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Tokyo Revengers Quizzes

Tokyo Revengers has become one of the most beloved anime series. The show follows Takemichi Hanagaki, a failed former adult who finds himself traveling back in time to when he was still a teenager. There, he meets his old friends and tries to save them from the awful fate that awaits them in the future.

The characters of Tokyo Revengers are a unique and diverse bunch, each with its own stories and motivations. From the leader Mikey to the mysterious Mokku, these characters will make you laugh, cry and cheer them on as they strive to survive in a world full of danger.

If you're a fan of this anime, then you'll love our Tokyo Revengers quizzes. With questions on the various characters, plot points, and themes of the series, these quizzes will surely satisfy your cravings for more Tokyo Revengers knowledge! See how well you know the show by answering our questions!

So what are you waiting for? Put on your mask, grab a cup of ramen and join us at GoforQuiz to discover which Tokyo Revengers character best reflects your personality!

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