry Potter

We’d like to devote this section to a brief rundown on some of the most notable families in the series.

Starting with everyone’s favourite clan of redheads, the Weasleys – a tight-knit and thriving family that has, despite their pure-blooded pedigree, remained humble and accepting to Muggles. Playful and optimistic, they have made their ramshackle abode, “The Burrow”, into their own fun-packed corner of paradise.

Perhaps the next most influential bloodline to mention is the Malfoy clan. A sharp contrast to the large and loving Weasley family, the Malfoys’ only child is Draco, and the three haven’t always been in amicable terms. Narcissism and a self-serving attitude run deep in their blood, stunting Draco’s own character growth for years.

Finally, the Dumbledore family – subtle, skeptical and secretive, traits exemplified by Albus himself. His parents shared the same qualities, concealing Albus’ sister Ariana from the outside world to avoid gossip and the threats posed on her life. They also seem to naturally attract the help of magical birds, including the phoenix.

FAQ About Harry Potter Families

Why was Harry Potter so rich?

Harry lived a rough life with the Dursleys, to say the least, which made it quite a pleasant surprise when he learned about his hefty inheritance.

Harry’s sizable fortune – estimated to be around 300,000 USD in galleons – came from his ancestors’ entrepreneurship. The family’s founder, Linfred the Potterer, was a medicinal innovator who pioneered, and later sold, brews such as the Pepperup Potion and Skele-gro.

Another significant figure is Harry’s grandpa Fleamont, whose Sleekeazy Hair Potion virtually quadrupled the family’s coffers over his lifetime.

Why are the Weasleys considered blood traitors?

The term “blood traitor” tends to get thrown around when a Weasley butts heads with the Death Eaters or the Malfoys.

Despite their poverty, the Weasleys are part of the Sacred Twenty-Eight wizarding families that are said to still be entirely pureblooded. This is a mark of prestige to other families, including the Malfoys and Lestranges, who look down on “impure” families and disdain Muggles.

These elitist families call the Weasleys blood traitors because the redheads still treat mudbloods and Muggles fairly, and they take pride in their ancestral roots to noteworthy Muggles.

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