Which Tokyo Revengers Character Are You?

Have you ever looked back at the potential you had when you were younger and reflected on how depressing your life has become since then? Do you think you’d turn out differently if you were only a little bit braver, wiser, or bolder?

That’s a dark way to introduce this quiz, but it’s something to ponder. But what if you spent your adolescent years as a good-for-nothing delinquent, skipping classes and your path to a career to fight in the streets?

It’s a tough life being a delinquent, after all, but perhaps it’s the life that chooses you – not the other way around. When you’re young and strong, brimming with energy and righteous rage, you really feel like you could take on the whole world. But as the show demonstrates – if you want to take on enemies that are leagues stronger than you, you better trust in the people who stand beside you.

Which Tokyo Revengers character are you? Find out now by taking this personality quiz… or else.

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Tokyo Revengers Character Test


Do you have a habit of acting childish?

If a rival gang provokes yours, you…

How do you respond to being surrounded?

In a big brawl, you’re often seen…

Any self-respecting Toman member owns a bike. Which model would be yours?

What color would you paint your bike in?

Which of these is the best comfort food?

What do you think of Kazutora?

Who is the best supporting character?

If you didn’t waste time as a delinquent, you’d be a…

Would you have let Pah-chin escape or face justice?

How would you style your hair?

What color would you dye your hair in?

If you had to bring a weapon to a fight, what would it be?

What is the most valuable quality that a Toman member should have?

Which Tokyo Revengers Character Are You?
You are Hanagaki Takemichi!

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The show’s Crybaby Hero, Takemichi, looks like he’s only good at two things: crying and getting hit, but damn it if he’s not the living embodiment of the quote: “it’s not about how hard you can hit, but how much you can get hit and still keep moving forward.” It’s a miracle how his face hasn’t been disfigured by all the punishment he’s received, but, inspired by his love of his friends and Hina, his tolerance for pain is virtually infinite.
You are Baji Keisuke!

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An adrenaline junkie who ignites brawls for the sake of shedding blood, Baji has always been the wildcard of Toman, but beneath all this bluster is a good-natured kid. His love for his founding teammates runs the deepest, and he even repeated first-year middle school behind because he didn’t want to see his mother cry. Baji never wallowed in self-pity, choosing instead to lift up the people he cared for – his mom, Kazutora, Mikey, and even Takemichi.
You are Mitsuya Takashi!

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Mitsuya is the cool-headed captain of Toman’s elite forces. He acts more composed and detached than his fellow captains, but that doesn’t take away from his razor-sharp skill in combat. While he’s respected within the gang, Mitsuya is one of the few members who actually has the maturity to lead a respectable life as his school’s sewing club president and as a responsible substitute parent to his younger siblings.
You are Manjiro Sano “Mikey”!

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Mikey is quite a character: an invincible Napoleon to Toman who inspires both loyalty and pants-wetting dread among its members, and an almost contradictorily childish jokester to his friends. He manages to put up a tough look or a disarming grin even when surrounded 50 to 1, and this strength and confidence has propelled many others to stand up to stronger foes time and again. His dark impulses constantly clash with his noble ideals.
You are Ryuguji Ken “Draken”!

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A supportive big brother figure to Mikey and virtually the rest of Toman, Draken had to mature quickly to survive his rough childhood. Despite his imposing stature and skill, he is among the gang’s more thoughtful members. He’s practically the heart of the gang. His honor and conscience has shaped Toman’s very culture, imbuing rowdy delinquents with a spirit of decency and brotherhood.

About our Tokyo Revengers Character Personality Quiz

Formerly a delinquent in middle school, Hanagaki Takemichi currently wallows in his miserable mid-twenties life as a disposable and unskilled worker. When he learns that his former and only sweetheart, Hinata, and her brother Naoto, recently died in an accident, he is too adrift in his melancholy to care.

His last thoughts would turn out to be about Hinata as he finds himself pushed onto the track of an oncoming train, but instead of dying, he discovers that he has teleported into the body of his middle school self from twelve years ago. After rescuing Naoto from a pack of bullies, he discloses what happens to the siblings in the future and tasks Naoto with protecting Hinata. It then turns out that he has the ability to travel exactly twelve years into the past or present by shaking Naoto’s hand.

In the present day, Takemichi finds Naoto alive as a police officer, having altered the past. Now armed with this supernatural power, as well as Naoto’s expertise, Takemichi resolves to save Hinata.

This journey would later take him to the deepest levels of Japan’s criminal underbelly, saving the rest of his friends from going astray and meeting people who played pivotal roles in the rise of the Tokyo Manji Gang responsible for Hinata’s murder, although things aren’t as black and white as they first seemed.

Tokyo Manji Gang

Tokyo Revengers focuses primarily on Toman and its fall from grace.

The founders of Tokyo Manji Gang include Mikey, Draken, Baji, Mitsuya, Pah-chin and Kazutora, with Baji first coming up with the idea to form a gang to fight back against the Black Dragons harassing Kazutora.

Members wore tokkō-fuku, a full-body uniform resembling the real-life suits worn by the Japanese bōsōzoku biker subculture, with additional sashes to denote team leaders.

The gang is kept in order by five Captains, each leading one of five Divisions of around twenty men. Mikey and Draken are Leader and Vice-Leader, respectively, although Draken’s maturity, strength, and closeness with Mikey means that they both command virtually the same authority.

Although it once stood for honourable conduct among delinquents, Toman was eventually infiltrated and corrupted into the ruthless criminal organization that kills Hinata in the present-day.


Why does Kazutora blame Mikey?

Kazutora’s mind already wasn’t in the best shape when he unknowingly murdered Mikey’s older brother; he was a child in an abusive household, and learned to despise loving families. 

Kazutora cherished Mikey deeply, although the fact that he would commit a crime to make him happy already showed how much his mind was on edge. 

The revelation that the Babu he planned to steal was meant to be Shinichiro’s gift to his younger brother broke Kazutora’s already fragile mental state, and he began to blame Mikey as a coping mechanism for his grief, even if it didn’t make sense. He would hold onto this illogical belief throughout juvie, emerging as a truly warped individual.

Why is Mikey so strong?

Invincible Mikey is 5’ 3” (162 cm), but it’s appalling how much he imposes his dominance over much larger opponents. He rarely even acknowledges that his foes pose a threat to him.

Mikey’s physical prowess and skill, especially his favourite “nuclear” roundhouse kicks, are explained as the fruits of his martial arts training as a child, where he would learn and practice with his grandfather at the Sano family dojo.

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