Who’s Your Harry Potter Girlfriend?

Ditch your wands and forget all of your spells, lads. If you want to see sparks fly, then all you really need is to win over one of the delightful ladies of Hogwarts as your girlfriend.

Don’t act like a bunch of glowing or colourful magical creatures – or fantastic beasts, if you will – are the prettiest things you’ve seen in the Wizarding World. One solid look at your fellow student wizards will reveal that there’s quite a few dazzling sorceresses-in-training out there.

Maybe they’re taking the same classes as you, and you’ve seen their brilliance with potions or charms shine first-hand. Perhaps you’re in the same Quidditch team as them, and you’ve subtly been trying to get good enough to win her attention. Or maybe you guys have talked and found out that you’re both on the same weird wavelength.

In any case, if you still need to do a little soul searching to know your ideal spell-wielding, broom-riding GF, you’re in the right place.

Who is your Harry Potter girlfriend? Peer into this magical personality quiz and find out!

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Hogwarts Girlfriend Quiz


What part of magic excites you the most?

Which House best matches your type?

Girls are at their cutest when they…

You can’t get enough of girls that wear…

What hair color is the prettiest for girls?

What complexion appeals to you best?

What is the most attractive attitude that a girl can have?

If you two ran a business together, what would it be?

What would you two likely do when bored at home?

Fundamentally, you like people that are…

When you first kiss her, you’d like the kiss to be…

How many kids are you planning to have?

Who’s Your Harry Potter Girlfriend?
Your Girlfriend is Ginny Weasley!

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Ginny is fun and full of life, the kind who would outrun you in motorbike races or play-slap you around if she sees you feeling down. Her beauty is well-known, although it’s hard not to fall more readily to her quick wit and comedic flair. You’ll know when this hot-blooded lass has been eyeing you if she suddenly turns all shy and flustered in your presence.
Your Girlfriend is Hermione Granger!

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Bossy and strict girls are the best, because they get so much cuter whenever they show you their real affection. Hermione works frighteningly hard to be the best at what she does, and she would exhaust herself without complaint to keep you going on the same path. Whether you like a girlfriend who can act as your rival, or one that’ll look out for you unfailingly, Miss Granger is for you.
Your Girlfriend is Luna Lovegood!

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Just being comfortable in your own skin can be supremely attractive, and that’s where quirky and lovable Luna excels in. Luna is undeniably pretty, but she often keeps to herself. She is blessed with a great imagination and a knack for the artistic. Luna frequently gets lost in her own world, but if you guys hit it off, she would happily make room for you in it.
Your Girlfriend is Bellatrix Lestrange!

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So you like crazy, eh? Nice. Bellatrix is all kinds of cruel, vicious and creatively sadistic, but with her pale skin and alluringly fierce demeanor, she can be quite charming. If she actually falls for you, she falls hard – like loyalty to the point of obsession, so we hope you’re ready for a tidal wave of affection every day for the remainder of your mortal life.

About our Harry Potter Girlfriend Personality Quiz

The Harry Potter series can dazzle and amaze readers with its rich, magical world. There are plenty of spells, trinkets, magical beings and stories to keep any fan fascinated for years on end. But at its core, it also tells a story about young people coming of age, as central characters like Harry, Ron, Hermione, Ginny and more pine for their first crushes.

As the series progressed, readers could see these characters’ romantic journey unfold as they search their feelings and those of their prospective partners. We get to see completely different sides to such characters as they mature in how they treat the people they cherish the most, and how they would act to protect them as the threat of the Dark Lord became more and more apparent.

Many fans today grew up while having crushes on one or more of the lovable ladies in the franchise, which could tell a lot about their own romantic preferences in real life.

This personality quiz aims to explore those preferences to find the ideal Harry Potter girlfriend for any fan.

Why Luna Lovegood is a little weird

Luna Lovegood is among author J.K. Rowling’s favourite characters. Uncannily calm, quirky and imaginative, she has also attracted plenty of fans who like her for these unique qualities.

Ms. Rowling had previously shared that Luna was weird because she acted like a foil to Hermione; where she was rigorous and logical, Luna was a carefree dreamer that believed in the impossible. She followed her own intuition, contrasting with Granger, who only acted on solid facts.

The name “Luna” itself does bring up connotations of “lunacy”, or the state of a person going mad upon seeing the full moon, although Luna isn’t exactly crazy as much as she likes indulging her rich imagination, and saying and doing whatever she pleases.


Why didn’t Harry and Cho get together?

Young Harry had always fixed his eyes on fellow Quidditch player Cho Chang since the first instalment, with their relationship blossoming in Order of the Phoenix only to fall a little later. Their split had been abrupt, to say the least.

One of the main reasons why Harry didn’t end up with Cho seems to be when Cho defended her friend Marietta when she willingly betrayed Harry and his friends to Dolores Umbridge, which Harry took great offense at. 

Cho was also stated to still be grieving the death of her past boyfriend, Cedric Diggory, while Harry found that they had hardly any chemistry together, even after their first kiss.

How is Hermione described in the books?

Years after the first book was published, Emma Watson all but defined Hermione’s appearance to a generation of fans, although some changes were made from the book’s description of the young wizard to better fit the film medium.

Book Hermione was described as having “lots of bushy brown hair” on her head, which was a little wavier in the first films. However, the book also gave Hermione “rather large front teeth.” The producers originally wanted to use fake teeth for Emma, but director Chris Columbus eventually decided it would be impractical.

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