Are You a Tokyo Revengers Trivia Expert?

We hope all of the time leaps haven’t made you loopy.

It’s fun to just let the story of Tokyo Revengers take you on a whirlwind of a ride. After all, you’re not a detective like Naoto. The tricky thing with time travel is that the slightest change in history can lead to a butterfly effect of big changes in the future. Who could possibly keep up with that?

But to the eagle-eyed viewer, taking note of every last detail in the past and present can lead you to discovering key points in the plot before anybody else in the setting does. That’s a feat that would put you at the intellectual level of Kisaki or Mikey. And, of course, you could score major bragging rights compared to your other Toman-loving weebs.

We’re not saying you should obsessively note every single bike, weapon, martial art technique, or piece of clothing that each character uses, but it’d certainly help you ace this quiz.

How well do you know your Tokyo Revengers trivia? Test your mettle here!

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Tokyo Revengers Trivia Quiz


Mikey’s bike, affectionately named Babu, is a…

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Chifuyu’s business, XJ Land, sells…

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Which rival gang did Toman fight during Bloody Halloween?

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Is Draken taller than six feet (around 182 cm)?

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Who is Mikey’s voice actor?

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Which of these characters would only start a fight as a last resort?

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The following choices correctly pair a character with their favourite food, except for one. Which is it?

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According to the official character book, what is Takemichi’s special skill?

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What does the Manji symbol represent?

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If you were Takemichi, what would be a great present to give Hinata?

Please select 3 correct answers

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When he’s not scheming, where would you most likely find Kisaki at night?

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Where did Draken live for most of his childhood?

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Who made Mikey’s first Toman uniform?

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What design was on the necklace that Hina give Takemichi after the 11th Time Leap?

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Where did Tenjiku originate?

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Are You a Tokyo Revengers Trivia Expert?
Gang Boss

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With your surgical attention to detail and investigative acumen, you could give that little twerp Naoto a run for his money. Heck, you can even solve Takemichi’s whole mystery for him. Other fans should seek you to be their wise and all-knowing leader; perhaps your mental prowess could transform them into your very own formidable biker gang.

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The knowledge you possess on Tokyo Revengers lore is decent enough. You’re certainly smarter than Takemichi at his original age, that’s for sure. With your wealth of facts, you can hold your own against any fan of the series, and likely come out as the more knowledgeable one. Given some more time watching the show or reading the manga, you could become the biggest Toman expert on the block!

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You’re clearly enthusiastic about the show, but it seems you have a long way to go before being considered a titan of Tokyo Revengers trivia. If you haven’t caught up with the series, or are just a casual fan, that can be perfectly alright. Who wouldn’t be too distracted with the likes of Draken or Chifuyu to observe every little detail in the series, anyway?

About our Tokyo Revengers Trivia Quiz

Picture this: hearing all the hype, you’ve tuned into Tokyo Revengers for the first time. With its biker theme and delinquent cast, you’re expecting a rude and rowdy shonen series loaded with a healthy serving of violence, wondering what sets it apart from other shows, but then – time travel? Mystery murder plots? The fantasy of returning to your younger years to change your current miserable life for the better?

And then, you get hooked. Even as you cringe along with adult Takemichi at how much of a deadbeat his younger self had been, you find yourself rooting for the loser.

Appearances can be deceiving, and not long after that, you realize that the gang of delinquents led by Mikey and Draken aren’t just cut-and-dry ne’er-do-wells. You get carried into their blood-deep bonds of brotherhood and struggles against other, more unsavoury gangs. You see them mature, sometimes at the cost of a few bad bruises and broken bones.

Next thing you know, you’re already a fervent fan of the series. And to prove that, we’re here to see how well you’ve truly absorbed the Tokyo Manji Gang culture.

Are you a Tokyo Revengers trivia expert? Find out here!


Who created Tokyo Revengers?

The series is the brainchild of Ken Wakui, who started creating manga as early as 2004.

What’s fascinating about Mr. Wakui is that Tokyo Revengers actually draws upon his own personal experience as a former street gang member.

Wakui had a rebellious phase as a high school student, which led to him being booted out of his first job and taking at least one month away from school due to his delinquency. 
Around this time, he got involved with yankii, a Japanese gang subculture influenced by American gangster culture. 

It is suggested that Wakui was once affiliated with the Black Emperor group, which is reputed with revitalizing bosozoku biker culture in the 1990s, although the group officially disbanded in 1992.

What real-life locations can be seen in Tokyo Revengers?

Where do you think Tokyo Revengers is located? It’s in the name, of course! And if you’re lucky enough to visit the city, you can visit several of the show’s iconic locations for yourself! 

- Tama River. If you want to replicate that feel-good scene from Chapter 3 where Draken, Mikey and Takemichi watch the sunset together, this exact spot is a five-minute stroll from the Tokyo Tamagawa Line to Unoki Station.

- Parthenon Tama. Remember when Masataka got his teeth kicked in by Draken and Mikey in Chapters 2 and 3?  Legend says, if you scour this spot, you might find a few loose teeth still on these picturesque steps.

- Shibuya Crossing. The OG Toman members took their first official group photo in this scenic crossing. Grab your black jumpsuits and stitch your own biker gang’s banner if you want to pay homage!

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