Which Naruto Girl Would You Date?

Besides the fact that they’re tough, hit hard, and are perfectly capable of sneaking up to kill you in hundreds of ways, you shouldn’t forget that these ninjas from Naruto are all girls too.

Physical prowess and a battle-honed personality certainly make a deadly combination for many anime enjoyers and men of culture. And yet such athleticism and strength in the face of their foes does absolutely nothing to detract from the attractive qualities of these Naruto girls.

Like with the jutsus we’ve seen throughout the series, the skill, shared interests, determination and appeal needed to court each girl varies by a lot. Compatibility and compromise are the keys to unlocking their sweet and sensitive sides, and not just get you stabbed in the shoulder with a kunai.

Which Naruto Girl would you date? This personality quiz will assist you in making such a critical decision. Have fun!

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Who Is Your Naruto Girlfriend?


It’s a lovely day in the village. Where’s a good place to hang out?

Which of these chores would you enjoy doing?

Pick your preferred type

Where’s the best place to take someone out on the first date?

Which of these goals do you value the most?

Girls are the cutest when they’re dressed…

The most attractive color is…

Which ability do you find the most impressive?

What’s your love language?

Time to invite her on a house date. You look forward to…

Deep down, you wouldn’t mind being with a girl who…

You’re both out to grab a snack. Both of you like…

Which Naruto Girl Would You Date?
You would date Sakura Haruno!

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True to her role as a medical ninja, Sakura can be quite caring and compassionate. Her personal nature, however, is much more serious, strong-willed and emotionally-driven, which leads to her being surprisingly tender around the person she likes. One of her strongest traits lies in her devotion to her work and the people she loves.
You would date Hinata Hyuga!

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Hinata is adorably shy and introverted, preferring to let her kindness, hard work and competence speak for her. This soft-spoken lass would be amazing to cuddle with on a rainy night. Although she can appear timid, she can be stunning in her confidence and affection if she really likes you.
You would date Ino Yamanaka!

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A poised and graceful ninja and an undeniable beauty – Ino has likely caught your eye at least once in the past, but looks aren’t the only thing this ninja excels in. Confident, loyal, and not afraid to speak her mind, Ino is always ready to stand up for her friends and loved ones.
You would date Temari!

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Temari is tough and demanding of the people around her. To that end, she often puts logic and practicality over feelings, and enjoys getting to the heart of an issue. She’ll only respect you if you meet her standards, but once you do, her soft side can be pretty cute to behold.

About our Naruto Girlfriend Quiz

It’s hard to imagine how you can be bored in the ninja world of Naruto. With all of the leaping from the tree canopies, the constant barrage of kunai and shuriken, people being randomly replaced with logs, mysterious ninja techniques, and rampaging jinchuriki, every day is likely to be filled with a little excitement and danger.

And adding to all that, you’ll likely run into one of the cute shinobi girls. When they’re not busy protecting Konoha and the rest of the world from upstart criminal organizations, madmen, and monsters, you might even score a date with them.

Ah, but which one of the girls from Naruto strikes your fancy? And which one are you actually the most compatible with? Does striking up a relationship with a girl who is trained to assassinate people on a whim excite you? Say no more. Our quiz is painstakingly designed to gauge your skills, interests, and measure as a human being to answer – “which Naruto girl would you date?” We hope you enjoy the test!


Why do people dislike Sakura?

At the early stages of the series, Sakura Haruno earned quite an unpopular reputation among fans. And that’s putting it mildly. She frequently bullied Naruto for being an orphan and a weirdo, acted relatively useless in missions due to her lack of specialization, and lost her logical self completely when Sasuke was around.
Her character was developed more positively over time. She underwent training with Tsunade to master her chakra control and become one of the most skilled medical ninja in her time – possibly even surpassing her mentor. As a medical-nin, Sakura has proven herself to be indispensable in looking after her teammates, and took part in fighting the frighteningly powerful Kaguya at the end of the show.

Why does Hinata have blank eyes?

Hinata and her brother Neji are members of the Hyuuga clan. The scions of this noble bloodline possess the Byakugan, a kekkei genkai (mutation) that greatly expands a Hyuuga’s field of vision and allows them to see through solid and opaque objects. The Byakugan manifests physically as wide, blank and white irises.
From a design standpoint, Hinata’s blank, white eyes exist to better accentuate her character as a soft-spoken and gentle person.

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