Which Lightsaber Color Would You Have?

Lightsabers are cool because they are not just weapons but also symbols of power and justice.

They represent the strength and courage of the Jedi Knights, who use them to fight for what is right, and the brutal, menacing nature of the Sith Lords, who wield them for destruction and plunder. We’ve helped you discover which Star Wars character you would be, and now, we’re here to let you find out which Lightsaber color you would have.

Lightsabers have been around for centuries, and their origins are a mystery. Some say they were first created by the Jedi, while others believe that Sith lords invented them. However, one thing is for sure: lightsabers are a powerful weapon that can cut through almost anything.

There are many different colors of lightsabers, all with their own lightsaber color meanings. The color of your lightsaber says a lot about your personality and fighting style. For example, blue lightsabers are traditionally associated with the Jedi Order, while red lightsabers are associated with the Sith.

Lightsabers also add the overall aesthetic of Star Wars characters' outfits, and they’ve become an integral part of Star Wars art.

So which color would you have? Take this quiz to find out!

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Lightsaber Color Test


During a battle, your friend is trapped while you’re both trying to escape. Do you take the risk and try to save them, or do you make a clean break and save yourself?

Which mode of transport would you use?

Which fighting style would you prefer during combat?

In battle, what would be your greatest weakness to overcome?

If you couldn’t be a Jedi, you would be…

Ewoks are…

When Choosing an attire, would you choose...

Which of these four do you think you’re more of?

If you get consumed by the dark side, what do you do?

Which of these would you rather do?

Which Lightsaber Color Would You Have?
You Have a Silver Lighsaber!

Share your Results:

A Silver Lightsaber means purity, peace and serenity.
You Have a Blue Lighsaber!

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A Blue Lightsaber means justice, truth and serenity.
You Have a Green Lighsaber!

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A Green Lightsaber means growth, harmony and nature.
You Have a Yellow Lighsaber!

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A Yellow Lightsaber means hope and goodness.
You Have a Orange Lighsaber!

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A Orange Lightsaber means ambition, creativity and resourcefulness.
You Have a Purple Lighsaber!

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A Purple Lightsaber means nobility, royalty and wisdom.
You Have a Red Lighsaber!

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A Red Lighsaber means anger, strength and determination.


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