Which Harry Potter Villain Are You?

People, like Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans, can be rotten and disgusting to the core. Such villains exist in many forms in Harry Potter – which one are you like?

Magic isn’t good or evil by itself, but its nature changes according to the personality of the wielder. For example, a spell of light like Lumos can guide people out of a dark dungeon or permanently blind an unlucky victim.

Such power should be handled responsibly, but sadly, many become tempted by ambition, spite, fear, or pride. With their dark powers and darker hearts, villains can make life a literal hell for the people of the Wizarding World.

Of course, the villains in Harry Potter have their own motivations for being evil – even Madam Umbridge. Some even have tragic backstories.

With your personality, what kind of villain would you turn out to be? Which Harry Potter Villain are you? Embrace your shadow, take this quiz and find out!

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Which Harry Potter Villain Am I?


When people insult you, they say you’re…

You prefer dealing with enemies through…

What’s one redeeming quality you have?

Where’s the best place to relax?

What’s your preferred way to cheat in exams?

Your favourite evil spell is…

As an evil wizard, are you fine with looking old?

What’s your hair color?

Who do you hate most?

The best gift you can receive is…

Did you ever have an emo phase?

What do you think about evil?

Which Harry Potter Villain Are You?
You are Lord Voldemort!

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As a wizarding student, Voldy went to terrible lengths to prove himself, killing anyone who was in his way to being the most powerful wizard. You share the Dark Lord’s ruthlessness, lust for power, and unstoppable drive to succeed.
You are Bellatrix Lestrange!

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A wacky and unhinged sorceress, Bellatrix’s crazed obsession to Voldemort fuels her passion for casting violent magic. Like her, you’re spontaneous, a tad unpredictable, and highly devoted to honing your talents.
You are Dolores Umbridge!

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Say what you will about her, but Dolores is an organized disciplinarian who believes in the power of authority. If you’re matched with Madam Umbridge, you might just be an orderly, loyal person who’s also a believer in tough love and following orders.
You are Draco Malfoy!

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Arrogant, ambitious, and preening on the outside. Frightened and conflicted on the inside. Draco shares a lot of these traits with you, as well as the need to constantly strive for achievement and success. He represents a bit of Slytherin’s best… and much of its worst.

About our Harry Potter Villain Personality Quiz

Where would the Harry Potter series be without good villains to drive its story and push our beloved gang of wizards into feats of bravery and heroism?

From Voldy’s gruesome displays of dark, forbidden magic to Bellatrix’s mad sense of fashion, the series’ villains have always found ways to make evil look cool. Even Draco and Madam Umbridge have their moments, expertly manipulating their way through the wizarding system to get the results they want.

Thanks to Ms. Rowling’s great writing, the Harry Potter series accomplishes the not-so-easy task of making its readers love the bad guys almost as much as the good. After all, no one can deny that Dolores Umbridge is the type of character everyone loves to hate. And no matter how cowardly Draco gets, he always has fans who admire his conflicted character, if not, at the very least, his good looks.

One key aspect that makes a good villain is their personality; their character traits, their attitudes towards problems on their way, their personal beliefs, their backgrounds, and the characters around them all play a role in establishing their evil identity.

And those are exactly the things we considered while making this quiz. Which Harry Potter Villain are you? Well, we had to collect a bit of your evil essence first, so we infused the quiz with wickedness as cold and dark as a Dementor. Enjoy!

FAQ Harry Potter Villains

How did Tom Riddle become Voldemort?

Power rarely comes without a price, and for Tom Riddle, that price was his humanity. Horcruxes are created through acts like murder – mortal sins that scar the doer’s soul and body, causing Tom to turn less and less human with every Horcrux he made. In all regards, Tom ceased to be, and Lord Voldemort came into being.
Imagine living forever only to have your nose fall off – you’d probably want to Avada Kedavra everyone, too.

Why is Bellatrix Lestrange crazy?

Azkaban is likely the best reason. It’s a place catastrophically filled with Dementors that extinguish any fire of hope or joy in a person’s heart just by being near them. Bellatrix and the rest of the prisoners of Azkaban had been exposed to hundreds, perhaps thousands of them. She was slowly driven mad with constant despair and ennui.
Even before Azkaban, however, Bellatrix was already pretty eccentric, and enjoyed sadistically torturing prisoners. Azkaban only eroded her sense of humanity until only her madness remained.

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