What Would Be Your Wizarding Job?

Have you ever felt a tingling in your wand hand, wondering what magical career might await you in the realms of Hogwarts and beyond?

Welcome to the only quiz where your answers are more revealing than Professor Trelawney's crystal ball! Are you daring and bold enough to be an Auror, or will your love for all creatures creepy and cute lead you to a career as a Magizoologist?

Perhaps your green thumb and love for 'digging in the dirt' mark you as a Herbologist? Or, are you the type who's been organizing your sock drawer since you were three, destined for a structured life in the Ministry of Magic?

Answer these whimsical questions to reveal your hidden wizarding talents. No need for a Sorting Hat here – just your own charm and choices will do. So grab your wand, think of your favorite spell, and step into a world where magic meets destiny.

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Harry Potter Job Quiz


What’s your go-to spell?

On a weekend, you are most likely to:

Choose a magical creature to be your pet:

How do your friends describe you?

Choose a Hogwarts subject you excel in:

If you could own a magical object, it would be:

Pick a wizarding world location to visit:

Your favorite potion is:

How do you react under pressure?

If you could have dinner with any one of these 4 characters, who would it be?

What Would Be Your Wizarding Job?
You Would Be an Auror!

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Your results show you're an Auror at heart. Fearless, a tad reckless, and with a moral compass that points directly at 'heroic', you're the one who always jumps first and asks questions... well, sometimes never. Your ideal Friday night is probably something like chasing dark wizards or practicing defensive spells. Be warned, though: your bravery can sometimes border on the edge of 'Why did I just do that?' Remember, even Harry Potter had his 'oops' moments. But hey, who needs a plan when you've got guts and glory?
You Would Be a Magizoologist!

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You're a Magizoologist through and through. You have an insatiable curiosity and a heart big enough to care for all creatures – be they furry, scaly, or invisible. Your room might resemble a mini Forbidden Forest, and you're probably the type who'd adopt a Blast-Ended Skrewt on a whim, calling it 'misunderstood'. Just a heads up: not everyone finds Nifflers adorable, especially when they're stealing their valuables. Embrace your adventurous spirit but maybe invest in some creature-proof locks.
You Would Be a Herbologist!

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As a budding Herbologist, you're all about plants, patience, and a pinch of peaceful living. Your ideal home probably resembles a cross between a greenhouse and a Zen retreat. You're the friend who gives advice that's deep, thoughtful, and sometimes takes a little too long to get to the point. Remember, not every situation needs a Herbological solution – sometimes, a simple 'yes' or 'no' will do. And while talking to plants is cool, just make sure they don't start talking back!
You Would Be a Ministry of Magic Employee!

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You are destined for a desk at the Ministry of Magic. Organized, ambitious, and with a love for order that would make Percy Weasley proud, you're the one who has their life planned out – probably in a color-coded spreadsheet. Your ideal weekend might include re-organizing your sock drawer... again. But remember, life in the wizarding world is not always about rules and regulations. Loosen your tie, mess up your paperwork, and try a little improvisation – it won't lead to an immediate catastrophe, hopefully!

About our Harry Potter Job Personality Quiz

Embark on a magical exploration of the myriad careers that the wizarding world of Harry Potter has to offer! This quiz is designed to unveil which of these enchanting professions aligns most closely with your unique personality, traits, and preferences.

In J.K. Rowling's richly imagined universe, the career opportunities for witches and wizards go far beyond the typical roles one might encounter in the non-magical world. From the high-stakes responsibilities of an Auror to the meticulous craft of a Wandmaker, each job is as unique and varied as the magical community itself.

Imagine the thrill of working with Gringotts as a Curse-Breaker, unraveling ancient enchantments in far-flung places, or the satisfaction of being a Quidditch player, mastering the skies and captivating audiences. Picture the dedication of a Hogwarts professor, shaping young minds, or the innovation of a Potioneer, brewing up solutions to the most complex problems.

The wizarding world's careers are not just jobs; they are adventures, challenges, and callings. They reflect the diverse talents and passions of the magical community, from the nurturing care of a Magical Creatures' Healer to the strategic minds in the Department of Magical Law Enforcement. Even beyond these, there are roles like Magical Historians, who unravel the mysteries of the past, and Spell Inventors, who push the boundaries of magical knowledge.

This quiz takes you on a journey through this fantastic array of wizarding careers, helping you discover where your magical aptitude and personal inclinations might best be suited. Whether you're most at home in the depths of a magical library or out in the field, encountering the unknown, there's a place for everyone in the magical world.

Are you ready to explore the enchanting possibilities and find out where your magical journey might lead? Let's step into the wizarding world and discover the magic within!

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