What’s Your Harry Potter Animagus Form?

Even an Animagus can’t choose which animal they’ll shapeshift into. Perhaps such newfound powers are not meant to transform the wielder, but to set the primal aspect of their personality free.

Many months of meticulous preparation have finally led you to this moment. As a frightful lightning storm rages around you, you uncork the exotic Animagus potion, breathing in the potent fumes. The wand at your waist crackles with arcane energy. The time draws near.

You have been warned about the consequences of failure – that of your human form twisting with animal mutations, or your soul being forever entrapped in your newfound body. Many of your wizarding colleagues have laughed at your folly, preferring to spend their times mastering easier forms of magic. But perhaps they simply do not possess the dedication or courage required to be an Animagus.

If, by some stroke of good fortune, the ritual succeeds, you will rise to a level of shapeshifting mastery unparalleled by all but perhaps a few dozen wizards in the world. You could transform between forms at a whim, without a wand or incantation. The possibilities are endless.

Arcs of electricity lash out at the ground, and the contents of your magical flask glow in wild colors. Speak the spell now – Amato Animo Animato Animagus - and see. What shape shall you shift into? What is your Harry Potter Animagus form? Find out here!

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What Harry Potter Animagus Are You?


What is your diet mostly made out of?

Where do you spend your rest day?

Do you value personal hygiene?

Choose your preferred snack

Which trait do you value most?

Pick the most exciting outdoor activity

How would you use your Animagus form?

Are you interested in combat?

When your friends argue, you tend to…

Are you afraid of heights?

What’s your ideal vacation?

Which wizard do you admire most?

What’s Your Harry Potter Animagus Form?
Your Animagus Form is a Canine!

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You take on one of many canine forms – perhaps as a majestic and mysterious grey wolf, or a cuddly and courageous dog of your favourite breed. Brave, vigilant and unwaveringly loyal, your Animagus form exemplifies your role as a guardian and defender among your friends and loved ones.
Your Animagus Form is a Feline!

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With sleekness and elegance, you step out in your new feline form. Maybe you’ve become a striking and solemn lion, or a lurking tiger, or even a gorgeous housecat of your fave variety. Needless to say, your Animagus body takes after your grace and sophistication as a human.
Your Animagus Form is an Avian!

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The stars have blessed you – as an avian Animagus, you may now soar as master of the skies. Perhaps you’ve shapeshifted into a wiry and nimble dove, or a brooding, black crow. You might’ve even become a glorious eagle. Your avian form is a testament to your wisdom, decisiveness, adaptability, and free spirit.
Your Animagus Form is an Ursine!

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You have transformed into a huge and lumbering ursine beast – possibly as an enigmatic polar bear, an implacably strong grizzly bear, or even a tranquil panda bear. An ursine Animagus is a testament to your strong and resolute character and the love for simple and meaningful living.

About our Harry Potter Animagus Quiz

It’s a long and laborious path to becoming an Animagus – a wizard with singular shapeshifting ability. An Animagus is able to assume their animal form at the speed of thought, requiring no potion or incantation in doing so.

The process involves concocting a highly intricate potion, which must only be drunk while out in the open during a dangerous thunderstorm. It also includes repeating the ritual incantation – Amato Animo Animato Animagus – for months while waiting for the perfect storm to come.

Messing up even a single aspect of this ritual can be disastrous to the aspirant, which is why many wizards forego studying to be Animagi to pursue safer and more predictable interests. You can imagine the horror of the spell apparently succeeding, only to find out that you could no longer revert back to a human form.

For those who are patient and dedicated enough, however, they will be elevated as equals of only a handful of other legendary wizards, such as Professor McGonagall.

In their beastly aspects, Animagi can be extremely effective spies and infiltrators, perhaps even fooling such enemies as the Death Eaters with their acts of misdirection and subterfuge. Furthermore, Animagi whose forms were capable of flight made for excellent scouts, soaring far above to send important messages and gather reconnaissance.

FAQ Animagus

Who taught Professor McGonagall how to be an Animagus?

None other than ol’ Dumbledore, the master of Transfiguration, taught Minerva the secrets of the Animagi. Although Dumbledore wasn’t an Animagus himself, his expertise allowed Minerva to safely execute the ritual required to assume her animal form.

What were the Marauders’ Animagus forms?

It’s quite a feat that the Marauders accomplished the Animagus rituals during their years in Hogwarts. They did so mostly to help Remus control his transformation into a werewolf during full moons. They had nicknames to accompany their forms: James Potter – Prongs – was a red stag; Sirius Black – Padfoot – became a Grim, or a black dog; and Peter Pettigrew – Wormtail - transformed into a mangy rat. Remus, himself, was called Moony.

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