Which Boruto Character Are You?

How could a new generation of ninjas possible compare to the legendary heroes who fought in the Fourth Shinobi War? As an up-and-coming ninja yourself, can you manage to face up to your idols as equals?

The original series of Naruto might have concluded on a happy note, but the ninja world continues to turn. In a more stable and peaceful age, a new crop of young shinobi have emerged striving to prove themselves as worthy ninja in their own right. Among them are rookies like Boruto, Sarada, and Mitsuki.

If you’ve ever had a parent, older sibling, or relative who’s been quite successful – especially if they’re in the same field or career you want to be, you’ll probably relate to the struggles of the main cast in trying to escape the shadow of such people. How exactly would you make yourself stand out?

Which Boruto character are you? Take our personality quiz and find out!

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Boruto Character Test


If a stranger handed you a puppy, you’d ask…

You work better when you’re…

Which clan would you like to be a member of?

Would you like to be Hokage someday?

Who would you rather fight if given a chance?

Which technique would you study the hardest to be a master of?

Are you a confident person?

The best part about being a ninja is…

Who would you want most as a mentor?

If you had a flaw, it would be…

Hours before a difficult mission, what would you be doing?

What’s something you’re not good at but like doing?

Which food item makes all the bad feelings disappear?

You solve problems by…

At school, you’d most likely be caught for…

Which Boruto Character Are You?
You are Boruto!

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Laidback and confident, but studious, you’re like Boruto. You’re good at finding many avenues to success, and choosing the ones which are the easiest to take, working “smart, not hard.” While you like taking the path of least resistance, you’re not necessarily lazy; you’re just economical about giving effort. You have a steady hold of your emotions, but you may have struggled with connecting to how other people feel.
You are Sarada!

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Perpetual planners, you and Sarada try to leave as little to random chance as possible. You’re observant, contemplative and have good foresight, which inclines you towards thinking for the long-term. As such, you prefer that most things you do fulfil a purpose. You typically think logically, but you can be a little scary in the rare times that you’re emotional. When you feel strongly about something, you don’t hesitate to speak up.
You are Kawaki!

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You consider yourself to be very aware of the gritty side of life. You can be rude and even vulgar, but reliably honest about any situation. It’s easy for you to sniff out lies, as most people are pathetic at trying to create facades. Although you tend to see the negative side to things, you’re also keenly attuned to appreciating small joys, like the taste and warmth of a nice meal or a loved one’s touch.
You are Mitsuki!

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You have an even keel and rarely get bothered to the point where it shows, which makes you adept at handling hard problems thoughtfully. Observant and level-headed, you can be machine-like in your efficiency in most tasks. You tend not to start conflicts, but resolve them peacefully. Beneath all of that tranquillity, however, is a deadly and laser-focused commitment to the things you are truly passionate about, and you channel rage and angst into more productive pursuits.
You are Himawari!

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Most people bottle up their good nature these days, but you wear it proudly on your sleeve; you’re often among the first to reach out and help anyone you see facing a problem. Empathetic and considerate, you try your best to lessen the burdens of others. You quickly sense emotions. You’re also rather stubborn. While you’re generally trusting of people, you’re smart enough to verify and consider information from various angles.

About our Boruto Character Personality Quiz

The original cast had kids, and this is their show. That’s Boruto in a nutshell.

The eponymous Boruto is Hinata and Naruto’s son, who takes after his father’s boisterous and energetic demeanor and his mother’s level-headedness and stronger sense of self-preservation. He’s cleverer and more mature for his age, distinguishing him from his old man.

Boruto befriends Sarada, whose parents are Sakura and Sasuke. Unfortunately, early on it seemed like Sasuke turned out to be a deadbeat dad, leaving Sakura to mostly care for their daughter throughout most of their life. Boruto empathizes with this, as Naruto himself is always busy as the current Hokage. This has led Boruto to despise the role of a Hokage himself.

Completing the new trio is Mitsuki, who descends from Orochimaru. We’ll let you figure that one out on your own, but don’t let initial impressions fool you – Mitsuki is quite lovable, especially considering his origins, and he’s also impressive as a shinobi.

Which Boruto character are you? We hope you enjoy our test!

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