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Star Wars is an epic saga for the present day. Sure, it may have lightsabers and TIE fighters instead of swords and stallions, but at its core, there’s still that familiar moral goodness, the battle between good and evil, that makes it such a feel-good franchise. Even if you despise the sequels. Nothing is perfect.

With an entire galaxy of different worlds, characters, conflicts and stories to play with, anyone can take a few Star Wars personality tests and find their own little niche in the growing fandom. 

Some of us enjoy the noble tale of a Rebellion that dared to take on the gargantuan Galactic Empire. That was part of the magic of the original trilogy and Rogue One. 

Others are hooked to the setting’s more intimate wars; that between the Jedi and Sith, or friends turned enemies, or mentors turned murderers. These moments defined the prequels. 

And yet others just think space pirates are swell, which is alright. The Mandalorian is a sterling show, after all.

There’s even an expanded universe for those who are already well-versed with the main storyline. Tons of video games are available. You can step into the shoes of a Sith apprentice or experience life as a bounty hunter. With spin-offs like the Clone Wars TV show, you can also relive the demise of the greatest galactic democracy for your viewing pleasure.

George Lucas might have never guessed that his wacky space film in the 70’s would spawn such a cultural giant that toy blasters that go “pew-pew” and glowy laser sticks – “lightsabers” – are some of the most beloved children’s toys today. Even the folks who don’t know Palpatine’s first name and just call him that wrinkly grandpa on the chair are familiar with his unlimited power.

As a universe, Star Wars isn’t afraid to let its fans’ imagination run wild. And that’s the kind of child-like sense of wonder and exploration that we’re aiming for whenever we make a Star Wars quiz for you! 

Want to know if you’re cut out to be an Imperial officer, a mercenary droid, or a Jedi padawan? Are you interested in the tragedy of Darth Plageuis the Wise, or would you be content to stay on the high ground? Which Star Wars character would you be, and why?

Our archives of Star Wars personality quizzes are here to deliver you a sector’s worth of fun content to help you connect more with this galaxy far, far away.

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