What Would Your Boggart Be In Harry Potter?

What haunts your dreams at night? The answer might change depending on whom you ask. Serial killers? Perhaps demons, or whatever monsters you might have seen from a show or a scary story? If you’re not the type to get spooked easily, maybe you toss and turn in your bed over potential horrific events or accidents.

It’s one thing to have bad dreams about those, but at least your nightmares don’t follow you to the real world. Unlike Boggarts – those strange, malevolent beings from Harry Potter who occasionally love to scare the ever-loving crumpkins out of the cast.

Boggarts have no real form. They perpetually take on the physical appearance of whatever scares a particular person the most. Coupled with their tendency to seek dark and gloomy spots, and you’ll eventually end up with a lot of abandoned places considered “haunted.”

What would your Boggart be in Harry Potter? They say recognizing what you’re afraid of is the first step to conquering your fear, so take this quiz and find out for yourself!

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Boggart Test Harry Potter


Which of these places would you never want to find yourself in?

When you’re absolutely scared, you usually…

You’d try any carnival attraction, except for the…

Which of these easily makes you uncomfortable?

Your worst school-related experience came from…

Do you regularly doubt yourself?

How often have you thought about your death?

Can you handle touching bugs?

In which Hogwarts House would you likely belong?

An old hag in the woods offers you the ability to see ghosts. Would you accept?

Which horror movie frightens you at the deepest level?

What kind of death is the worst?

What do you usually do to comfort yourself?

Which of these long-term goals do you currently prioritize the most?

Your Boggart is now with you. How do you fight it?

What Would Your Boggart Be In Harry Potter?
Your Boggart is The Crippling Fear of Failure!

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The agonizing trials you’ve gone through. The time you’ve invested. The care and attention you’ve devoted. And the love, faith, and hope you’ve held so dear. To know what you’ve given everything and failed all the same… triggers a crushingly primal fear. As if your entire personhood was not adequate. As if you were useless. A waste of space. A denial of your worth as a human being. Your Boggart will feast on these insecurities as it tries to give you the worst case of Impostor Syndrome ever.
Your Boggart is A Reminder of Your Inevitable Demise!

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I’m afraid there’s no beating around the bush with this fear – and your Boggart knows this. Death is inescapable, frightening, and the final mystery. The idea that you will one day cease to be, or remain forever in oblivion or limbo, or tread the Earth as a spirit until the heat death of the Universe? Chilling. Your Boggart might look like a ghost, the Grim Reaper, or even the corpse of you or someone you love! Touching.
Your Boggart is A Disgusting Giant Bug!

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Nature can produce some really beautiful things, like sunsets and maple syrup, but it also creates some abhorrently gross creatures that sometimes makes you wonder why they exist. Maybe you hate how a spider skitters, or how a centipede can leave a nasty bite, or how worms just… squirm… now imagine being face-to-face with your favourite creepy crawly enlarged a hundred times. That’s your Boggart. Have fun together!
Your Boggart is Your Old Terror Teacher Given Demonic Form!

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Did you meet them in kindergarten? Middle school? College? Regardless of the date, what they’ve made you feel is all the same. That suffocating aura of oppression they emit that made you doubt your own worth, or demoralize your growth. You’ve likely wondered what they were doing terrorizing kids instead of helping them grow. Well, your Boggart feeds on these frustrations to take the form of this same teacher of yours, only now actively malevolent.
Your Boggart is A Bottomless Fall!

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This one’s a little tricky. Your Boggart might not take the form of any entity, but that of the experience of falling itself. You might have a crippling fear of heights, elevators, or flying on planes. Or you could be afraid of drowning – sinking deep into the unknowable depths of the unforgiving ocean. These fears are associated with the fear of losing control – the inability to escape from such a dangerous situation.

About our Boggart Personality Test

Harry Potter isn’t just a feel-good fantasy series that explores the many whimsies of magic.

Magic itself has dark roots; it is an aspect of the supernatural, a part of our world that remains largely unknown to us mortals. And as you probably know, the fear of the unknown drives many of the phobias that plague us.

Boggarts instinctively know how to use our phobias to cripple us psychologically. These non-living beings can tap into a person’s psyche and adopt the form of their deepest fears.

While some believe that Boggarts behave this way out of sheer malignance towards humans, others theorize that the creatures use their shape-shifting as a defense mechanism to ward potential threats away from their gloomy habitats.

Have you found out what your Boggart would be in Harry Potter? We hope you don’t get rattled too hard by the revelation.


What is the origin of Boggarts in the real world?

English folk tales talk about boggarts as trickster creatures that inhabit a particular area, dwelling most commonly in swamps and bogs.

Boggarts scare, prank, punish and drive away people. Unlike the entities in Harry Potter, they don’t transform into a person’s worst fear; that ability is more similar to the Boogeyman from related Western folklore.

Series author J.K. Rowling likely incorporated features of a particular type of boggart from the 1867 book Lancashire Folklore, as this species could change its form at will.

What are the Boggarts of the main characters?

Harry Potter’s main cast all have fears shaped by their traumatic backstories, which are reflected in the forms of their Boggarts.

Dementors, representing fear in general, were Harry’s own Boggart apparition, while Hermione’s manifested as various scenarios of her failures. Ron’s, oddly enough, took the form of a giant spider.

Dumbledore himself saw the dead body of his sister Ariana, while Remus’ boggart appeared as a full moon symbolizing his fear of lycanthropy.

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