Who’s Your Harry Potter Boyfriend?

Wouldn’t it make your stay at Hogwarts much better if the Sorting Hat told you which one of the dreamy boy wizards at the academy would be your boyfriend?

We’d have to seriously judge your intentions for studying to become a wizard if you just went to Hogwarts to snag a charming young sorcerer as your new boyfriend. But you aren’t exactly to blame for feeling that way, since the films and books are packed with plenty of boyfie-material magic users to appeal to fans of discerning taste.

A lot of questions can be raised here. Would you care about the House of which your boyfriend is a member? Are you the type to bond over Quidditch or foraging for spell ingredients in the forest?

Remember to be wary as well. Love can be a weakness in the wizarding world, especially if you’ve made enemies with the Death Eaters or other treacherous forces. You can also expect to face serious competition in the form of canon ship rivals, such as Ginny and Hermione. If worse comes to worst, will you be ready to incite another Battle of Hogwarts to win the hand of your treasured magical darling?

Who is your Harry Potter boyfriend? Plunge headfirst into this Hogwarts quiz and find out!

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Hogwarts Boyfriend Quiz


Which House has the coolest characters?

What would you enjoy best at the end of a bad day?

How intelligent do you prefer guys to be?

Which character do you hate most?

If you wanted to pair with your crush in one subject, which would it be?

Which hair color do you like in guys?

Would you date chubby guys?

If you were in danger, you’d prefer being with someone who would…

What is lowkey the greatest trait a guy could have?

Would you like to be a Death Eater?

What would be your favourite wizarding pastime?

What is your idea of a great first date?

Who’s Your Harry Potter Boyfriend?
Your Boyfriend is Ron Weasley!

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Ron’s the series’ original cinnamon roll; it’s literally the color of his hair! He’s the type of fellow with whom you can always share a relaxing and fun time, especially if you also love to scarf down food and crack coarse jokes. As made evident by his love of Quidditch, he also has a penchant for exhilarating hobbies - now wouldn’t you just love to fly a broomstick with him?
Your Boyfriend is Harry Potter!

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Selfless and courageous to a fault, Harry will risk his life for his loved ones. It’s easy to fall for someone as determined as he is. Despite being tormented throughout his life, his compassion and kindness remains undaunted, making him quite the shoulder to lean on. Do you honestly think you have a shot with the Boy Who Lived? Splendid. Such courage will take you very far!
Your Boyfriend is Draco Malfoy!

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Nobody else in the series comes close to Draco in the “arrogant but talented jerk” department, but that must appeal to you, right? Naturally cunning and intuitive, he is attracted to people who share his love for being superior and enjoying the finer things in life. His adorable treatment of his son, to make up for his own twisted childhood, also shows him maturing considerably as a father.
Your Boyfriend is Sirius Black!

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Young Sirius was a dashing, strong-willed lad, every bit the model Gryffindor student. He carried a rebellious and rough-riding demeanor all the way to adulthood, and always followed his ideals close to heart. He was also notorious as a mischief-loving bully, but if you can keep up with him, he might be plenty of fun to be around.
Your Boyfriend is Neville Longbottom!

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Neville is the poster child for glow-ups in the series. Starting as a chubby and cowardly gumdrop, he gradually came into his own as a lionhearted and fierce warrior, becoming a formidable leader in Dumbledore’s Army in Harry’s absence. He still retains a cute and shy side, but is quite willing to maul anyone who threatens his loved ones.

About our Harry Potter Boyfriend Personality Quiz

The Harry Potter fandom wouldn’t be half the size that it is today without the hordes of people that are nuts for the series’ male characters.

From the titular hero himself, with his bespectacled charm and his sickeningly sweet and kind nature, to certified boy-next-door Ron Weasley and that prissy but lovable blonde lad from Slytherin, author J.K. Rowling sure was pretty generous about supplying fans with great guys.

The film adaptations were truly responsible for setting the Muggle world aflame with new crushes. Many fans were left crushed when film Cedric died and Robert Pattinson had to say goodbye to the series, although they found a lot of solace seeing the hunk from Hufflepuff reborn as Captain Sparkles from Twilight. Even other male stars, such as Remus Lupin, Sirius Black and stodgy old Severus Snape have their loyal fanatics.

By using a counterfeit version of the Sorting Hat, this personality quiz aims to match you to your ideal Harry Potter boyfriend.

Ron and the Weasley Family

So you’re marrying into this pack of gingers, eh? Or perhaps you just want to discover more about the series’ favorite family of redheads. Here’s a brief rundown of the Weasley family.

The Weasleys are a British family of pure-bloods, somewhat prestigious yet poor by the time Ron came along. In recent years, the main family included Arthur and Molly, as well as their children, William, Charles, Percy, Fred, George, Ron and Ginny.

Ronald himself would later marry Hermione Granger, with whom they would have two kids, Hugo and Rose. Harry would also wed his childhood crush, Ginny, technically making the main trio in-laws. Harry’s second of three children, Albus Severus, would later star in the Cursed Child spin-off.


Why isn’t Neville Longbottom a Hufflepuff?

As someone shy, sensitive and compassionate, especially in their early years, Neville seemed like a shoo-in for Hufflepuff. In fact, he had a lengthy argument with the Sorting Hat to be sorted into the badgers rather than in Gryffindor. 

Growing up, his grandmother would regale him with tales of his parents’ bravery, making him intimidated by the Gryffindors’ own virtue of bravery. However, as the later instalments display, Neville’s greatest characteristic was – indeed - his courage, which allowed him to defy Voldemort’s forces and rally his fellow students against them at the height of the Dark Lord’s power.

Why was Draco so mean?

Liking Draco can be… an acquired taste, thanks to his prickly and snobbish personality.

Although it can’t completely explain his attitude, Draco’s hateful and domineering side was largely influenced by his family, especially his father, Lucius. His family’s wealth, connections to other wizards, and prestige only made Draco develop a sense of innate invincibility over his peers.

His frequent clashes with Pottah didn’t make things better, stirring up his own feelings of insecurity. However, by the time they were adults, Draco had matured significantly, vowing to raise his son Scorpius better than Lucius raised him.

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