Which Naruto Tailed Beast Are You?

It’s not that we won’t support your decision, but – do you really want a monstrously powerful and dangerous tailed beast living inside you? Can you handle that much power? Or fur?

Well, if guys like Naruto could survive childhood while having literal beasts of legends sealed inside them, maybe you could stand a fighting chance as well. Being a Jinchuuriki does come with its benefits, after all – people will be afraid to mess with you in fear of having to answer to a seventy-foot-tall tailed monster.

Be forewarned, however. As a Jinchuuriki, you’re essentially a human sacrifice, and there’s no telling what sort of catastrophe could ensue if your tailed beast overpowers its seals. You’d be capable of great feats with their power, but the responsibility that you will bear will be immense. Do you think you can handle this burden?

Which Naruto Jinchuuriki are you? Unseal the answer by taking our personality quiz.

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Naruto Jinchuuriki Test


Which of these special abilities would you choose?

You have the most in common with…

Do you go out of your way to meet people?

Are you a trusting person?

How clean do you keep your room?

Which aspect of nature do you like most?

How long does it take you to lose your temper?

If you want a place to truly relax, you’d go to…

Are you good with kids?

Do you make an effort to learn new things?

As a tailed beast, does your size matter?

Do you like to drink?

Are you a clumsy person?

What’s your hidden strength?

Which would you fulfil you most as a tailed beast?

Which Jinchuuriki Are You?
You are the Jinchuuriki of Kurama!

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As befits a fox, Kurama is clever and tactical, and the farthest anyone can be from being naïve or idealistic. He has a bitter air around him from the way he has been treated by humanity – he’s snarky, mean and pricklier than a cactus, but also has a supportive side to him that surfaces when nobody’s looking.
You are the Jinchuuriki of Gyuki!

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Like this grouchy octopus-fox amalgamation, you have a tough heart and mind. Gyuki comes across as gruff and uncompromising, taking everything seriously and not hesitating to call anyone out for acting like an idiot. You might have also been more rowdy and wild in the past, and have likely mellowed down over the years.
You are the Jinchuuriki of Shukaku!

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Shukaku isn’t the most reserved tanuki – he’s quick to act and sometimes quick to anger, and he relishes in intimidating people if it means nobody messes with him. He’s got a serious chip on his shoulder from his rivalry with Kurama and his maltreatment by humans, so he doesn’t away from any challenge to prove himself.
You are the Jinchuuriki of Matatabi!

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Among its brethren, this blazing blue cat is likely one of the most charming and respectful bijuu – even if we haven’t seen it that much in the series. Matatabi has been shown acting fair, polite and reasonable to the humans it encounters, but with its staggeringly-large pool of chakra, it’s certainly no pushover in a fight either.
You are the Jinchuuriki of Kokuo!

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The dolphin-headed tailed beast Kokuo is as elusive and enigmatic as any legend of the forest, preferring to keep to itself in contrast to its more loudmouthed bijuu counterparts. Although Kokuo makes for a formidable threat, it prefers to conceal its strength – in fact, it seeks seclusion and peace over any meaningless conflict.

About our Naruto Jinchuuriki Personality Quiz

Catastrophic and immensely powerful, the Tailed Beasts (尾獣, bijuu) are living manifestations of the enormous amount of chakra that once created the legendary Ten-Tails, divided into nine lesser bijuu by the great Sage of Six Paths.

These beasts take the form of various mythological creatures, with each possessing a different number of tails – from one to nine. It is believed that bijuu grow stronger with the more tails they possess.

With the power to raze entire villages, most of the Tailed Beasts have long been sealed and harnessed by humans to further their own agendas. However, this history of maltreatment at shinobi hands have made the bijuu largely hostile to humanity, with only exceptionally kind-hearted jinchuuriki like Naruto being able to convince them that humans could be worth fighting along.

Which Jinchuriki are you? Tap deep within your chakra, open your seals, and find out with this personality quiz!


How were the Tailed Beasts created?

Hagoromo Otsutsuki, the legendary god who founded ninshu, also famously known as the Sage of Six Paths, formed all nine of the Tailed Beasts from the near-boundless chakra of the Ten-Tails.
The Sage used the Creation of All Things Technique to shape his ideas into physical form and imbue them with life. The result: nine unique beings of great power, although when they were first made, they were little more that tiny little god-like newborns.

Who is the strongest Tailed Beast?

Discounting the Ten-Tails, whose power is comparable to a deity in the world, the strongest Tailed Beast is Kurama – the Nine-Tailed Fox, which is logical with the fact that bijuu are said to be stronger with the more tails that they have.

As its jinchuuriki, Naruto really had to wrestle with befriending Kurama, as his untimely release from his seals could have spelt doom for Konoha and the world. Kurama gave a taste of his true strength during the Fourth Great Ninja War, when he overwhelmed five other bijuu using only half of his energy.

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