Which Star Wars Character Are You?

Even in a galaxy made from millions of stars, people find all sorts of ways to stand out.

Somewhere, a young orphan begins his journey to master the Force. An old veteran of many wars seeks one last hope to silence the demons of the past. A princess of a doomed world makes her stand against tyranny.

The struggle between good and evil is central to Star Wars’ epic tale. The champions of the Light Side and Dark Side of the Force clash endlessly, Jedi and Sith alike shaping the destinies of billions.

If you could use the Force, would you be drawn to its promise of knowledge? The chance to protect others? The thirst for personal gain? What would you do with such power? And if you couldn’t, would you still follow the path of honor and justice, or will life force you to scheme, steal and kill?

In a galaxy far, far away, personalities define legends. The Light Side nourishes those with courage and noble ideals, so that they may shepherd the galaxy as heroes of golden ages. Meanwhile, those with ambition and pride are swayed by the Dark Side, becoming warriors without equal and masters of worlds.

With your personality, what kind of legend will you shape up to be like? Which Star Wars character are you? Set a course for fun, because this quiz is going to help you find out!

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Who Are You In Star Wars?


In which part of the Force are you strong in?

How do you resolve conflicts without fighting?

What’s your preferred primary weapon?

You find a cave where lightsaber crystals grow. You take…

Space is a vast ocean. You prefer travelling in…

Do you prefer doing things by the book or on the go?

You see someone bullying a child. You…

If you had a child, you’d teach them the valuable lesson of…

What is your work ethic like?

In a group, you’re often the…

The project you’ve worked so hard on suddenly ended in failure. You…

How important is finding success in life?

What would you like best?

Which profession appeals the most?

Which Star Wars Character Are You?
You are Luke Skywalker!

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Curious, a little brash, and yearning for adventure and a chance to prove yourself – you’ve got a hero’s heart like Luke. With a strong moral compass, you find it easy to stand up for what’s right and find peaceful solutions. You’re an idealist, which fuels your reckless moments, but you always find it within you to persevere against the most difficult challenges.
You are Obi-Wan Kenobi!

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Ah, the negotiator. Much like you, Obi-Wan embodies many of the Jedi Order’s greatest virtues: patience, steadiness, and humility. These traits make General Kenobi a trusted diplomat; likewise, for you, resolving conflicts and finding compromises comes as second nature. While your calm and often soft-spoken demeanor wins many over to your side, you can stand your ground quite well when tensions rise.
You are Princess Leia!

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Being as cocky and headstrong as Leia, you’re not one to tolerate the annoying and useless. You want things done right, and often that means getting into the thick of the mud. You have unshakeable integrity – you’re not everyone’s best friend, but the people close to you know that abrasiveness comes from a deep-seated passion for accomplishment and seeing the best out of people.
You are Han Solo!

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Sharing Han’s freedom-loving and opportunistic outlook in life, you like exploring the world, and discovering new ways to enjoy what it has to offer. You’re straightforward, practical, and solution-oriented – good traits to have as the pilot of a ship cutting through the treacherous void. People can call you disinterested, but when you see profit and reward on the horizon, you don’t hesitate to push your limits just to grab them.
You are Yoda!

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While you’re hundreds of years younger, Yoda shares your appreciation for wisdom and virtue. You prefer finding the simple truths hidden in a world of facts and data. Such a sage-like nature makes you naturally good at teaching others, with your arsenal of riddles, analogies, and anecdotes to make anyone understand heavy topics. Furthermore, your presence can be calming to many people, as you seem to always have a wise word and patient smile prepared.
You are Sheev Palpatine!

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The Emperor waited for decades to hatch his master plan. He’s cunning, calculating, and most of all, patient – much like you. In the social sense, you’re perfectly capable of being warm, friendly and affectionate. You might even be a great leader! Deep down, though, you’re empowered by a ruthless, uncompromising drive to realize your big goals. You seldom show this part of you – since it can be scary – but no one can doubt how committed you are.
You are Darth Vader!

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The Dark Lord Is all about efficiency and results; as such, petty things like emotions are often discarded. You’re no Sith, but you do share his stoic nature, unflinching in the face of big problems. In the same vein, you prefer being direct in communication. Your strong will and quick initiative means you’re good at acting autonomously – pretty much a one-man army. Like Vader, however, your tough appearance hides the sensitive part of your soul.
You are Boba Fett!

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As a clone, Boba Fett sought to be an individual – in a profession as perilous as bounty hunting, he maintained a strong sense of justice and honor much like yours. Likewise, you share Boba’s professional and no-nonsense attitude. Few people work as diligently as you, but you’re not a robot. Among friends and family, you’re a loyal and down-to earth person, and you enjoy taking care of your loved ones.

About our Star Wars Character Personality Quiz

Rare is the series that can claim to be a popular culture giant like the Star Wars franchise. Starting with the original trilogy, these tales from a galaxy far, far away have sprung forth from countless books, video games, TV shows, films, and other forms of entertainment. Nobody can deny that it’s one of the biggest and most beloved science-fiction and adventure universes in modern fiction.

As the franchise grows, so too does the number of notable characters that fill its storylines. Names such as Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker, Ahsoka Tano, C3PO, Han Solo and Princess Leia are already part of the popular vocabulary, symbolizing ideas like heroism, redemption, rebellion and adventure.

None of these characters would stand out so greatly if they weren’t as relatable as they are. Many people can find a part of themselves, for instance, in Luke’s naïve but earnest drive to improve, or Anakin’s inner conflict between passion and duty, or Jyn Erso’s selfless dedication to her beliefs. Quite a lot of good values can be picked up throughout the series, which constantly depicts the great battle between the forces of good and evil, played out by individual people as flawed as us normal Earthlings.

This personality quiz – probing exactly which Star Wars character you are - was made in appreciation of the myriad of characters that the series has introduced. We hope you enjoy it!

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