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The Harry Potter series remains a classic of modern fantasy, weaving a wondrous story of friendship and heroic coming-of-age in a world where many of us have the power to regularly perform miracles.

In this category, you’ll find all of our Harry Potter quizzes to immerse you in the world of spells and sorcerers. Here, we can teach you the technical know-how to build your perfect wand, give you a peak into which Hogwarts House you’d likely end up in, and predict the shape and power of your own Patronus, as well as many more tidbits on the way!

How would you fit into the series? Take a few quizzes about Harry Potter now and find out!


In the wizarding world of Harry Potter, magic means many things. Harnessed by the right user wielding their best wand, one can set hair alight, unlock doors, summon spirits, fend off dark monsters, and even have the power over life and death.

As you can imagine, both good and evil have found uses for magic. Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and other academies were built long ago by legendary spellcasters to train young wizards in responsibly handling their powers.

It’s in Hogwarts that much of the story takes place. An enigmatic academy full of odd professors and students alike, as well as creatures such as house-elves and owls, it is a sanctuary for the safe teaching of magical subjects. A young wizard can learn how to craft potions, identify herbs and their uses, flying, and defend against dark magic here.

That’s not to say you’ll be totally safe at Hogwarts, though. Magic is a powerful tool, and some people are corrupted by power. These people, craving new heights in their magical ability, are the primary evils of the series.

Would you like to live in the same world as Harry, Hermione, all those ginger Weasleys, Snape, Hagrid, Neville and the rest of our heroes? Even if it meant vile sorcerers like Voldemort and his Death Eaters also lurked in the shadows?

If you think your messenger owl is due to arrive any moment, you might want to think about what life as a proud Hogwarts student and wizard would be.

Sure, you can train to use your magic for pranks like inflating the people you dislike into balloons, just like Harry did, but being a wizard comes with responsibility. Abuse it, and you risk falling down the same path as Voldy. You don’t want to lose your nose, do you?

Before you consider yourself ready to step into Platform 9 ¾ and grab your train ticket, however, why not try these quizzes about Harry Potter first? These quizzes will help you get into J.K. Rowling’s rich lore and tell you the kind of wizard you’ll be based on your personality.

There are loads of Harry Potter quizzes and content for you to discover here. Based off classic Pottermore quizzes and lovingly sprinkled with details from all aspects of the Harry Potter franchise, you’re guaranteed to fall deeper in love with this amazing saga.

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