Who Is Your Tokyo Revengers Boyfriend?

So, you fancy those bad boy biker types, eh? We, too, like living dangerously. Being witness to the carnage of a brawl between gangs? Feeling the wind rush through your hair at 120 kph? Committing crimes? Sign us up!*

People fall for bad boys. Nice guys, a.k.a. losers and wimps, go extinct because they’re too out of touch with their instinct to break silly rules or fight. And when the both of you find yourselves cornered by a vicious-looking gang of punks, would you rather have a wuss who’d cower behind you, or someone you can count to protect you, like Draken or Mitsuya?

Toman’s boys will act tough in almost every situation, but imagine finding a different side to them – awkward, flustered, shy, or suave - as their S.O.s; what terminal weeaboos would term as their “moe gap.” Just imagine it.

Who is your Tokyo Revengers boyfriend? Hop on the GoForQuiz love bike and let’s blaze a trail to your perfect match!

* For legal reasons, this is a joke. Please do not snitch on us. Snitches get stitches.

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Tokyo Revengers Boyfriend Test


How often do you break the rules?

What do you think about beating people up?

How much do looks mean to you?

You like it if guys wear their hair…

Do you prefer mature guys or those who act a bit childish for their age?

Which is the most attractive height?

How would you feel about your boyfriend getting into fights?

You personally like guys whose hair is…

What kind of girlfriend do you tend to be?

Do you handle quarrels with your SO well?

Who’s the worst person to date in the show?

Do you get scared easily?

Pick your favourite date out of these choices

A guy earns bonus points if they’re skilled in…

Which of these is perfect as a date location?

Who Is Your Tokyo Revengers Boyfriend?
Your Boyfriend is Hanagaki Takemichi!

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Well, if there’s anyone who won’t think twice about taking a beating just to protect you, it’s the Crybaby Hero. Although he’s seen from time to time doubting himself, the show has demonstrated how far he’d push himself to protect Hina – his former sweetheart who, mind you, had broken up with him for twelve years in the OTL. He has a pure heart and is guaranteed to make a fool out of himself to see you smile.
Your Boyfriend is Baji Keisuke!

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Baji’s the type of guy who’ll go straight to busting heads anytime some punk wants to disturb your moment together. Wild, ferocious, and dominant, he’ll be likely to keep you guessing about his next surprise or random way for you two to have fun. He’s a free spirit but he does have a conscience. If you like adrenaline, you’ll be all over Baji.
Your Boyfriend is Mitsuya Takashi!

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Unlike his full-on delinquent friends, Mitsuya is actually a responsible bloke in his personal life. He has the patience and the skill to be their class’ Sewing Club President, cultivating his talents to make a living outside of Toman. If you’ve seen how much of a big bro he is to his siblings, you know he’s also great with kids. Odds are, if you two get attacked, he’ll find a way to let you escape and fight off the threats without breaking his poker face.
Your Boyfriend is Manjiro Sano “Mikey”!

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There’s no doubt that most punks will back off once they see you’re Mikey’s girl, as no one wants a taste of the nuclear pipsqueak’s ass-whooping. But it can be a real whiplash seeing him go back from a murderous gang leader into a klutzy, sleepy, lazy, dessert-stealing child once he’s let his guard with you down. Handle with care.
Your Boyfriend is Ryuguji Ken “Draken”!

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In ruthlessly ending fights, staring down would-be attackers, massacring rival gangs, and settling bad blood, Draken is the real deal when it comes to playing it casual. He’s likely to be all coarse and cool with you, but that veneer won’t hide his caring, supportive and mature nature for long. Even as a delinquent, you may find him to be a positive influence in your life.

About our Tokyo Revengers Boyfriend Personality Quiz

Tokyo Revengers is a deep dive into the Japanese biker gang subculture. Naturally, such a show casts the spotlight on the kinds of unsavoury characters that make up these gangs of delinquents… although being “unsavoury” doesn’t spare characters like Mikey, Hanma and Draken from the hordes of the series’ fans who want to keep them as boyfriends.

The show performs quite a job in depicting the delinquent lifestyle as violent, exciting and honourable in its own way. This might not be the best impression to leave for younger viewers, but older viewers can appreciate the moral that not every delinquent is a good-for-nothing scumbag.

Plenty of Toman’s members befriended by Takemichi have great qualities, like Draken’s tough love, Mikey’s confident leadership, Mitsuya’s responsibility, and Baji’s loyalty, to name a few. Said qualities are also attractive, prompting tons of fans to fantasize – as fans do – about dating people like these.

Are you one of these fans? Who is your Tokyo Revengers boyfriend? This personality quiz will take you for a quick ride to find out.

What Inspired Tokyo Revengers?

If the premise of a time-traveling loser fixing his mistakes in the past – and often suffering a lot along the way - seems familiar, it is!

Weekly Shonen Magazine editor Kazuki Tsuchiya described in an interview how series creator Ken Wakui brainstormed the idea of Tokyo Revengers with him after being inspired by the fantasy isekai series, Re:Zero and the psychological thriller Erased, both of which were hugely popular franchises.

Fans of Re:Zero can keenly note the influence of the isekai to certain scenes and themes, likening Takemichi’s legendary capacity to grit through pain, especially for the love of his life, with Natsuki Subaru.

By infusing a down-and-dirty delinquent manga idea with a premise about returning to the past, Tsuchiya explains, Tokyo Revengers stood out among similar series and became a huge sensation in its own right.


Why did Takemichi and Hina break up?

The 14-year-old Takemichi of the original timeline had none of the current Crybaby Hero’s patience, maturity and purpose; he was, in effect, just a typical young delinquent. 

In effect, although Hina proved to be an immensely caring and patient girlfriend, the OTL Takemichi took her for granted. This seemingly one-sided relationship would go on to exhaust Hina, who decided to break up with him within a year, as the current 26-year-old Takemichi describes that he had last seen her twelve years ago.

Why does Baji kill himself?

Recall that Baji’s death in the original timeline broke Mikey’s good nature and drove him to murder Kazutora in cold blood.

In one of the time leaps, Takemichi goes through various trials to interfere with this outcome. When Kazutora ambushes and mortally stabs Baji, Takemichi pushes him away quickly enough for Baji to survive for a little while longer instead of dying immediately.

As Mikey began to mercilessly beat Kazutora to death, this added reserve of strength let Baji step in and help reconcile the two by reminding them of Toman’s origins and their brotherhood. Furthermore, knowing that Kazutora was deathly afraid of killing another loved one, Baji decided to stab himself to show Kazutora that it wouldn’t be his fault if he died.

This change of events allowed Takemichi and the rest of the Toman leaders to restore Mikey to his senses, and even bring Kazutora out of his tortured mental state enough to surrender and begin to seek redemption.

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