Which Sith Lord Are You?

The Force is aflame with the passion and wrath of trillions of souls, young apprentice. When its Dark Side calls, how will you answer?

The Sith are the nightmarish masters of fear, anger and madness. With bolts of lightning and battleships, they are the face of terror to a Galaxy of weaklings. Although they are all swayed by the temptations of the Dark Side, their methods at conquest are as varied as the stars.

In the shadows, many Sith wage a silent war against their hated enemy, the Jedi. They lie, they mislead, they manipulate. Through their machinations, entire sectors can fall in silence.

Yet many others revel in combat; in chaos and carnage are they baptized as avatars of violence. Their lightsabers glow red as if collected from the blood of a thousand battlefields. No measure of death can sate them. No madness is beneath them.

Long have the Sith waited in darkness. Now that they have found a new champion in you, it’s time to carve out your destiny, young apprentice. Whose footsteps will you follow? Which Sith Lord are you? It’s time to delve deep and find out.

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Which Sith Are You?


What Force ability is your specialty?

Do you prefer fighting hidden or out in the open?

You’ve captured your worst Jedi enemy. What is your next move?

What is your ultimate motivation?

How would you describe your former Sith master?

What’s the scariest thing about you?

Are you athletic?

Which starship do you prefer?

What is your fighting style?

Which armor would you like to wear?

How does your evil laugh sound?

Is there a chance you can be redeemed to the Light Side?

Which Sith Lord Are You?
You are Darth Sidious!

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Silver-tongued and secretive, the Emperor is a master of the Sith art of deception. While he is clearly ruthless and power-hungry, he can easily influence others through his magnetic charisma and excellent social skills. Patient, observant and studious, Sheev is someone that only grows stronger over time.
You are Darth Vader!

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As a Sith, Vader embodies his cyborg qualities – rigid and remorseless like cold durasteel, and as logical and straightforward as the circuits of his suit. His every act is fuelled by rage and passion, hidden like the magma boiling underneath Mustafar. Contradictorily, he is cold and uncaring, and sensitive deep down.
You are Darth Bane!

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Bane follows the doctrine of “survival of the fittest.” The purpose of life is to grow strong and rule over the weak. He’s ambitious, organized, and always driven. Unlike most Sith, he isn’t particularly interested in power for himself, but in strengthening the causes he believes in, like the Dark Side.
You are Darth Maul!

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This Dathomirian Sith’s dual-bladed lightsaber is a good reflection of his hot-headed personality and all-out aggressive approach to life. After all, why fight with one lightsaber when you can fight with two? He’s single-minded and confident to pursue his goals to the ends of the solar system.

About our Sith Lord Personality Quiz

The Sith are Force-attuned beings swayed to the Dark Side of the Force with the promise of easy paths to power, knowledge and domination. Steeped in their own dark emotions - such as fear, anger, self-hatred, and misery – they are more than a match for their Jedi counterparts.

The abilities of the Sith are an evil reflection of Jedi Force techniques. Instead of the civilized and direct Force Push/Pull the Jedi use to deter enemies, the Sith blast opponents with vicious lightning. While many Padawans learn to heal their companions, Sith apprentices learn to siphon life energy from foes and friends alike.

They are commanded by the Rule of Two, which restricts the Sith to only one supreme Master and Apprentice at any given time. This relationship is a far cry from the Jedi’s training as well, as the youngling must eventually kill their elder to inherit the title of Sith Lord, while the elder attempts to preserve themselves.

FAQ Sith Lords

Is Darth Maul a Nightbrother?

Maul was a Zabrak who used to live in Dathomir, home of the Dark side-wielding witches of the Nightsisters. Maul’s mother, Talzin, was among this coven of witches. Although this makes Maul a Nightbrother by birth, he was soon taken by the Sith Lord Sidious as an apprentice, shedding much of his original culture in the process. Maul’s siblings, Feral and Savage, stayed on Dathomir and became full-fledged Nightbrothers.

Why was Emperor Palpatine so deformed?

First-time viewers of the Prequels might be surprised to find the then-Senator Palpatine as a spry, sanguine man instead of the hideous, pale blob he was in the Original Trilogy. While we can generalize this to the corruption of the Dark Side, the event which truly deformed him came in Revenge of the Sith.
During an attempt by the Jedi to kill him, Palpatine blasted Mace Windu with devastating Force lightning. However, since the Jedi was in close range, much of this lightning was deflected into the Sith himself, scarring and disfiguring his body as if he aged entire centuries.

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