Star Wars Name Generator

The Star Wars universe is filled with legendary names – do you have one worthy of being known from Tatooine to Coruscant?

In a galaxy far, far away, people from all planets and backgrounds have entered into the halls of myth as stalwart Jedi defenders, ruthless lords of the Sith, bounty hunters, and even ordinary humans in positions of immense power.

Perhaps you have a place in this story – take this quiz to discover your own legendary name and the epic story behind it. Enjoy!

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What's Your Star Wars Name?


Pick your weapon of choice

What’s the best upgrade for your ship?

What’s the strongest motivation?

Describe your teammates

Are you Force-sensitive?

To whom do you owe allegiance?

How do you treat prisoners?

What’s the best way to avoid conflict?

You’re injured in battle. How do you heal yourself?

What is your favourite Star Wars media?

Do you get angry easily?

How would you like to live?

Which Star Wars series character is your favorite?

Star Wars Name Generator
Your Star Wars Name is Zal Nywsance!

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A name worthy of being known from the grittiest tavern in the Outer Rim to the highest halls of the Imperial Palace, equally beloved and despised as an unstoppable force. For grandiose prices, you’ll stalk your prey to the ends of the galaxy aboard your untraceable starship, outwitting even Jedi or Sith with your schemes. Life is good – riches, fame, and fear are all yours.
Your Star Wars Name is Master Nason Skywalker!

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Carrying such a fabled name is no easy task, but all Skywalkers leave their marks on history – you are no exception. As a paragon of the Jedi Order, you venture to bring the galaxy to enlightenment and harmony, protecting its citizens while challenging the forces of the Sith wherever they may be. It is not a task for ordinary men, but you were never destined for mediocrity.
Your Star Wars Name is Commander Luthir Jindala!

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Born a lowly peasant, you were inducted into the Imperial Academy. There, your daring attitude, relentless work ethic and cunning tactics propelled you to the highest cadres of Imperial Officers. Now in command of entire fleets, you wage campaigns to bring the entire Galaxy under the Imperial peace.
Your Star Wars Name is Lord Exekiel Crall!

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The mere mention of your name is a scourge that has gripped entire solar systems. Guided by the dark currents of the Force, you have carved a glorious Sith Empire, with sectors of the Galaxy cowed into obedience and service to your evil majesty. At your command, Jedi are executed, rebellions crumble, and suns are extinguished. Hail to the Dark Lord.
Your Star Wars Name is HK-998-Warbringer!

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Relentless and without remorse, as an assassin droid, you have far exceeded your purpose. With centuries of classified data in your memory circuits, you’ve wrested free of your masters’ control only to plunge the Galaxy into abject terror. With the intelligence you possess, you pick and terminate your targets at will to advance your unknowable agenda.

About Our Star Wars Name Generator

The Star Wars universe is one of infinite possibilities for great storytelling, and we’ve marked so many legendary names from the countless films, TV shows, games and books it has spawned over the years.

It’s always a tempting and fun hobby to craft your own Star Wars characters, so we prepared this Star Wars Name Generator to help you produce amazing characters that can stand beside giants like Sheev Palpatine, Starkiller, Yoda, Ahsoka Tano, K2SO, Han Solo, and the Skywalker family.

You’re free to mix, match and modify the names you get to your heart’s content. Star Wars names can be a bit unusual, but with enough effort, they can truly evoke ideas from the terrifying nature of the Sith to a Jedi’s calming presence.

Based on your personality, we will generate your unique Star Wars name! Let's begin!

FAQ Star Wars

Is Darth Sidious the strongest Sith Lord?

The Sith Lord that we also know as Emperor Palpatine is considered the strongest wielder of the Dark Side of the Force, able to use impossible techniques like mastering death, accurately predicting the future, and harnessing the power of billions to boost his own strength. Sidious is also an extraordinarily gifted bladesman, combining his deadly Force lightning and telekinesis to destroy any foe. Other contenders include his master, Darth Plageuis, his apprentice, Darth Vader, and the infamous Darth Bane.

Who is the greatest bounty hunter in Star Wars?

Whoever it is, it’s a Mandalorian – whether you’re in the camp of the TV series’ star, Din Djarin, Jango Fett from the Clone Wars, or the truly iconic Boba Fett. Coming from poor backgrounds, they’ve risen to greatness by hunting down criminals, Sith, Imperial subjects, and Jedi with ruthless efficiency and determination. It seems impossible to make a name in the Star Wars universe without the Force, but these three bounty hunters always prove us wrong.

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